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Hey Kathy do you think I should rush up to the stage and throw all my stuff on and ask Michael to sign it all and then he can throw it all back to me.......somehow if that happened I really do believe another nom de plume would be forthcoming and I believe too MB could look something like ......................


with a follow on expression of along with being heard to say ......................................



..........."yeah folks,  there really were THAT many  !!!!! "


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



1) ... Lord I'm 3....I'm 500 miles away ...LOL. Excuse acknowleged LOL

2) "wrong song....": I know MB talked about it and I read it somewhere, but go to the solver, she will know, esp. since the "BBB- thread" has come to life again and those incredible inquiring minds started to put micro information of the late 60ies together ... Boy, I hardly dare to hop in to that bunch of experts LOL.

Joy, immediately you gave that inspiration back!! MB's speech moved me deeply! Thanks.

Greetings to all of you


Astrid I am really 6 not just 3 and I am going on 7 now ......remember those wonderful days when each quarter of the year meant so much and they were all worked out practically down to the hour when a new one commenced and when the day actually arrived and you turned another number....oh boy....and especially when you were 9 and the next one was DOUBLE figures, 10 !!!  LOL   I don't know anymore if it is sad, funny or just pathetic but those days still seem to me like yesterday !!!! LOL.   Talking about the past here is a beautiful one from the is a picture that was taken by Allan Light and it was taken in February, 1990 and if you take it off of this page to use anywhere else please remember to always give Allan the credit for it.....that is all he asks in allowing his pictures to be used  !!! :)


Allan Light is credited with this photo.


Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend.



Yes, he said that in his speech about the "wrong song".  I wonder what song it was suppose to be?  Maybe one of the MB experts here knows....


Have found out about that song title on Jeremy Green's history of MB thread for he mentions correct title and Sylvie came in and answered my question by giving confirmation that the song was not entitled "Bah Bah Bah" but was in fact called "Bop Bah" !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Diane, when I listened first time to this interview I misheard Jay Leno and thought he had said "sheep murderer" LOL

Greetings from Germany


Oh my Astrid another great reminder for me of one of many many Leno shows I went to to see Michael!!!!! That clip was too cute and look how young Jay looked!!! Memories!!!! Such fun :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Kathy, start writing a book about your adventures!! I am the first one to read it LOL


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Great pictures!! He looks so happy and he looks amazing as alway!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures I have not seen all of them!! Eileen. Xxx

Michael looks nice but I think he´s much better now,much more interesting and sexy!The older he gets the better he looks!:)))  Silvia PS

I definitely agree with you :-))


Thanks Jennifer for the details explaining where Michael's star is.  Very handy for me to know as I am hoping to go and see it this year.  Great photos too.  He is beautiful isn't he and such a lovely person.  Thanks again, Linda


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