Hi, Sophie and I just wondered - what was the final total of last years fan reception please?
£1000 was mentioned in november last year but no final figure.
Did any of the three charities receive the donation yet?
Would be lovely to hear that everyone's donations were helping the charities.
We couldn't find any information anywhere about this on the forum or facebook.
I have also posted this question over on the fan reception facebook group page. I have posted it on the forum so people who aren't on facebook also get the information we are all asking for.
Love Deb and Sophie XX

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Sophie Tennet Excuse me!! Where the hell has all this come from! I wasnt going to come to this years fan reception as nothing has happened to last years donations yet! No one has said you have kept the cash - only you and Jennifer have mentioned this. If you gave the money to Womens aid and Clic why didn't you let everyon know at the time. Why has it taken people to not come to this years and start asking questions about last years donations for you 2 to only tell us all now. And I don't know why your getting nasty towards the end there when people are only asking for infomation you should of given already. No one wanted to buy any tickets because they didn't know what happened to last years donations... simple as. And Barnstaple isn't too far to travel as we came from here last year to the fan reception!! It was hardly hard work ordering a few sandwiches and bringing your collection of MB stuff to sell/ raffle. You clearly are missing the point with your comments - We just want to know how much each of the 3 charities recieved and when!??? It was a year ago and we are intitled to know!!!!!!
Juliet McDermott Expenses Juliet

T Shirts £10/shirt - 20 shirts sold
Food 247

On the day we raised £450
T Shirts £500 less £200 for my inital outlay = £300
Ticket Money £40 per ticket at 20 tickets - 800

Expenses 200

Cash received 450

Total for the charities 1103
Juliet McDermott as you can see if i had claimed back my expenses that is what the amount sent to the charities would have been - i have not and neither has Jennifer - i split £1200 between the 3 in the hope that this year there would be more interest and it would be easier to claim our expenses - as you can see both Jennifer and i are out of pocket on ths and all you lot do is complain !
Sophie Tennet Firstly.. We were led to believe Jennifer was donating her items. Secondly.. You either take your expenses or you don't thats your choice. You have never informed all those that gave money what the final total was even though you have been asked. We have also been asking how much each charity would recieve and when. All along getting a different answer. You now tell us you paid 2 charities a month after the event, and even though people have asked you have said the money is safely in a bank account. Now you say they have already been paid!! You've never told anybody any of this until now even though they have asked. Why has it taken nearly a year to come forward with this information... that is why we are complaining and not buying tickets this year!!
Sophie Tennet And if you 2 are out of pocket then that must be your decision. We all donated money expecting it to be donated to the 3 charities after the event.
Juliet McDermott if you look back on the forum the final total was there
Jennifer Steadman I did donate a lot of my own items such as LP's and singles, programmes, T-shirt, scarf, pictures and books for raffle prizes and auction items, but most items were purchased by me for the purpose of raising money for the event. I did ask for donations from other people but only Oz and Carol donated items. Juliet and I paid for our tickets and T-shirts just the same as everyone else did.
Sylvia Doughty I am interested in one thing here so let's go back to the facts and on 19th November, 2011 I asked about what monies had been dispersed to what charities and I believe if you all go and look at the thread that is contained in the link below you will see the answer I was given and it most assuredly does not match up to anything that is now being said because if monies were dispersed a month after the event then I don't feel I was told the truth about what was happening when I was led to believe that all the monies were still being held in a bank account.
Sophie Tennet You did not inform us on a final figure or how much and when each charity were getting thier money!!
Sophie Tennet Jennifer Steadman No one is saying you didn't pay for your tickets and t-shirts. We were led to believe you were donating all of your items and that is your choice to do so. The point is that after raising the money TOGETHER at the reception, the final figure was never told and different accounts of what happened to the money raised was still being told TODAY!!! Also as Sylvia is saying above.

