Hi, Sophie and I just wondered - what was the final total of last years fan reception please?
£1000 was mentioned in november last year but no final figure.
Did any of the three charities receive the donation yet?
Would be lovely to hear that everyone's donations were helping the charities.
We couldn't find any information anywhere about this on the forum or facebook.
I have also posted this question over on the fan reception facebook group page. I have posted it on the forum so people who aren't on facebook also get the information we are all asking for.
Love Deb and Sophie XX

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I agree too Sylvia and Kathy.

I thank you both for your support of what I have said and I thank you Kathy for remembering that post and I have thanked you previously but will do so again Debra for raising the question because until you did and all that has transpired, I was under the illusion, a darn big one too as it has turned out, that all the money was still held in a bank account and it was still being added too until it would be divided by three and because I knew they were both just waiting for Michael to announce a concert at the RAH when they would toddle off and be the wonderful, generous, magnanamous ladies presenting him with the cheque......you can rest assured we would have seen pictures of that, been bombarded even.....I was waiting for that announcement of a date to be made when I truly believed then the money would be divided and distributed to the charities.

I should also like to take opportunity to ask Gail that this thread be left open until we receive, on here, evidence from both Juliet and Jennifer, as co-organizers of the event,  everything concerning all the donations made and the disbursement of the funds and too an apology and then, hopefully, a sentiment I expressed somewhere on here will, and can, become a reality and that we will be able to get BACK TO THE GOOD PART !!

I, obviously, should like to say too that if anyone disagrees please come in and say so because under no circumstances do I want it thought I am in anyway trying to or controlling anything for I have decided on above for my own good and hopefully others too because tonight, without doubt, I know I am too old for this for I always like to think I feel just about like a 6 year old not a 61 year old but tonight I feel about 91 and I don't darn well like it ! 


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I thought I had posted another post in this thread earlier this afternoon but I dont' see it...not sure what happened to it.  The gest of it was...all of you asking for an accounting of the UK fan reception I totally understand your concern.  I  also know that over the years Jennifer has proven her dedication to Michael and his causes and would not knowingly do anything to mislead anyone on the donations.  I think there have been some problems that were not foreseen ...that being said I think this should have been brought to the attention of those who had donated their money or purchased items feeling it had already gone to the charities. 

Andrena and I both know about the situation and fully expect the monies will be sent when the accounting has been taken care of.  I think we need to stop with Sylvia's post at this time and wait for Juliet to come back from holiday to give the figures and post the letters, etc.  Jennifer and Juliet have both said they were trying to get this straightened out.  I think knowing their past dedication to Michael, his charity and his fans we need to step back and wait til the accounting has been posted.   You are all rehasing the same things over and over and it is doing nothing at this point but fueling the frustration even more.  Lets give it a rest and wait the little bit of time it will take Juliet to get back from vacation to post what she has.


Hope this makes sense because I was trying to think while my grand daughter danced and tried to typed all around me!

Thanks to all,


Hi Gail.....thanks for your suggestion. I believe all agree or have agreed to continue to wait. I won't reiterate my connection to this situation but I do look forward to reading Juliet's and Jennifer's reports. I appreciate that the thread will remain here so we all will have that opportunity and that all questions will be answered. That is fair enough :) Thanks again for assuring that this great forum will continue its mission of serving all the dedicated fans of Michael Bolton and his wonderful music!!!!! Actually nothing makes sense right now but it has nothing to do with your beautiful dancing grand daughter...lol I will wait patiently :) 

Whilst I agree Gail that we now wait for relevant information I must say that I do not believe we were rehashing things yesterday when it was discovered, without question or doubt, that lies had been told, albeit not concerning the actual amount of money, but the disbursement of that money which they were holding and dealing with, on my, and other peoples behalf......I was lied to directly and that fact cannot change and that is why, no matter how many accolades are placed on Jennifer and Juliet for all their said support of Michael and their fund raising, to me they both are liars and have lost every ounce of trust  and respect I ever held for them for once someone starts telling lies it is very easy to lie about each and everything:   the way they have made me feel which is sick about the whole matter and the way I felt over everything that happened concerning the event, which was fun and happiness in the giving and receiving, they have soured considerably by their actions and I believe if I did not take the stand I now am I would be nothing but a fool and a mug and someone most assuredly that they could laugh at which I would not be surprised to know they have been doing all along because of the misguided trust I placed in them.....yes...."laughing all the way to the bank" because they had found another fool that liked to be parted from her money and when I think that I fell for all the lovely words of thanks by believing them to be genuine when I was being conned and used and, yes, I am very, very hurt by all of this as I am still and always will be, when I discover, or am told, about the duplicity that people choose to use against their fellow beings:   I find it so, so sad that honesty still hasn't found its way to the top of the leadboard in this world. 


