I wanted to alert you to the fact that there is a facebook page claiming to be Michael that has just started.  The only official facebook for Michael is www.facebook.com/mbsings.  I have reported this site but don't want anyone to be taken by them.



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I got a "like" from the fake Michael Bolton yesterday on a comment I had made on one of Michael's posts.  I added him, then immediately got the bogus poor grammar message,.  I unfriended and blocked him immediately.   Very disturbing.  I hope nobody fell for his tricks.  I will send you the message, Gail, if you want it.  

Heard about this yesterday that they are now coming on and liking posts on MB's official page making it look as though him .... what a dirty trick !!!   Need to get more messages out on FB and keep telling people Michael only has ONE page on FB and that is his official page.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Linda, if you will send it to me at boltoninfo@aol.com that wold be great. Hopefully they can get him taken down but being a weekend not sure how long it will take.  Gail

Sorry it took me so long to respond, Gail.  I have been tied up with Jury Duty this week.  I was going to copy and send the message to you but it's been removed.  On the bright side, the REAL Michael did "LIKE" one of my comments today!  Made my day!  

Ok..to help a little bit on this. Michael had been off line for a while so he decided to comment and like some of the posts he was reading. If it is the real Michael Bolton it has a blue check with the name. There is another person liking some of the posts and it doesn't have a blue check...this leads to a fake page and we are trying to get it taken down.  The idiot just couldn't let fans enjoy Michael responding!!  Gail

Thanks for all the updates Gail. I know what a jerk this person is. It was so sweet of MB to respond on FB yesterday as well as Twitter.

I hope they get this person taken down on FB soon.

Thanks for your help to all of us.

Robin in MD :)

My facebook page got hit with the fake this morning as well..  I copied and pasted it in an email on your website. The response I got from the "fake" has miraculously disappeared.  Scary!

Hi Kathy H and WELCOME to the forum and believe once they know they've been found out they find the nearest door to disappear through and it's just a pity we can't lock it first on them !!! LOL

Still quite a few receiving the friend requests for have heard from another couple of girls today on FB who have found them on their pages and they do seem to be from the ones that say Michael wants them to help him but he wants and needs to keep it a secret from his management .... oh wow, wonder if Michael could play 007 ??? lol

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I have never seen or heard from these people yet. I hope I don't. Boy they are working all angles and trying to con people. SHAME ON THEM!! UGH!!! 

YES slam the door and lock them out for good if we could Sylvia.

Robin in MD :)

Thanks for up date Gail .... thanks !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Just another update on the fake pages.  There seems to be someone or a number of people continuing to set up fake facebook pages and then after messaging or chatting with the fan and conning them into believing it is Michael they ask for money to help them out of a jam. I know of a number of fans who have been taken for a large amount of money and unless local police or facebook can figure out how to find the person I'm afraid that money is gone.  We are working as fast as we can to get the fake ones taken down but they seem to set one up as soon as we get facebook to take one down.

PLEASE DO NOT send any money to anyone claiming to be Michael on facebook. Michael would never ask for money of his fans to help him out of a jam or to get a briefcase back. There is only one official facebook page for Michael and it has a blue check by his name.  Here is a picture of his facebook page now at www.facebook.com/mbsings. They may bring over this picture to a fake site but not the blue check.  Also Michael's site is a site you like and not friend!!

In my case, it never went as far as the asking for money, but I'm sure it's the same culprit, as he said he needed a loyal fan he could trust without his management knowing so he could take care of some stuff.  I'm sure you've seen the messages, Gail.  Glad I quickly realized it wasn't Michael and blocked it.  Michael has been responding to some of the discussion comments on the PledgeMusic site and it identifies him as "Artist Response" ! Thanks for the tip about the blue check...if I get a like on a comment on FB I always check for that now!  

Appreciate your clarification, Gail!  


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