Just listened to the interview on the Wave with Michael and he mentioned he would be going on a cruise in September, 2012 and that he and Dave Koz would be performing.  He made some cute jokes about swimming to the nearest island, seasickness and such, and I got the impression this was a firm deal ... I haven't seen anything mentioned about this in the forum or on the MB administrative news.  Does anyone have any information on this?  Cruise line, destinations, cost and dates?  It would be fantastic to set sail with Jack Sparrow himself, I mean, with Michael!  Ahoy mates!

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Jackie, this is a done deal.  Michael is a guest of Dave Koz on a cruise that sails in September 2012 from Barcelona Spain



 This would be magical to see Michael whilst out at sea in the lovely sunshine. Even better if it were an open air concert.


I'm looking into booking this trip for sure!! I was planning to treat Mum and me to a  a  3-4 month cruise anyway next year, so with any luck, we can add this one aswell as part of our trip.  Anyone else want to come and make it a BB party??


Great to see that Michael Lington and Brian Culbertson will also be on board!!


Great news Jackie, thanks for sharing ans thanks to Gail for the confirmation.



Wouldnt it be fab Jenn if we could all go . Would be sooooo worth it (I know for what you are getting its actually a great deal but a lot to pay ).xx
Oh my I would love to go on that cruise!
That would be so fun, what a blast it would be. Can you imagine all of us fans on the same ship as Michael!! So fun!! Shannon xx

Thanks for the information Gail - sounds wonderful !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Sounds great!!!  But too soon for me to start planning a vacation for next year...LOL!!   Will see...... I'm due a trip back to Italy anyway!!   :)

Check out the main page for some pictures of Michael on Dave Koz's cruise.  Just sent and posted this morning.




Cute pics Gail! Love seeing him having a good time!!!

Robin in MD:)


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