Hi, Sophie and I just wondered - what was the final total of last years fan reception please?
£1000 was mentioned in november last year but no final figure.
Did any of the three charities receive the donation yet?
Would be lovely to hear that everyone's donations were helping the charities.
We couldn't find any information anywhere about this on the forum or facebook.
I have also posted this question over on the fan reception facebook group page. I have posted it on the forum so people who aren't on facebook also get the information we are all asking for.
Love Deb and Sophie XX

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I was led to beleive Bolton Bear was the mascot you chose to represent the Fan Reception - the bear was at the fan reception - and Juliet was running races with him to raisie money for the fan reception so I assumed the money would be included in any final total.

As I've said before - as co organiser with Juliet I find it very surprising you now know nothing of the whereabouts of our money or indeed have any information about it at all.

With respect and I don't mean to be harsh here but the fan reception was in September and Juliets tough times happened from Christmas onwards.

Juliet has said Womens Aid and CLIC received their donations in November.

Juliet has said she was able to attend a Womens Aid award event to give a cheque to the charity and a photo was taken of the moment - why did one of you not let us know of such an event? Why did the photo not get posted on the forum for all to see??

With Juliet now leaving the forum and suspending her facebook page I wonder when we will get the information we deserve.

As you appear not to know anything about the money we gave you for the charities then we have no choice but to wait to hear from Juliet.

I'm sorry Jennifer, you and Juliet organised this event together and I don't think you can totally distance yourself from this now some serious questions have been asked.

I really don't think there is any more to say on the matter.

Jointly you owe us this information.

Many thanks


Thank you so much Debra for above post for that was exactly what I wanted to say to Jennifer this morning apart from thank you Jennifer for bringing over the comments from FB and I cannot wait to to see the letters and photos concerning the handing over of the money to two of the charities in November and I know, I am like a broken record, but when I asked, SPECIFICALLY, about when our donations were going to be handed over to the charities involved on 19th November and got an answer on 20th November that all the monies were held safely in a bank account and to find out NOW that those cheques were handed over in November and yet neither of you apparently remembered my asking, or are both of you so disrespectful and forgetful, that my question was either conveniently, or unwittingly, forgotten ????   Can you answer that one honestly because it is perfectly obvious that the answers Juliet has been giving are not:  one might be, but considering we have been given three or four, which one is it......do we "take your pick" or "open the box" ?

I also need definitely to reiterate what I said on FB that no matter what life throws at us we have obligations and duties to perform and if we can't, as I said to Juliet yesterday, cope with those tragedies of life then we seek support in carrying out those duties and obligations and we certainly do not, nor do we have the right to, use them as excuses for not undertaking the duties and obligations that we agreed to:  even the remiss of not carrying out our obligations we had agreed to would not stand up in a court of law unless it could be proven that we were of unsound mind at the time.

I now will wait until Juliet has the decency to come back on here and tell us the truth but as she said on FB yesterday that she would only post her replies on FB after I asked her to come over here with all the comments and statements she was making and then when she, SUBSEQUENTLY, deleted herself from this website, I believe that is maybe a respectfulness too far for Juliet to be able to undertake:  possibly Jennifer, as the co-organiser, will grant is that respect.



Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend 


I am not trying to distance myself from anything and I am not running nor and I hiding!! I am trying my best to fathom out what is going on as much as you are!

I don't think you are being unreasonable at all, you have every right to know what has happened to your money and admit that I was wrong and perhaps could have been more forthright in asking Juliet about the money, but she is my friend and as such I trust her implicitly and due to the various problems she has suffered, it was delayed and that was wrong of us both and on behalf of Juliet and myself, we apologise to you all. 

I cannot explain why money was handed to charity's and photos were taken and neither I or indeed any of you were informed. I have no explanation for that and I'm sorry. I'm sure Juliet will explain this fully. 

Believe me, if I had them I would give them to you!! If I could go and get them....I would!! I have been in contact with Juliet again and she has said assured me that she will sort it all out on her return, that I'm afraid, is all I can tell you.

Yes, the Bolton Bear figures should definitely be in the final total, but this may not be the case because donations made via the MBC link on her challenge race site were not confirmed to her and she has no way of knowing who donated via there or how much. She may not know if the payments were made from the reception payers or from her friends or family.

Debra, did you donate this way, via the MBC link? I'm not asking how much, but if so, can you tell me if it asks you during the process, if you are donating on behalf of anyone or not? Hopefully, this will mean that it can be traced back and added to the reception donations a lot easier. If it doesn't then hopefully Andrena can provide this information.

However, payments made on the Just giving link that was on her site were confirmed via e-mail  'You've had a donation' but it didn't say how much or who from until she went into her just giving page.

