Hi....   I am trying to find a copy of Michael's duet with Johnny Hallyday "Fool for Love". (I just heard that the other day and can't believe I havent found it before.... I love it)   I can't seem to find it on any of Michael's or Johnny's albums.   Can someone help me?  Am I just missing it?    Is there a duet's album?   If not, that would be something I would really like to see.... a compliation of all the duets Michael has had with other artists.    I just saw a video of Michael singing opera!!!   I'm so impressed.... excellent job!!  (Yes, I know I'm behind on the opera thing, but stores out here don't seem to carry actual cd's anymore... uuuggh!   Take's me awhile to catch up sometimes.  )  

Happy Birthday Michael!!



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Michael made a whole CD singing Arias and this is also available on VHS.
The CD is called 'My Secret Passion'.
This is also available on VHS and on DVD only in the USA region format.
If you click on the link above entitled 'Music' you will see this album and ca nread the lyircs.
It really is a very beautiful and powefrul emotive cd and well worth adding to your collection.
The Michael and Johnny Halliday duet is sometimes up for sale on e-bay.com and this is also a very beautiful and yet dark mysterious song.
Love Jennifer XXX


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