I should also like to add that yesterday Juliet placed a post in the Michael Bolton UK Fan Reception Group Page on Facebook stating that a cheque for £400 has been sent to MBC and she is now awaiting confirmation of its arrival and when that is to hand she will display whatever is received on Facebook.   I stated, in a comment I made to her post, that I was leaving the Group Page and before I had carried that out I noticed that Juliet had placed another comment asking me to wait until Monday to leave the Group in order that I could transfer whatever she places on Facebook over to the forum here:   in other words she was asking me to take on the responsibilities and obligations that she should be carrying out and in doing so I believe it proves, once again, that Juliet is in no way qualified to undertake or have undertaken such a responsibility that she placed on her own shoulders when she agreed with Jennifer to start organising the UK Fan Reception event.   I also informed her, because she answered a point that Debra had raised, that Debra and Sophie had already left the page and in her response she said if I left too how would any us get to see the evidence...... I believe that speaks for itself of what Juliet considers are her responsibilities to us and as I have said already, certainly shows to me what respect she will afford ME and that is....NONE. 

I apologise for going on at such a length but as I have only stated my true feelings and observations on this matter I hope you will all understand why I could hardly cut it short and now, finally, I have had my say and I do not intend to make any further comment on anything that is placed on these pages but will await to see only the truth I hope either Juliet or Jennifer places here but I can assure, one and all, my thanks for that obligation being carried out will not be forthcoming and neither will my acknowledgement if either chooses to apologise for their lies because that too could be a lie and carry no sincerity whatsoever.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Couldn't agree with you more Sylvia!!

I agree with points all 4 of you make. I know I'm easily confused at the best of times but seriously?!? I've never seen so many contradictions in place :$ once all the letters are on line hopefully the sums and comments will add up :) I'm still very confused though.

Firstly, I already told you I was leaving the Facebook Fan page so I was never going to see your comments!!

I'm absoultely fuming!!! As yet again another account of what has gone on!!! None of it makes sense!!

Why are you sending personal cheques?? I don't understand why you would do all this and not tell anyone.

Why would you not tell Jennifer? I don't understand why you chose to pay two charities out of your personal account and not say a word to anyone and then leave MBC dragging on until you could get back stage!! Then only now we are asking questions you send yet another personal cheque to MBC.

I'm totally confused over this Bolton Bear stuff - and it really is a confusing way to merge both your personal running fund with the fan reception!!

I didn't donate via your page as I felt I was doing enough by spending money on tickets for the fan reception and spending money at the event. I spent what I could afford to give!!

As it turns out I wish I had never got involved with either of you.

I wish I had never got involved with this farce and I couldn't agree more with Sylvia's comments above!!

It makes me feel sick the more I read and this isn't why I got involved in the first place.

I'm not going to contribute to this conversation anymore as it is just lies and more lies - you have been very secretive and your actions over this speak volumes.

This isn't why I got involved and I am distancing myself from this right now.

All I hope is that MBC and Michaels' reputation isn't dragged through the mud over this and in furture I will donate money directly to charity in a trusted manner!!






I am breaking my own promise to myself because I have to come in here again.....thought about it for last hour and decided on principal and honesty I have to as what has been placed above by Jennifer has been altered and is not the original post which appeared on FB.....so apart from telling lies they are now manipulating the facts and so, as far as I am concerned, they can place whatever they like on here because I will not believe it and I just hope that all of those and I mean ALL OF THOSE who think they are wonderful and have been hoodwinked into that believe by their sweeter than sweet attitude think long and deeply about their connections with them because even the canniest of us can be conned by manipulators that this pair are starting to prove they are.    Before they start shouting the odds, as I am absolutely certain they will do, about my copying and pasting the article from FB, I will remind Jennifer that I am only doing what she sanctioned above......just putting this comment in to save myself having to come back in later when I really don't want anything to do with this thread anymore.

Original post that Juliet entered and subsequent comments up and until the point I left the Group Page:-


Juliet McDermott

10:23pm Aug 11

Sylvia - i have already said that the £400 to MBC has been sent - until Andrena emails me to say it has arrived safely there is nothing more i can do on that - i have asked her for a letter proving she has received the check as well. i have already stated i do not have internet access at home (i have had to download the facebook app for bb for this) and that i will post the letter from WA on Monday. Call the dammed fraud squad if you so desire but unless the charities complain i very much doubt they will do anything - i have a letter from WA and i will have a letter from MBC - i have asked Clic to send a letter as all they sent was a receipt - had this years reception gone ahead the 2 already received would be there for all to see as i had every intention of bringing them with me.

