Hi, Sophie and I just wondered - what was the final total of last years fan reception please?
£1000 was mentioned in november last year but no final figure.
Did any of the three charities receive the donation yet?
Would be lovely to hear that everyone's donations were helping the charities.
We couldn't find any information anywhere about this on the forum or facebook.
I have also posted this question over on the fan reception facebook group page. I have posted it on the forum so people who aren't on facebook also get the information we are all asking for.
Love Deb and Sophie XX

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I'm getting the impression it is a simple case of just posting the receipts and if a direct question is asked about it she will answer but the only answer, really, will be the letters. We can ask questions like this all day and night but Jen is only making herself known online when asked by Juliet to post something here on her. Jen hasn't responded to posts on FB. The last time I heard from her was Saturday morning.

am not sure quite how much more information i can give but ....

t shirts - these raised £300

tickets - raised £800

on the day £450

total 1550

£1200 between all 3 (tho this is now going to be the total sum of £1550 - please advise me if you would like this split or the remainder to go to MBC- we are not going to make a claim on our expenses)

i am truly sorry for how you feel about this whole episode but not for one moment did we set out to mislead anyone. Debra i dont know if you have lost a parent but losing my father was the hardest thing i have ever had to go thru so yes i was not thinking straight for most of the year nor did it help with what happened to my flat - its not a sob story but just real life - shit happens !

i have said so many times on here i do not have a laptop at home - doing this on a blackberry means that i miss things on here and on FB - so if i am missing something that is why.

Please let me know what else you want from me and i will do my utmost to get it for you - and yes i am back on sept 13 (tho back in the UK on 12 but not till around 10pm)

Firstly we know MBC money has only just been sent and I don't think that is the issue - only why it took so long - but we now know it was done so the two of you could take backstage. I'm happy MBC will now have their payment.

I think the main issue is WHEN you made payments to the other two charities as you stated you had given them in november but as posts after this  stated you had ALL the money safely in a bank account, confusion set in about the whole thing.

As you usually freely share information with us all it was very strange to find out you had donated the money to two charities but not told anyone, apparantly, including Jennifer.

You have since said you attended an award ceremony where a photo was taken of you making the presentation of the cheque to WA but you did not share it or mention it before.

CLIC also recevied a payment and no word was given to anyone until I asked the question - what happend to last years funds.

Since you said the WA and CLIC payments were made in november this was before your loss at Christmas.

If you were unable to let everyone know yourself about these donations, why did you not pass everything to Jennifer - your co organiser and ask her to let everyone know. Why continue through the year telling people who were asking ALL the money was still in the bank? I find it hard to believe that neither of you would want to share this kind of information with us because I am sure if Michael had performed a concert we would all have heard about your backstage presentation to MBC.

While it will be great to finally see and hear that ALL charities have received their donations I think you will find that the reason people are so annoyed and lost trust in you is down to your reaction to our questions and your secretive behaivour over this whole matter.

While I haven't lost a parent and truly feel for you for your loss, I have endured many difficult events in my life, including domestic violence and I'm sure many, many other fans have been through difficult times but I don't quite see how this comes into it really as your co organiser was I'm sure on hand to help. As were many other people who offered help with this fundraising event and turned down.

I guess Catherine is right and we may never know what happened.

If there is any money left to donate my preference would be to give to MBC.




Debra has it not occured to you that there is a reason why i support womens aid - i will not go into any detail but i needed their protection at the age of 19

when you lose a parent you will find that the grif is all encompassing and as mentioned i found out my dad was dying in november so forgive me for wanting to spend time with my family rather than on here and fb 

as long as everyone iis in agreement the money will go to mbc

Very true Debra. WHY now all the activity to TRY and look as though you Juliet and Jennifer are doing right by donators? It was sooooooo easy to answer the basic questions at the time they were asked. Instead Jennifer admonishes all questions immediately with diatribes that run in circles as her February post so succinctly pointed out. At the very least you both are extremely unprofessional and ill equipped to EVER raise and collect donations from innocent people. My entire proof is in Jennifer's February reply to me after I very simply stated that I prefer to donate to a professional charity such as MBC. And LOOK where we are NOW?????? Shameful!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Juliet - So rude!!  I merely hightlighted an example of one of my life difficulties - I did not for one minute ask you for details of your own difficulties and of course appreciate you have some.

Your post has no thought to how anyone else feels in their life, all about you again. You can't tell me how I would feel about anything.

Kathy - I agree with what you say, so true.




Sorry, slightly behind tonight and have only discovered this conversation but I will say again Juliet if you found you couldn't cope with the obligations you had taken on why didn't you ask for help...it was there.   As for this keeping on about what you have gone through in life, everyone has gone through something because that is life but to keep on as though you are unique is truly naive and to start to try and draw people out to talk about their own experiences is nothing but cheek.

I am not going to start rehashing all the stuff about the questions we have because it is blatantly obvious of the lies that are surrounding them but what I would like to ask now is, you are saying about not being able to cope and this is how we haven't gotten the information we should have and there still seems to be some problem because of all the stress in your life and can't we accept that and sympathize with you,  so why on earth did you and Jennifer start to attempt to organise another reception if the tragedies of life were bearing down so dramatically on you....how could you even think about, let alone consider, taking on such a feat  because you must have started the organisation for this year's months ago ??


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Ok - to keep everyone informed and to answer any concerns i will be on here while on holiday but please be aware there will be a 7 hour time difference - i will have my blackberry with me so again be aware that i cannot see everything on that so do not "go off on one" if something does not appear as it should in rreplies - it could be i may have seen one comment but not another

I am treying my hardest here to answer your concerns honestly - which you rightly deserve. 

Sylvia I didn't even think of that, that is a very reasonable question to ask.


Love Deb

Juliet said in her post that she put with the link to the letter Catherine that she was away from today and wouldn't be back on here until 13th September although back in the UK on 12th September and I have just checked her page again, on here, and she is still active;  I checked that before I said she had deleted the posts because I wondered too if she had deactivated her account and that was how the posts had disappeared, as you say, happens over in FB but not that case on here.

Personally you would have thought too that as she knows she is away for a month that she would have passed over everything to her co-organiser and I would have thought too that person would have requested that and have wished to have got this matter sorted out as soon as possible considering its severity.    You, who all know me, know I am a cynic.....a month is a long time and lot can be done in a month.....get my gist ????    Do I actually laugh at this point....of course I do ....LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I remember her saying that if she got anything sooner she would post it. I think that to protect Jen she is still handling the paperwork. Everytime Jen posts it gets everyone fired up. This way Juliet just posts the receipts people have asked for and that's it. I doubt anymore information will be forthcoming. If it was they would of explained why the comments kept contradicting the previous one and the Feb reply just contradicted absolutely everything said since then. Just because people know the truth doesn't mean every little detail will be made public, just whats deemded relevant.

Just a waiting game now but I doubt anything will happen, other than the receipts posted.


as no matter what i do or say here is not going to be enough would it be better if i dealt with Gail in this matter and then that way you know you will be getting the truth


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