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Found this new photo and it definitely belongs here. Mr Gorgeous!!



Singer and political activist Michael Bolton models his Gucci Grammy Interlocking timepiece
( Sullivan and The GRAMMY Museum) 2013


He looks like Bond, James Bond :-))

Hi Ivana,

LOL, I was thinking that too!  Ya never know maybe that will be his next role!


LOL !!! No matter where we come from, we often think the same :-))

Best regards from Europe!


Stunning photo of MB.

Kathy T. :-)

I put a photo that you may know (I found it on twitter), I find him radiating


Michael Bolton@mbsings

was a pleasure!I and got to see old friends!!


Very nice picture, thank you for putting it here! And I love your description of radiating!

Yes he is, in the states here we just say he is hot!

Joy ;)


Thanks Katia and Joy,

Those are really nice pics of our Man looking ever so fine!


Great photos and thanks a lot for them Joy and Katia !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


love this sight


Very nice photo of MB, Marie, thank you.

Kathy T. :-)

Me too Marie, so gorgeous, thanks.

Gail K. South Africa


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