Yim Jae-Beom is a rock/ballad singer in Korea who is known as the 'Korean Michael Bolton'.

He is younger than Michael and of course made his debut way after Michael did.

Here is a clip (singing starts at 0:34) of Yim Jae Beom singing When a Man Loves a Woman in Bolton's original key.


They sound almost identical. 

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Hi Richard, I think it would be difficult for most people to be aware of talented Korean singers, unless they would be shared by admirers like you. :D I have to say, Yim Jae-Beom does have some elements similar to Michael in his tone and he could probably win a sound-alike Karaoke contest here. Why wasn't he on "Immortal songs"? :D Do you know if he's been singing long? Just curious. There has been a lot of people seemingly inspired by Michael surfacing recently and it's certainly nice to know. Thanks for sharing Richard, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Yes a lot of singers were inspired by Michael Bolton...and yet Yim Jae-Beom sounds almost exactly like Michael. I could turn on a Bolton or a Yim Jae-Beom song and trick others by saying its the latter. I have no idea why he wasn't on Immortal Songs because he could've shocked Bolton (brother from another mother maybe)? Probably because of pride because Yim Jae-Beom is a legend in Korea, while Michael Bolton is a WORLDWIDE legend :)

Hi again Richard, thanks to you, I’ve just decided to start a new thread to gather up a list of singers that were inspired by Michael and I’ve included  Yim Jae-Beom, I hope you don’t mind. :D Now I’ll be honest,  I do think he sounds like Michael to some extent, but I’m wondering about his voice projection long-term. Michael realized when he sang with Pavarotti in ’95 that he had to learn to take care of his voice to keep it strong and flexible. I do wish Yim Jae-Beom well with that, while he's still young. You know, I think Michael would have gotten a kick out of hearing Yim Jae-Beom sing, so maybe next time Michael is in Korea. BTW, if you care to check out my new thread, it’s here:


Thanks again for sharing Richard, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D  


Glad you did! As for Yim Jae-Beom, he is 9 years younger than Michael, but is not quite like he was in 1998 (youtube clip). In fact it got raspier. I think it got a bit worse? Of course Michael is still ahead of Yim Jae-Beom? Koreans respect Yim Jae-Beom, but admitted that comparing him to Michael is dishonoring Michael

Thanks very much indeed for sharing video with us Richard and definitely agree with you a very, very strong resemblance to Michael and can well understand how such a singer has found fame in Korea and possibly a reason too why Michael is loved so much there as maybe a lot see him like Yim Jae-Beom....can work other way round depending on who you love the most and who you have grown up with !!! lol 

I have to say I listened to a few of the vids and one I love is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8coJRHBmnw ;"Have I Told You Lately" and who he sounds like to me is Rod Stewart and a wonderful Rod Stewart at that.....going back to his youthful days with the Small Faces.  Possibly I'm going back too far in time for you Richard and sorry for that but you have caused me a little bit of nostalgia with your share, you certainly have and thank you for it and I will listen to much more of Yim Jae-Beom and just a BTW, he is a pretty good looking guy as well...yeah !!! lol

Thanks for share Richard !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


when i first heard that i thought it was Bolton singing "Have I Told You Lately" and that someone messed with the title, til i heard the "Fill my heart with gladness". Bolton would have sung that part in a clearer voice, while maintaining that husky tone and not too raspy like Yim Jae-Beom.

You can even fool your friends with Yim Jae Beom songs by claiming that Michael Bolton speaks fluent Korean haha


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