Hi, Sophie and I just wondered - what was the final total of last years fan reception please?
£1000 was mentioned in november last year but no final figure.
Did any of the three charities receive the donation yet?
Would be lovely to hear that everyone's donations were helping the charities.
We couldn't find any information anywhere about this on the forum or facebook.
I have also posted this question over on the fan reception facebook group page. I have posted it on the forum so people who aren't on facebook also get the information we are all asking for.
Love Deb and Sophie XX

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What is confusing is Juliet states three different amounts in todays posts. First she states £1250 has been raised. Then in the breakdown she gave she took off expenses of food on the day, which was paid on the day, and tshirt costs and came out with a figure of £1103. but then says she split £1200 between the three charities, two of which were paid a month after the reception. That surely must only leave MBC donation. Today Juliet says she is going to pay MBC a personal cheque and when she gets off holiday she is going to sort out with you to pay her back from the charity account and keep what is left for expenses!! How can that be when she already took off her expenses and there wouldn't be any left for MBC donation if you took your out of pocket expenses of over £500. Juliet states you both must sign to take money from the charity account not just her so you must have some involvement with the account to have to sign out funds. As a fundraiser I would have thought you would only be to happy to know exactly what was raised, be proud to let everyone know the details of the donations and have just as much involvement.You were going to be involved in handing over a cheque to Michael if he was in concert anytime soon for MBC so why not be just as involved with the other two charities.


Of course we will wait until Juliet comes back from her holiday, we have waited this long!!

We will all be very interested to see the details.

Not sure there is anymore to say until we get this information, just keep saying the same thing over again.

Hopefully Juliet will provide us all with the information and an explanation as to why it's all taken so long and why all the different accounts along the way.

Many thanks

Deb and Sophie

Below is post Juliet has started in FB and my responses where I have stated that I was copying and pasting below over here and as I believe this is where the whole discussion should be and only where it should be, I am placing no further comments against any posts on FB so if anyone asks me a question over there do not expect an answer. 

Juliet McDermott

A check for £400 ($600) has today been posted to MBC – on Monday or Tuesday (work permitting) I will post the letter from Womens Aid I received in April for their £400 – I have written to Clic asking for a letter from them for their £400.

To put replies from charities into perspective – I gave WA their check in November when I met up with my friend who works for them at the Women of the Year Award (for which WA had nominated me). I did not receive a reply till mid-April. Clic also got their check in November – I have yet to receive a letter tho I do have a receipt but it does not have any indicators that its from Clic as its just a normal till receipt.

When I have emailed Andreana it has taken her up to 4 weeks sometimes to reply and even when I call or text her it has on occasion taken

a little over a week to get a reply, so I don’t expect to get an early reply from her but as soon as I do I will let you know.

I have to say that when Michael does another concert (looking more like 2014 now) and Jennifer and I are backstage presenting him with one of those large checks it will be a pointless and futile exercise as we will have to say that all we raised was $600 and by the way it was paid to MBC over 2 years ago.

If we had been able to hold another reception this year the money raised would have been at least double and Jennifer and I may even have forgone our own expenses to be able to add to the final total – as it is I think £400/$600 is a pitiful amount to have had to send given that with my running over the years I have raised £200,000 for WA


Sylvia Doughty

I find it strange now that you are saying that two cheques were given to two charities in November last year yet when I asked my question about final figure for donations and the disbursement of monies raised I was led to believe it was ALL held in the bank account started for the purpose of collecting donations.....of course possibly as I asked my question on 19th November and received reply on 20th November cheques were sent after this date, is that possible ??? For information I am copy and pasting this discussion over to MB's so any further replies can be directed there and as "proof of the pudding" below is link to the original thread where my question was raised .......... http://www.michaelbolton.com/forum/topics/first-ever-uk-fan-reception-1?id=4960343%3ATopic%3A82040&page=13#comment 


Sylvia Doughty

To my knowledge Juliet this topic is no longer being discussed on FB but on Jennifer's request has gone back to its origins of Michael Bolton's website so if you care to start following it on there again you will see much more has been discussed than on here. I agree entirely with it going back to MB's as many members of his official website are not on FB and therefore, so that they are fully conversant with all that is happening, it only be discussed on there. If you go over to Michael's website you will see Jennifer's post concerning the removal of discussion from here and below is link for you and anyone else who is interested in following this, to be able to do so..... http://www.michaelbolton.com/forum/topics/fan-reception-2011-final-figure-and-donations?commentId=4960343%3AComment%3A219569&xg_source=msg_com_forum

I find it very strange that you think £400 is not enough - any amount of money received by a charity is welcome money. It's not about how much but that we raised some money. Why the big presentation with just the two of you to Michael for MBC? Why keep the money back, why not just let the charity have the money like the other two charities? Why if you presented the other two cheques to the charities would you not want to let us all know and see the photos and the responses as and when you got them.
Why only now take the money from your own account to pay MBC and then claim back? Why not wait until you are back from holiday and send it from the fan reception account? The charity waited this long I'm sure it could have been sent in the correct manner?
So many questions that should have been answered along time ago.
I think you will find that the upset caused to everyone is because of the inconsistant stories of what happened to the money and when.
Now we are asking questions to which we are owed answers you both are very defensive and over emotional.
Also what happened to the Bolton Bear race money that was to be added to the fan reception money?
Like I said before what a shame we have to have discussions like this when all we wanted to do is help the charities by raising a bit of money.
It makes me very upset that it has all come to this!!!