If it was your intention to have Jennifer in floods of tears - then well done you because that is exactly what you have done - i may have had various personal problems this year but Jennifer lives in constant pain all year round and still manages to do things for other people without question.

I sure hope that NONE of you have to endure the pain and grief that Jennifer has suffered over the past years and i sure as hell hope that none of you have to go thru what i have had to go thru these past 10 months - you all obviously live charmed lives because you obviously sail thru life with no problems that cause you to put things on the back burner.

Debra - you mentioned about Bolton Bear and my running - as mentioned very early on in the forum (way before the fan reception was even discussed) i had said that anyone who wants to sponsor my running should go to my web site and donate thru Just Giving for Clic and WA and use the button from MBC for MBC - i receive notifications when anyone makes a donation thru Just Giving (as you know the money goes direct to the charity - as does the MBC button) and guess what NOT ONE OF YOU ON THE FORUM DONATED. I do not know how the MBC button works but i am sure it must work in the same way - and hey no acknowledgements there either - so none of you sponsored me for the races - my friends who have nothing to do with Michael Bolton will only donate to WA - they are not really into Clic - so the donations they made have NOTHING to do with this at all.

AS i have said - i will post the letter from WA Monday and the miniute Andrena emails me or in some other way lets me know the £400 was received i will let you know - feel free to email her via MBC to check that when i tell you it has been received that it has

Sylvia Doughty

What is she crying for because she has been found out .... that is one of the most natural reactions to that, as you should know, having been a police officer. You have directed part of your post to Debra but both Debra and Sophie have left the Group as you will see if you check previous posts. I was going to stay on here to see what transpired but after above I am leaving Group too so, as of now, contact can be made through the OFFICIAL MICHAEL BOLTON WEBSITE, not through this page, which carries no officialdom whatsoever.See More

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Juliet McDermott the how will you see the letter i will post on Monday - you will say that as you have not seen it it does not exist - stay till monday read the letter and take it over to the forum then leave

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The first attachment I saw was the one below - not sure why you changed it.

Where is the photo of the presentation at the award ceremony you mentioned?

Although it appears you gave the donation to the charity it still doesn't explain why you didn't tell anyone you had made the donation, why you told Sylvia the money was still in a bank account in November and also in the post Kathy put up it states in february the money was still all in a bank account.

Why have you lied about it over the last year? Why not tell everyone? You tell everyone everything else so why keep this to yourself.

It still doesn't make any sense.

On face value it looks like you made a payment to Womens Aid - still doesn't really say when.

I guess the main thing is the charity appears to have had the payment but I am still not sure why all the secretive behaviour over it all.

I look forward to seeing the CLIC letter and explaination and also that MBC receive their payment at last.

Once it has been proven that monies were made to the charities you both selected I will have no more to do with you as trust has been lost and this is not the sort of thing I expected to be discussing on this forum when I joined it!!


Agree entirely with what you have written Debra and at least it looks as though WA got some money but letter, once again, without question or doubt, shows the disrespect and lack of knowledge of how to carry out responsibilities and obligations when she was asked within it to pass on "......heartfelt thanks........." and that was in April and we are only now being made aware of that in August:   maybe we should acknowledge those thanks and let WA know that we have only now discovered that they received a donation and extended their thanks to us. 

Will now wait for what evidence can be produced on the other two donations but as I said already when post from FB was doctored before it got here and that was after they had been caught lying and they still had audacity to keep on doing and lying to EVERYONE on this forum by doing that, not just those involved with the UK Fan Reception, but to everyone who is reading this thread right now, I do not trust nor believe anything either will say.

As you say Debra all trust has gone and those bridges broken and those boats burnt will never be mended !


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.




IF the person in the letter above exists....she certainly has a TITLE and a LAST NAME and contact number to be working for a charity and dealing with money!! Even if the letter is "informal" all the information of the employee and her position should be stated on the letterhead and below her signature.There has to be an official contact for the fundraising efforts of every professional organization. There is no definitive date...why? No last name? No formal title? Who is this lady? Something is not right. Since I was criticized by Jennifer in a public manner for only choosing to donate to a professional organization such as MBC and NOT to her UK reception fund I have a vested interest in following up with inquiries about the professionalism of charities that she is associated with. IF I had chosen to donate my money to the failed UK reception...as Jennifer wanted me to...well let's just say...I know where my money is with MBC! 

Kathy and LAFD Bob 


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