Does anyone get any response back from Michael's Admin team when we as fans send them emails ? I have send a few times and haven't received any response back from them. Any helpful advise anyone can give ?

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Hi Sheroda, I suppose it depends on what you're asking for in your message sweetie. I did get one response once: I was asking about uploading files. I think if your message has to do with the site, hopefully, you should get a response. If it's about Michael, I really don't know. Have you tried leaving a message for Gail instead? I think you'd have more chance at a response from her. Good luck sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

As Sylvie says, it does entirely depend upon what you are asking in your message.

Admin are here for site web site issues only and not as a shortcut to Michael.

If your question is pertaining to a topic that is already covered in a thread on here then they wont answer you as they will only help with answers that are relating to the site and if you are experiencing problems.

If you have a question that you'd like to ask about Michael and want to know more about him when is his birthday or does he eat meat, does he have any tattoos etc.. etc... then ask away on here and one of us will answer you if we can. If it is relating to the possibility of a concert near you, then check the Tour tab at the top of the page. 

Hope this helps.


Good day Jennifer

I have send Admin an email on 5th July reading " Want to know more about Michael " which contained these questions below :

Favorite Color:

Favorite Bible Verses:

Favorite Subject:

Least Favorite Subject:

Favorite Type of Car:

Favorite Restaurants:

Favorite Food:

Least Favorite Food:

Favorite Beverages:


Favorite TV Shows:

Favorite Actor:  

Favorite Actress:

Favorite Movies:

Least Favorite Movies:

Favorite Books:

Favorite Artist:

Other stuff about Michael:

 I was just wanting to learn more about Michael and haven't heard anything back from his admin department. I even asked Gail but she couldn't help me with it. Hope you will be able to help me with these questions or maybe know of someone that can help me . Hope to hear back from you soon.



Sheroda Hutchinson

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Hi Sheroda, we have a thread  on the forum called  “Michael facts”:

which may start answering your questions. I can actually answer some of them sweetie. Let’s see… Michael’s favorite color is turquoise, Michael was raised Juish so I don’t know whether he would have favourite bible verses, I’ve heard he has several cars including a Porsche Carrera C4, I’ve also heard a couple of his fave restaurants were Sally’s Pizza in New Haven CT and Onion Alley in Westport CT, I know his favourite meal is eggplant parmesan and his favourite ice cream flavour is la dulce de leche, I’ve also heard he has at least one dog, his all-time favourite movie is “It’s a wonderful life” with James Stewart, Michael’s very favourite and most influential artist is Ray Charles and he’s also said in interviews that they don’t come any better than Marvin Gaye. Now Sheroda, most of this I’ve heard in interviews or have read in articles, but I know that there’s a book called “Passions, Secrets, Souls and Truths” that was issued quite a few years back and was full of that kind of information. You might want to look it up on either or You may find more answers than I can give you in there. But if you have more questions about Michael, I suggest you ask them in the thread I’ve given you and if we can find the answers, we’ll let you know. :D Take care Sheroda and I hope that helps. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Sheroda,  most of the questions you have above are things as Sylvie said he has answered in interviews but like the rest of us can change over time.  The book mentioned is a good one but not sure all of the answers would be in it as it was published in the 90's and as we age and change so do our choices!!LOL  But this is the best placed to ask and discuss what people have heard and seen.  You did ask me and as I told you the answers were not ones I knew personally...I don't know the answer to a lot of your questions here..but they are good ones and worth researching and finding out! ;)

Pronounced Jewish. Michael was born Jewish with a Russian grandfather as I was.

G'day Rose and welcome to the forum. Wow, it's been a while since anyone posted in here... Sweetie, I apologize: I'm French Canadian and in French, you would write "Juif", which translated to "Juish" in my mind. I also work with a screen-reader program that speaks and it can be tedious to spell-check with, which is why I often go by sound. Well, thanks for the correction: I'll remember it now! :D Take care Rose. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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