I understand that Juliet has also contacted Andrena to ensure that the later payers who decided to pay direct to the MBC have paid and that they have paid the full amount that they owed. I believe there were two or three people in this instance.

All monies that I gave to Juliet from my 50th birthday party donations, the money from the sale T-shirts, key rings and phone charms that I sold privately, plus also the money from the E-bay poster,dvd, books, guitar picks etc..etc... that have been sold via e-bay or the FB page etc.. etc...will be included in the total with monies raised at the reception by way of cash and cheques. 

I can tell you now that sales from the Facebook page as of today (11/8/12) total £143. (Not all monies have been received as yet, but have been pledged) I am also waiting for a cheque to be sent from over seas for the UK equivalent of £16. So hopefully when that arrives, I can give you a follow on total from there and this will be added to the final figure.

I am imagining that Juliet will write out a detailed list of the various donations ie where they came from and will post them here and if any further donations via sales from the Face book page come in, I will post them here also.

I do intend on keeping the face book page open for further sales as I still have a new item to be added soon and some people have expressed an interest in this. 

Thanks again. I'm just sorry I cant clear this up once and for all for us all.



Jennifer - Gail has requested this discussion ends.
Juliet or both of you as you are co-organisers, need to get together once and for all and provide the information - I hope for everyones peace of mind this happens, as it hasn't so far.
Each time there is a different account for what happened and none of it makes sense - I'm fed up with it all.
I have removed myself from the Fan Reception Group page - I want to distance myself as far away as possible from this mess.
Any donations I make is my own affair and certainly nothing to do with you or Juliet.
If I had known the reaction my question would receive I would never have posted it.
I didn't think for one moment it would turn out like this - it all sounds very messy and something I don't want to be involved in.
I have nothing more to say on the matter.

I know I didn't send donations to this reception but I felt something was amiss one year ago. I will be posting my comments from one year ago along with Jennifer's reply to me when I made a statement about supporting only MBC directly. Along with that post will be Catherine's reply to me using vulgar language several times and it was specifically directed at me. Granted the same word Jennifer used in her post and then Catherine used in her reply to me was cutely minus some letters but we all know what the word was and what it meant.That post was never deleted. Now that integrity has already been compromised I strongly believe that to delete this thread would further complicate matters. If you choose to end this thread then I hope it is because this situation has been taken to the authorities once and for all. Once in the hands of the legal system then of course what we say on here has no impact. That should be the ONLY reason this thread ends. I agree with you Debra....where we donate is our own business and that is the same conversation I had with Jennifer one year ago. My conversation with Jennifer is critical because it proves there was concern over a year ago! I won't be silenced and will seek the whole truth with verifiable evidence that Michael Bolton fans monies were properly delivered.This isn't a little squabble....this is a serious legal matter. Perhaps it is time to go to the authorities where lies are never accepted. iI's the truth...whole truth....so help you God. 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

As promised here is the post of Jennifer's reply to me when I stated that I only donate directly to MBC. You all can make your own intelligent decisions. Once again....I won't be silenced and I will follow up. It is the RIGHT thing to do.

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Permalink Reply by Jennifer Steadman on February 20, 2012 at 12:07am

I'm not sure I understand what you are saying here Kathy? I do hope I am wrong, but I feel like you are saying that Juliet and myself who have been collecting money for the MBC and for the UK reception charity's are not to be trusted as we are not professionals? If I am wrong, and have misinterpreted your post then I apologise profusely, but would like to reassure you and anyone else who might doubt our integrity or honesty that between us both Juliet and myself are very experienced fund raisers. Juliet is a qualified book keeper/accountant and lawyer and whilst my professional qualifications only on in teaching, IT and floristry, I have been organising fund raising events for many years for the children's ward at my local hospital and for one of the charity's that the UK fan reception supports. I actually single handedly managed to buy the ward a a pulse-oximeter from one impromptu event with cost £9,000.

I have organised many events from small parties to black tie events at Londons Dorchester Hotel totally on my own and have had many celebrity attendees raising thousands of UK pounds. I have been thoroughly police checked and was once awarded fund raiser of the year after raising £20,000 on my own in a 2 year period. 

Not sure if you are aware, but the UK fan reception donations to the MBC are made via the direct link on Juliet's challenge 21 site that Andrena herself gave permission for and also if anyone decided they would like to make donations to the UK fan reception charity's that Michael himself approved with us, I don't think Michael would have spoken to us and given Juliet and myself his express permission to raise funds for in his name.

Michael obviously believes that we can be trusted and quite rightly so. All of the funds from last years fan reception are safely trucked in a named bank account that both Juliet and I are signatory's for and seeing as neither of us live in the same town, neither of us can draw any money out without the other being present which of course we have no need to do because we are still adding to the funds in varying manners.