 Juliet McDermott have one more check to come and have to deduct both mine and Jennifers expenses (Jennifer has just given me her figure - and a very sexy figure she has too lol )

without adding in the outstanding monies and my running money as i collect that differently - we currently have around £1000 to send to Michael, which after interest is added and my running money will obviousy be more - I am attending the Travellers Concert in CT next June and plan on giving him the check personally so that i can get a photo to put on here for you all to see

Jennifer Steadman Of course you are all entitled to know the amounts that you raised and we genuinely did have every intention of telling everyone and announce totals etc with letters of thanks and receipt's etc... We obviously haven't organised ourselves as well as perhaps we should have done, we're not professionals just two people who live miles away from each other and difficulty getting to meet up when we would like.. We tried to do something nice and had hoped that everyone would understand this and give us the benefit of the doubt and trust that we hadn't run off to with the money and were trying to make sure we had all of the figures in before announcing. Unfortunately, I will admit that with the various personal difficulties we have both had, we let things slip a bit. We can both only apologise for this and make sure that we get it right in the future IF we organise further events. It is one big learning curve and we have learnt a lot from this which will hopefully benefit us both in the future. I am genuinely sorry if you feel that you have been misled, this was never our intention. We have not run off with anyone's money, we just didn't organise ourselves as well as we had hoped we would. There was never any intention to mislead, We obviously havent communicated with eath other as well as we could have perhaps, maybe I've misunderstood something Juliets told me about a payment, maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick when she told me something? I don't know, but whatever it was there was no intention to cheat, lie, mislead anybody or anyone over this. Why the hell would we do this knowing full well that Michael would get to hear about it and knowing that we will be meeting him in the very near future. My goodness, that beggars belief!! I've loved the man for almost half my life and would never ever do anything to hurt or upset him or indeed any of his fans whom I considered my friends. We've slipped up..obviously!!
Sophie Tennet You and Juliet would not accept any help from anybody stating you both had experience in organising this type of event. It dosn't take long to count up the money raised and the money you need to take out and let everyone know!! And to divide the money 3 way and send 3 cheques in the post to the different charities and let everyone know. Why has all of this had to happen first before you would tell us!???? Throughout all of this there has been so many different stories of what is happenening people were bound to be concerned! This task would not of taken more than a day to do so I'm not sure what the problem is!??


Juliet McDermott admittedly i said £1000 for MBC but that should have said £1000 to be split 3 ways - i had that very week been told just how ill my dad was and was not thinking straight - so to have had in the end £1500 was good - also why are you not complaining about those people who have only recently paid for items from last year - there were a few of them - i knew how much was coming so added that myself - what if they hadnt paid but had the goods - would you go to Tescos and say - can is have my shopping now but ill pay you next year - NO you wouldnt - and Sophie it was a little more than arranging sandwiches and bringing stuff to the event firstly - we had to arrange another venue at short notice as the original wanted £1000 fo rthe hire - secondly do you understand how hard it is for Jennifer to get anywhere - its not as tho she can just jump on a train - a lot of planning has to be done to ensure that there is someone to meet her at the other end
Debra Tennet I think Sophie has made herself very clear in her comments and you now know what she means. Everyone has life difficulties at some point in their life and I can't see how this stops you from keeping us informed about what is happening to funds raised by us all. We only ever wanted to do some good by raising money for 3 charities while meeting up and having fun. It has been made very clear what we are saying here and all we require now is for MBC to receive their money and for you or Jennifer to let us all see the letters of response, with when the charities received their money and how much was given. It only goes to prove that way back when we met up at Langhams and since that you should have had some help organising this event and maybe we wouldn't be at this point now. People like other people to be up front and open when it comes to donating hard earned cash to charity and you have not been. That has been the trouble here, and trust has been lost with you both. Nothing more to be said. Many thanks.
Jennifer Steadman I'll say it again and apologise for the VERY LAST TIME we have obviously  up BIG TIME and not organised things or ourselves as well as we could have. I AM TRULY SORRY FOR THIS AS IT WAS NEVER OUR INTENTION NOT TO KEEP PEOPLE INFORMED MISLEAD!!!!! I'm not adding anything further to this conversation and will not be taking part in any other topics concerning this subject. I'm sorry you all feel let down.
Debra Tennet We still require to see letters of response from the three charities, along with the amount given to the charity and when. We gave the money in good faith that it was for these three charities, the least you can do is provide us with the information we are asking for. Many thanks.

