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Thanks for posting this larger photo, Pilar, really a nice photo of MB.


Kathy T. :-)

Thanks Pilar :)

kathy and LAFD Bob

I just keep hoping everytime I look at that photo that he doesn't think, when he receives our "wall hanging" of squares, that we got the idea from his video and that maybe instead of hanging it on the wall he throws it over his favourite chair and sits on it ................ ROFL.


Here is final few pictures for 2012, taken from videos and don't believe they are on here but believe you will know exactly what videos they are from.......................






Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thank you Sylvia, for posting these again, I especially like the one of him and Ashley, wonder what they were laughing about. Those smiles say a lot.


Thanks for the great laughs to end 2012 Sylvia....what a smile he

Kathy and LAFD Bob

OMG Kathy I think you do know me, or somebody has been talking for the act of putting that particular picture last was deliberate.......a last laugh for 2012 from Mr. B and here is the first beautiful smile for 2013 from the man himself with a photo I do not believe has been put on here before and it is MB with Andre Agassi and looks to me like Jimmy Connors and Jim Courier and if somebody knows any different;  please correct !! :)




Your wee Scottish friend.


I love especially this picture with Ashley, as everybody can see they we laughing sincerely, they did not only pretend to have fun. I liked them as a couple too, she is nice, intelligent, beautiful.... I liked her much more than the others :-))


Here are a couple of photos that I don't believe are in here  (if they are apologies for duplication) for I have just found them on the internet and I certainly have never seen before and they are from 30th January, 2003 at the Bob Hope Classic Golf Competition .....hope you enjoy!!! :)






Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.




amazing pics

Love the hair in the first photo :))))) Thanks Sylvia!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Here are a few more I found from 2003 when the hair was getting a little longer again....wonder if he went through that period of regret then which I believe the majority do when they have had long hair and get it cut; like me !! LOL.   These were taken on 15th January, 2003 at some event to do with Gotham and LA Confidential and I am lost on what that means but I think he looks absolutely super with his hair like that and that is how I wish he would wear it now but even a bit more curlier for I think it makes him look so darn distinguished and handsome.....not that he isn't that all the time but you know what I mean !!!! LOL.






Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I also love with long hair! I love all the ways   . Lol . Françoise

Cheveux longs, cheveux courts , j'aime de toute façon . merci Sylvia 


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