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Sempre affascinante come sempre!!! Mi chiedo solo di che coloro sono gli occhi di MB a volte sembrano color nocciola altre volte azzurro/grigi


Gli occhi di Michael sono nocciola colore Claudia.
Claudia has said about Michael's eyes sometimes looking hazel and then at others looking blue/grey and I have told her Michael's eyes are hazel in colour.
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Hey there.. I'm a giant fan of Michael Bolton... I awkwardly went through almost every page and saved everything... :' ) 


Hi Fiona,
Welcome to the forum!! So nice to see a young person here that loves MB. Although we are all "young at heart!" Thanks for these great pix, you got some of his best ones.
Joy ;)

Glad you found this thread Fiona and thanks for giving us all those photos again......great to look at over breakfast and here I believe is one that isn't on here, or at least, I haven't spotted it.................

I'm still hiding some in the archives !!!! lol

Astrid, are you about, for look at the length of THAT scarf ???????!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


ahhh! What's the picture on his shirt under that scarf?? It kinda looks like half an angry face... LOL

I hope people can keep posting these old photos! I haven't seen most of them before.. I don't think these even show up in google images if I search 'michael bolton''. 

Don't know what it is on his t-shirt but kind of remember symbols like that from way back but may even be just an abstract design.   Most of the old pictures, I believe, of Michael are on this thread.....not many that aren't.....and also too you will find a lot of pictures on the Miscellany thread as well as looking back through blogs and there is also the Gallery Section on the main page to have a look through.    Hope that helps you to find more photos for your album Fiona and here, just for you, is another "oldie" I believe is not on here and is of him at home with Taryn when he did the video of himself with the girls and some of it is shown on the old VCR tape and am not 100% sure now but think it is from "Pleasure and Pain"......have it transferred onto a DVD so will need to watch sometime again and see.....will take a note to do that and let you know...okay Fiona !!!! ?????  LOL



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


yahoooo thanks sylvia!

daw.. this photo is too cute. ;; 

Yep, I'm diligently scanning through every thread here as often as I can haha-- slow and steady, but I will catch up with everything one day! One day more... *cue Les Miserables song

Do you mean from a music video for "Pleasure or Pain"? 

Just to say it dawned on me that I have put in the wrong title for believe I have been thinking of an old Dr. Hook album called "Pleasure and Pain" for Michael's VCR was called "Soul and Passion" and it was released in 1992 and he did one before that called "Soul Provider" and it was released in 1990 and they are compilations of his official videos with extras but they have never been released on DVD or, at least, I do not believe so, so unless you have an old VCR player not much use you bothering with them but there are a few other pictures that were taken round about that time and here is another one of him inside the house with Holly and Taryn and this one I am sure is already on here and gets shown quite a lot.........



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


If I do get my hands on the VCR, I bet I can find out how to convert what's on the VCR to DVD (hopefully!), if I can't find it online somewhere. That would be awesome.

and this picture is precious ;_;

Hi Fiona,

Do you have a VCR to play VHS tapes on? I have all the MB VHS tapes but I hope to figure out how to put them on DVD someday. Just never have enough time to try to figure out how to do it.  I don't think you could bring them to a place that converts old home movies as it is copywrighted and they won't do it for you. You can find these VHS tapes on ebay all the time. They are pretty cheap.

Joy ;)


yes they are hard to find i have them on vhs..i to never found them i went all over hell and find them it took me a good 6 but, was worth it...i still have them in hopes to convert them on cd.....



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