Hi Everybody,


Its been a while since l posted, although l do check in every week to see what is happening and l have to say..... the forum ain't like it use to be! probably more lookers now than contributors, such a shame.... l remember the good aol days! and the alt.fan days..... they were fun....! getting off my soap box now......and really just thinking aloud!


Best wishes

Carol (London)

you know .... the one that use to do the Bolton On-line Updates! (they were the days!)


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No Gail hasn't left...been here since the beginning and read everyday...or at least almost everyday.  I answer any questions asked and keep the main site updated as well.  I appreciate any comments to make it a better place but I think those who used to participate in the old forums and don't post here or only visit infrequently need to understand that the people posting...things to do with MB and those not are here most every day reading and responding. When Michael isnt' doing much or things are slow they get off topic sometime but wouldn't you expect that when people are responding to each other over a period of time...that's human nature?  All the other forums that we have had did the same thing over time.


Catherine, Sharon and Carol,  what exactly are you expecting when you come here? It sounds sort of like you are looking for just an informational area only without other people's responses or thoughts. The admin of this forum (me at this time) is not a babysitter...I'm here if anything inappropriate comes up or things in the posting get really out of whack but other than that this is a free and open forum that Michael had set up.  This site was going to first be set up without a forum and when Michael realized that he asked the people setting it up to be sure this was part of it because he wanted his fans from all over the world to be able to communicate with each other...not just him or about him but to get to know each other and enjoy themselves and I don't think that always has to do with having Michael in every post...that wasn't his intention. 


There are times one person may seem to be leading a discussion or thread...but isn't that life as well?  The next time it may be someone else.   There are a great number of people who read the forum but don't post...that is their choice for whatever reason (Catherine, since you are one of these people...what are your suggestions for getting them to post?) and there are others who post everyday and that is their choice.  I personally am a bit confused as to what you ladies want happen here?  There are 4 threads directly related to MB and one for any off topic (within reason) posts.  I agree there are times when people posting in the other 4 threads get off track but that happens when people are talking...anywhere. If it gets too far off base I usually ask them to transfer their posts or I have deleted if necessary.


I'm afraid my appearance hasn't been as much as it has in the passed because of a few health issues but I'm hoping in a few weeks they will be behind me. 

If anyone had any suggestions to improve what goes on in this forum...reasonable requests...please let me know, I'm always up for making things better but every forum I've been a part of or helped with had almost all of the problems you mentioned above...that's just life and humanity! 


 Thanks for your thoughts and posts! Gail



Thanks so much for coming on and explaining further how things work Gail. I appreciate you more than you know and this forum that MB had set up for all of use world-wide. I love this site and hope it continues to be a fun place for the fans to come together in the fun of being a fan of Michael's..


Wish you much good health in the future too Gail. You do so much for all of us, I cannot ever thank you enough.


I agree with everything you said, I could not have said it better.THANK YOU!!!!

Robin in MD:)

I ALWAYS knew you were right here Gail!! lol THANK YOU !!!! As always...a true PROFESSIONAL!! I appreciate ALL you have done and continue to do!! I am seriously going to work my self to the bone promoting this wonderful site. I choose to do anything positive on behalf of Michael and his music. I don't ever forget that and this is an opportunity for all Bolton fans to support this site and continue with all the wonderful positive and healthy posts about Michael and his music!! GO MICHAEL and of course Gail !

I also wish you good health and I can wait for how ever long it may take you to get back to your routine :) 

Take care of yourself and your family!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

OK why in the world would you think that Carol?? You cannot expect to post something this way about this site and not get responses...... Really????????Sylvia is devoted fan like all the rest of us are sharing in the enjoyment of MB and his music..I don't see that at all.You must read more on here than I do to see that!!!! LOL.OMG that's too funny...I've never seen her post anything but fun stuff about MB like many others on here and prior forums...As a newer member as she stated above, how about giving her the benefit of the doubt -my goodness.  If she's started threads like all of us have and are topic appropriate what's the problem?

I am just saying Gail works hard and I appreciate everything that she does behind the scenes to keep things going on here as always...I don't see it for anything else.. This site is a fun place to go and enjoy MB and his music, life is too short to make it into anything other than that..


Robin in MD :)

Couldn't have said it better Robin. "Reading into" peoples comments is a danger indeed!!! This is a great site and will continue to be if we all keep Michael in the fore front of all we do here. There has been nothing but fun stuff and silly stuff written by LOTS of people. Don't make me go and print pages and pages of all our comments!!! OMG...now that would be FUNNY to see what we all wrote last year and beyond!! Can you all imagine??? I can. I have a pretty good memory :) And all the crazy photos????? Oh my what a good time we can have indeed!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Don't quite get what you mean Carol by your statement for I don't give out decisions or post blogs or such like I only put in replies to peoples posts or comments in threads that they may have started or start threads myself where I think they are appropriate just as anyone else can and does.........am I not allowed to do that ??????


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


It seems to me that you have possibly missed my question to you Carol or have thought that it was rhetorical whereas it was far from and I should greatly appreciate an answer as to how and when you were given the impression that I was doing Gail's job as moderator of this forum when all I have been doing is posting comments and replies in various threads started by others or, responding to comments placed in threads, started by myself.   I must say that when such a statement is made and such an accusation is levelled at me I believe I have every right to ask for that accusation to be qualified by evidence or, for it to be withdrawn, if that evidence is not forthcoming but most assuredly for not such a claim to be left unsupported in such an open forum as this.

I appreciate it is a Sunday and therefore you may have found it difficult to come back into the forum because of family commitments, or whatever, but I really do ask for your qualification as soon as is possible for you to do so.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Quite agree with you Catherine it is and should be a "free for all"  and that was what I felt about it when I joined and particularly loved that everyone could come in and express their thoughts and feelings about MB  and for me the welcome and friendliness that existed and was extended to me was terrific because I had no idea what such a site offered until I joined and having been a fan of MB's for so long but not having access to such a facility was something I loved and still do in that it made me feel a part of the "Bolton Family" but I should hope that nobody feels that they can't come in when they want to on any discussion about anything and give their valuable "tuppence worth" because surely that is what it is all about  .....democratic society and all that !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


We need to find a way to get the shy ones to come out of their shell :) broaden the community a little to expand conversation and knowledge because everyone is different :)

Yes we are and different parts of the world. I get that Catherine..  I hope more folks do come on and participate.

Robin in MD:)

Catherine you can jump in at any time.. I never thought of you as shy..:)

If you don't comment, we don't know you are reading tho.. so feel free!!!

Robin in MD:)

I more of a thinker/contemplater than talking but as you can see from my comments on and about the birthday cards I don't enjoy people stampeding over my feelings like I don't exist. I can accept that sometimes a post is overlooked but it was the 2nd post on a new thread and then someone else has the same idea so they get lauded like some demi-god! Just because I read more than I write doesn't mean I should be made to feel ignored. You don't have to reply to every post but credit where it's due is a nice touch instead of giving it to a 'frequent flyer'.

I am actually shy but once I warm up there's no stopping me :)


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