I originally started a Facebook group(that I linked on here and know some of you joined), thinking that was the way to go.
 I am new to the "world" of Facebook pages and groups....BTW.
The groups do not seem to be as user friendly or the easiest way to "get the word out"

So I started a page.....



Pages are much more user friendly!
If you "LIKE" the page then any news I post will then show up on your Facebook wall right away!
That was not the case with the group, so not the best way to run things especially when the show starts and I will be doing in real time posts.


Plus I can run the page off of my PDA when I'm at school and work. ;-D
Groups don't seem to be mobile/PDA friendly as well.
So as soon as everyone from the group moves over to the page, I will delete the group.
I am really sorry for any confusion I may have caused.
I am just a bit eager to get the word out for Team Boltower! :-D (Seriously I love that name!)
And I'm a bit new to the online community and forum world.
 So once again, I'm sorry for any mix up I may have caused.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thanks for explaining..
Robin :)

I jumped the gun a little bit!

Thanks for understanding!

I totally understand what you are saying Nicole. Are you leaving the group one or are you going to maybe put a message on that one explaining to those who have joined to come over to the other one and then delete it after a while. I've been gone since Friday and if you have already done this sorry but with two up and running all the time it could get confusing. Thanks, Gail
Hello Gail!

I already sent a mass message to every member on the original group that I shall soon be deleting it because the page is the better way to go.
I have not be able to log into Facebook today because their site is not working for some reason.
As soon as I am able to do so, I shall delete the group.
I really am quite sorry for any confusion! It's the last thing I wanted :)

Thanks for being so understanding!
No need to apologize Nicole-Elizabeth! Thank you for getting these pages going! It gets me even more excited about the new season starting!
Nicole, I absolutely agree with Amy...thank you so much for doing this. I saw one for Rick Fox and several of us thought it would be great to have one for Michael and Chelsie and then your's was posted so that was great. I agree also that the regular page with Like rather than a group is the better way to go that way it shows on my profile and can read or know to go to the other page...thanks again! Gail

No problem!
I can't imagine not doing something to help MB get all the accolades he deserves!
I never watch shows like that and never usually would BUT "someone" changed that! ;-)

One thing I do know that an online fan base can help in a show like that!
I hate to sound negative but there is no way you can convince me anyone else on that show has a bigger and more dedicated fan base than MB!
And in the same no other team has the true talent that both MB & Chelsie have each in their own!

His music means so much to me and one thing I hold absolute and know is 110% truth...life is NOTHING without music!
In the past seven months since I lost the woman who loved me more than my own parents and gave me my love for my idol Liza Minnelli and then MB....his new album has really gotten me through some hellish days.
So when I heard the DWTS news I knew I wanted to do something to get the vote behind him and Chelsie from the start to the TOP!
And since I'm new to the online community/fan page world....hence the confusion.

I'm just beyond thankful everyone here has been (and is)SO nice in welcoming me, explaining things and just plain sharing our loves of music!

I will be seeing MB for the first time on 6th November and of course I'm excited but even more so to see him at such an amazing place in his career!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Thanks for starting the FB page Nicole - Elizabeth!! It is a great way to keep up with everything that will be going on once DWTS begins : )


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