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Thanks Michael's curls ;))))

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thought I would put this set of pictures on here as I believe we all rather love what they are taken from.....they have been on FB for a little while and still keep appearing and believe they originate from Marwen Heni.......enjoy !!! :)


I have actually got that framed and every time I look at I smile because you can hear Michael's laughter through it !! :)



Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.




Thanks Sylvia! How can one NOT laugh when looking at these photos??? The whole video runs through my mind and I laugh once AGAIN :)))))

Kathy and LAFD Bob


Oh thanks, yes we all love to watch that video! Never saw the still photos-love them! Also I seem to remember someone saying that he kept laughing & cracking up because another band member (?) kept doing something while the video/photo shoot was going on.  Does anyone know the details?

Joy ;)


Hey there Joy,

I wished I knew too!

I can only speculate and on that note, and I have to say nothing! But I crack up at my own thoughts!! LOL

If he only knew what I think when I see it! Oh my...

Have a great one Ladies.


Hi Kellie,

There is definitely a story behind this, someone knows! I do remember reading about it.

Someone was keeping him cracking up..... Joy



Love this one

I think this is from This Is Michael Bolton when he cannot stop laughing!!! I don't know the actual story but I thought way back we were told or heard somewhere he just laughed as he had to say something like Hi I'm Michael Bolton and he just cracked up..Bad memory here..Partially remembering something about this..been ages ago..Cute pics!!!

Robin in MD:)

Well ladies, we have a whole discussion of it right here in the site from 2010!  It is from the VHS tape "This Is Michael Bolton 1992"  and I think it's been put on a few other VHS tapes made of him. But no one really did give an answer. I may have read something online, who knows!

Thank you ladies!!!  It's even HOTTER in Phoenix now than it was before I looked at your pix ; )  That's okay - I'll put on the bikini I bought especially for "HIM" and take a good dunk in the pool - maybe, just MAYBE - it will help with the advanced case of Boltonitis that I've been suffering (yeah, right LOL) from - oh, my goodness - "suffer" I must - it's all in the name of love!!!  

Here is another good couple from videos.................






Have got more but thought that would keep everyone going for just now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Tanks Sylvia, .... for all amazing pictures

and one pic by me

with love Marie


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