Does anyone else here remember the concert Michael did with the Dallas Symphony on 9/11?  I live in Austin and was going to drive to Dallas for the concert and spend the night there before driving home.  When I saw the news, I assumed the concert was cancelled.  Later in the day I realized I should cancel my motel reservation, and then suddenly thought to call the venue first.  Come to find out, Michael and the symphony had decided to go ahead with the concert.  I quickly got ready and drove up to Dallas (about 4 hr drive), but got there late, the doors were locked, and my ticket was at Will Call.  I was devastated, but then some kind person who worked there must have seen how upset I was, let me come in, told me not to worry about not having my ticket, believed me when I told her where my seat was, and ushered me to my seat down in one of the first few rows.   Afterwards a few of us hung around outside hoping to catch a glimpse of him leaving -- and we did.  He was leaving in his limo, stopped and rolled his window down to chat with us briefly.  The horror of that day was eased a little by my memories of that night.


~Jen Swan

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Hey Jen, Good to see you here. I do remember MB talking about that later during the tour that it was better to go ahead with the show, help people have something positive and to move forward and NOT let the terrorists stop our way of life. MB was stuck in TX till they could fly out. I remember that....We saw quite a few shows after that on the same tour and he always had flags on the stage and honored those lost on 9/11.

Glad you did get there and see the show and MB too.
Thanks for sharing!
Robin :)


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