I donated all of my birthday gift money from my 50th birthday and am selling my own personal items and am still making items to sell so that more money can be added to the total sum. I wouldn't do this if I couldn't be trusted surely? I actually spent a hell of a lot of my own money last year buying items to sell or action off to raise funds and will not be taking the money back. 

Both Juliet and myself feel truly honoured and privileged that Michael trusts us enough to allow us to raise money in his name and would never ever put this trust in jeopardy in any way.

If you are indeed meaning this, I am truly hurt and upset but really sorry that you feel this way. Does anyone else feel like this about us? I do hope not?

As promised another post where I was being questioned for my charity comments one year ago. Once again....make your intelligent decisions. I am only seeking the truth especially after being criticized by certain involved people.

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I just read what you wrote on the off topic...
Catherine Bradley 2:54pm Feb 19
Fan forum.
I just read what you wrote on the off topic section. I understood where you were coming from for most of it. Unfortunately where you start talking about hard earned money it implies that you think Jen and Juliet have deceived people into donating money to MBC and then embezzlemed it. They are actually continuing to raise funds because they want to give MiBo a cheque in person. They figured that they might as well use the time between the reception and his next RAH gig to get even more money. The funds are in a bank account so interest is being added as well as additional funds from sales and the marathons Juliet runs. The best way to do the donation thing is through the charity directly which is why everyone has agreed with that concept but Jen is just collecting money on a small scale. The birthday donation hopefully will be massive and for tax reasons leaving it to the charity is the right move.

You said I used vulgar language but I don't see it. Are you confussed wih a post in another thread that is now blocked? I spelt out my feelings in that one when I got hurt. What can I say? I'm a sensitive soul you don't know so can't begin to understand.

How was I supposed to know Michael wasn't coming this year? Michael said on national TV he hoped to be back soon when asked about this year but in the 6 months since I wrote that post he has filled his schedule and has not released plans that involve the UK next year.

I still don't think the money was stolen/embezzled/lost in a bad investment but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

By posting the reply from Jen from Feb you have managed, basically, to round up all the inconsistences in every post and stuck it in one location.

You don't have all info but when it is online I'm sure that enough are involved so between us we can figure it all out because the multitude of answers is beyond belief and very confusing.

Thank you Kathy and I had remembered this discussion but certainly not in its entirety so I have taken out the part which PROVES both Jennifer and Juliet are liars....and YES Jennifer and Juliet I call you that and I will stand with a Bible in my hand and call you that to your face because of the below statement that was contained in the post and yet you knew monies had been taken out of the account and disbursed to two of the charities in November, 2011 and yet in February, 2012 you were still lying, as you had to me, by saying all the money was still in a bank account......oh, how dare either of you, how dare you !!"


"All of the funds from last years fan reception are safely trucked in a named bank account that both Juliet and I are signatory's for and seeing as neither of us live in the same town, neither of us can draw any money out without the other being present which of course we have no need to do because we are still adding to the funds in varying manners."

I advise you both, very strongly, to get this matter sorted out KNOW with no more LIES or the London Fraud Squad may just be called in on this.....that, by the way, is not a threat because I don't threaten, it is a promise.



Thank you Kathy so much.

I knew there had to be something somewhere.

I agree and support you Sylvia in what you are saying above too.

I also have on email all of the comments from the UK Fan Reception Page that are missing due to Juliet suspending her account, if it is needed as we go forward with this.

None of it makes sense or adds up to any truth being told here.

I sure hope all the fans affected get their answers NOW!! I don't know how you all waited so long w/o asking more than you did. This is nonsense and it's a shame that all of you were so deceived by two people that did not send the funds directly to the MBC as they were collected and let you all know. Its none of my business as I had no money involved but just wanted to also say I support all of you that donated..and why would someone keep a page open to sell anything else?  I think this effort is finished..just make it right by the fans that gave money and be done with it..trust is lost..totally lost.

Yes back in February I also said I only give to the charity directly.  Sad to say those that had doubts evidently were right to have those doubts for some time..I know Suze Orman always says trust your gutt when it comes to your money..Your gutt instincts seem to be correct here unfortunately. :(


Robin in MD

You are more than welcome Debra and I whole heartedly support you and all the "defrauded" fans in this situation. PLEASE be certain to keep all of us dedicated Michael Bolton fans updated and hopefully this thread stays open for the common good and for justice. I will do everything in my power to make certain that MBC and the Michael Bolton forum continues to be known for being truthful and a wonderful forum as it has always been with all of us truly dedicated fans working together. I can proudly state that none of us would ever  even attempt to tarnish Michael's name...NEVER!!! And so I encourage all respectful fans to follow the "event" through to the end....with justice for all!! I SAVE all my correspondence just for this reason!

BOLTON FAN FOREVER and for justice!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob  


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