Below are the last two posts I have placed over in the Michael Bolton UK Fan Reception page and I believe both are self explanatory and just to add I am not getting involved in any further discussion and I will wait and see what Juliet has to offer as an explanation of her actions concerning the donations made and what has happened to the funds because I believe her removal of the post involved was nothing short of deplorable when it contained many comments relevant to the matter being discussed and when I had spent time answering comments and putting in my own to then have them removed and thereby the time I had spent wasted by her, is nothing short of ignorant, disrespectful and downright insulting and I will not waste my life on anyone who treats me in such a manner......bridges have been broken and boats burnt today and they will never be mended.     
I am stating, here and now, I am taking nothing further to do with this page because even the running and organisation of it can't be conducted properly when posts, where people have placed relevant comments, are removed on the whim of someone and so I will state again that as far as I am concerned the place to discuss this matter and certainly where you will only be able to make contact with me, is on Michael Bolton's official website page
  • Dare I ask where the money has gone that I have sent to you Juliet, i.e. £40 for a ticket for the cancelled reception which has been turned into items I have purchased from this page plus my further cheque for £30 which I have sent to you, via Jennifer's address, on Tuesday 7th August, to cover postage of those items with the residue being a further donation for the charities involved or is that money now going towards your expenses ??? As I have dealt with Jennifer on this matter possibly before you answer you should consult with her. I did attempt to put this post against Juliet's, where it was in answer to a comment she had placed, but as it would appear that that has been removed and may I say one that contained very relevant information on the question posed, I have been forced to start this new post.

I should also like to say that within the post that Juliet removed on FB she had stated that she had removed herself from this website so if anyone is trying to get in touch through here, you can't.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Jennifer and Juliet i would just like to reiterate that i thought you both did a marvelous job and that you did inform us of the venue change and why!!!. Things seem to be getting a bit heated on here at the moment and I feel that everyone should wait for Juliett to return from holiday and I am sure she will be able to clear everything up. People can make mistakes and be remiss about somethings so instead of what i see is attaking Jennifer whom does not have all the answers to your questions show a bit more patience. what difference can a few more days make????

I will be more than happy to attend anything else that Jennifer and Juliett organise if they do.

People can run but they can't hide. The law is the law.....just saying...

Kathy and LAFD Bob

All I can say is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ladies for sharing all this with those of us here too..

Robin in MD :)

Juliet has suspended, not deleted, her FB page. That means that because her account is inactivated all posts she started will disappear until the suspension is lifted. I only found out tonight but I don't know when it occurred.

Thanks Catherine for explaining this. I too thought the posts had been deleted.

The Michael Bolton UK Fan Reception page has now been set to secret by Jennifer too.

So Juliet has now suspended her account on facebook and left the forum - I hope she comes back to explain whats happened to our money and give us the information we are asking for.

What a mess!!!

I am not running or hiding, I assure you. I have been trying to answer questions when they are asked, but purely cannot tell you stuff I don't any answers to.

Incidentally,  I thought the Bolton Bear race money was going straight to the MBC via the challenge site? When people clicked on the pay link? Is that what you meant Debra?

Yes, the time has marched on from the last reception and yes figures should have been posted before hand, but with all that has gone on in Juliets life, I'm not surprised she may have put the fan reception money on the back burner. I'm not saying that's what she did, I'm saying that I wouldn't blame her if she had. 

If I knew what the figures were, I'd tell you. I've been as straight and as honest with you all as I possibly can, but if I don't have the account details or statements,  I simply cant tell you any more. 

Both Andrena and Gail are fully aware of the situation and are both fully understanding that there has been a problem with the late figures and are not at all alarmed or concerned. 

Yes, the law is the law and the truth is the truth and I'm certain that Juliet will post here as soon as she is able to with news on what we all need to know. 

Thank you for your continued patience. If I hear any further from Juliet with regards to figures etc, I will of course, let you all know.

Sylvia, I have answered your post on face book but have brought it over to you here also- This is in answer to your question about the whereabouts of your cheques.

  • Jennifer Steadman Sylvia I have your second cheque here. Thank you. It must arrived yesterday or the day before, but with every going on I apologise for not posting that it had arrived. I am happy to send it back to you if you would like me to, whatever you decide is ok with me. Pauline Bragan I have posted that I'd received them and they have been posted off to Juliet. She is on holiday so wont get them for a day or so. I will be parcelling up and posting your items off to you and to Pauline Bragan people on monday to save me too many trips to the post office. Is this ok?
  • Sylvia Doughty The way events have unfolded today, Jennifer, I do not feel like being a party to any further fund raising schemes that Juliet is involved in and therefore possibly, instead of returning cheque to me, destroy it. I will send you a cheque made out in your name to cover postage and packing for the items I have purchased as I do not want you to be out of pocket on my behalf and as far as you posting items on Monday, that is perfectly acceptable Jennifer.
    Jennifer Steadman Sylvia Doughty that is perfectly ok and very kind of you to offer to pay postage on the items, but I imagine it will only be around £2 so please don't worry about it, but thank you anyway. I have torn the cheque up and will return it all to you within your parcel so you can see I've done it. Thank you.


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