Detroit Documentary Film - (Gotta Keep Dreamin : Detroit's 21st Century Renaissance) - "American Dream : DETROIT"

Michael and Christina Kline, Michael's Manager, have been working together, over the last three years at least, in the making of a documentary film on the revival of the City of Detroit, Michigan, USA.  In this thread hope to share some of the steps along the way as well as details on the film's Premiere which will take place at the Fox Theatre, Detroit on 2nd October, 2015.    

Michael announced, a few days ago, that a new website has been set up to share information about the film and it can be found at   There has also been a FB page created and it can be found at  along with a Twitter account which is at @gkdreamin and also an Instagram account at gotta_keep_dreamin  Here is Michael's tweet where he made announcement:

excited to share our website for the documentary film about Detroit!! Follow !!

Here is the profile/avatar pic that is used on the FB page:

and the cover photo which is used on FB, Twitter and website

There is an album in the Gallery containing photos that have been posted to the FB and Twitter account and here is link to album  and it, of course, will be kept up-to-date as new photos are added to the various sites.

2018 up-date

"American Dream : DETROIT" to be screened in over 450 cinemas in USA on 15th May.

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Glad you have a theatre near you Gloria but that is a pity about work and do hope you can work something out ... talk nicely to your boss !!! LOL  Hope everything does go okay and you get to see.

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend


Michael has posted below comment with pic to his FB page.  Pic is one taken during the cycle run, the "slow roll", round Detroit that he did when filming the documentary.

"Happy Friday everyone!!! Tix are now on sale for AMERICAN DREAM: DETROIT!! One night only MAY 15 at a theater near you!"

Tickets went on sale to public yesterday, 13th April, at and not 100% sure but have checked a few theatres and looks as though price for ticket is $12.50.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I am excited about this, as much as the Derby;)! Dang it Michael, you really should try the Kentucky Derby out, it's alot of FUN:)!

Mary meg's mom)!

Michael has posted below video to his  FB page which believe we already have on this thread as was filmed around 2015.  Here is his post with link to video .....

"While in Detroit... you gotta get in some jam sessions with the amazing musicians!! MIKE ELLISON The Underground at DIME" 

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Michael has sent below tweet with pic of himself in Detroit looking at a map (??) I think.

Michael Bolton @mbsings
There is SO much to see in #Detroit the growth is amazing! Join my journey May 15!! @gkdreamin…

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


This must be so exciting and fulfilling for Michael.  Happy for him. 

Best regards, Usha 

Have picked up below tweet from The Grove, LA on Michael's film and it would appear there is going to be a sweepstake run to win tickets to go to what they are calling the "world premiere" of the film that they are holding along with the opportunity to meet Michael.  Unfortunately, the link they have given does not work as it says "it is not published".  Have sent reply tweet saying about link and will wait and see if get information back or if Michael himself posts something either on FB or Twitter.  Here is tweet ....

The Grove LA @TheGroveLA

Calling all @mbsings fans! Now is your chance to meet acclaimed singer, songwriter and multiple Grammy® award-winner Michael Bolton at The Grove’s world premiere of American Dream: Detroit: 

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


For info link is working okay now for it just had not been published.  Here is content of link explaining what one person will win .....

Calling all Michael Bolton fans! Now is your chance to meet acclaimed singer, songwriter and multiple Grammy® award-winner Michael Bolton at The Grove’s world premiere of American Dream: Detroit – an uplifting documentary about the renaissance of the Motor City executive produced by Mr. Bolton. One winner will be selected and will receive the following:

· Two passes to the May 2nd Red Carpet Premiere of American Dream: Detroit-
· Two passes to the pre-screening reception
· A behind the scenes meet & greet photo opp with Michael
· Two passes to the official after-party
· Two headphones provided by JBL
· One Night hotel accommodation at Farmers Daughter Hotel (next to The Grove)
· A $200 gift card

Sylvia  YWSF   27

Good luck to all.  Regards, Usha

Hey Gail, I made it back,,,LOL...I got lost from got me back:)! Whew.... can't wait to see this documentary, MEG. is itching to go see it as well....:)! That's after the Derby,,,here in Louisville, KY....

Mary (meg's mom)!

P.S. There is a horse in the Derby called "Bolt d'Oro" that sound like a good name for the 2 brothers:)! 

Glad you made it back!!!

I am too Gail, I really don't get on the computer alot, but when I do,I come here to ck in, if Not, I;d be out of the loop, and  let's face it....We are family & friends Thanks to our "Michael":)! I am thinking of the treats to take w/me...Lol..anybody have there favs. this is @ the movie house...I have a bag of caramel m&m's...that will surely make the show:):):)! But the Popcorn, has to be @ the theater w/xxtra butter:)! May have to take one of my afghan's w/me, those places keep the air on full blast, usually:)! I'm settin' the scene in advance:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!


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