Debra please remove the swear word from my post. I have no desire to cause offence to those on here who may not appreciate my colourful language from facebook. 

Thank you.

But you didn't mind using the word and causing offence when you replied on facebook?

I copied and pasted everything as it was on facebook for those on the forum who haven't got facebook

I'm not going to edit what was said when I didn't actually use the word myself.

It wouldn't be right of me to edit other peoples words.

Maybe you need to watch the words you use if you don't want to offend people.

Many thanks


I don't know how to remove the word now anyway.

Debra, the only way this post can be cleaned up is for you to copy it and repost it without the objectionals words...which shouldn't have been brought over to the forum...whether it was on facebook or not.  If you would do this I'd appreciate it ...otherwise I'll have to delete the whole post.


I also think it is time to close this discussion.  Andrena and I are aware of the problems Jennifer and Juliet have had over the passed months with collecting their money and getting it where it needed to be.  We are confident that this will happen and are in touch with them on this.  Hopefully when Juliet returns the final numbers can be posted for you so all involved feel comfortable about where there money and donations are.  We understand both sides of this discussion and hopefully it will be cleared up shortly. Thanks, Gail

I have done as you have asked Gail and reposted after having deleted the objectional word.

I didn't realise it was not ok to bring this over from facebook as many other things are.

I felt it was important to let others know about this and others I have spoken to feel the same as I do.

I just happened to be the one to ask the question.

I obviously did not realise that it would cause such a reaction and I am slight overwhelmed by the conversation in general.

I am happy you can see both sides of the discussion and I wouldn't just take what Jennifer and Juliet are saying as the truth here.

I am truly upset at the reactions I have had to my question and as such will not be taking part in any further discussions over this.

I am very concerned as to what happened to our money but I am not prepared to spoil my love of Michael's music by keeping involved in this sorry mess.

I donated money in good faith and it has been spoilt by all this.

I think I will go back to just enjoying Michael's music and attending concerts like I used to.

I find all this truly upsetting and if I choose to donate any more money to charity I will deal with the charities directly.

I hope everyone finds the answers they are looking for in this matter.

I am sorry to you Gail if I have acted in an incorrect manner on this forum but I was only trying to help everyone who was asking the same question.

I have removed myself from the UK Fan Reception Group page on facebook, as has my daughter Sophie.

For me as I've said this is spoiling my love of Michael so I will not comment further about this subject.

Many thanks



I appreciate fully Gail that you, as moderator of this forum, have the right to close this discussion but I ask you to consider leaving it open so that we have a platform where this matter can be brought to a truthful conclusion by, hopefully, either Juliet or Jennifer, as the case may be, coming in and showing us the necessary evidence of exactly what has happened to the monies donated and then we can draw a line under it all and get BACK TO THE GOOD PART !


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.




Also this post from Juliet on Facebook Fan page -
Right - i am going to end this once and for all - tomorrow morning i will send a chekc from my personal account to MBC then when i am nack from holiday i will arrange with Jennifer that money that is in the charity account is paid to me for this nad that we claim the rest back as our expenses - we will not be undertaking to organise another fan reception
Sophie Tennet Yes We think that would be a good idea.. I'm not sure whats taken so long. It doesn't take long to add up the funds raised and send 3 cheques to each of the charities!! With all the different stories over the last year you can't blame us all for wanting to know that the monies have been given to the charities we raised money for!
Juliet McDermott well we wont be organising another thats for sure - once the check has been sent and a reply received Jennifer and i will be removing this page
Juliet McDermott and to think we thought of you all as friends - how wrong we were !
Debra Tennet We would still like to see the response letters from the charities and any response you get from MBC. Many thanks


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