Just wondering how people feel about the fact that Michael has been charging extortionate amounts for meet & greet and tickets for front 8 rows .I have been going to concerts for over 25 years and it's really annoying me that it's now if you buy tickets for over £200 you can meet him and get a seat closer to the front .It used to be fun to see where you could get your tickets and how close to the stage you got but now it's about how much you can spend to have that privilege .I understand people will pay to meet him esp if they haven't before but what about the fans who travel and incur hotels & flights etc to see him . To me it's a case of don't bite the hand that's feeds you & don't get greedy

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Sharon, I don't think Michael's tickets are the only ones that have gone up over the years.  There are a number of levels of ticket prices for everyone.  These prices and meet and greet packages were set up by the promoters..  Trying to do all the individual meet and greets has gotten out of hand for him.  He gets so many requests for each concert that he just can't do them so this is a way they have set up for those who buy those certain tickets to do just that. He did away with the fan club seating back in 2006 because all the venues were going to memberships and packages and no matter what we tried we weren't getting those front row seats for the fan members and he didn't want his fans wasting money on memberships knowing  that the main reason was to get the good seats and he couldn't provide that anymore.  So this is what the promoters and venues do...and it also helps Michael with his time...it is very tiring on him to do a show and then meet lots of individual people...he loves talking to his fans but it was getting out of hand.

I know this doesn't help with the prices but thought a bit of explanation might help.  Gail

Gail I completely understand everything you've said and I agree to an extent but I just wonder why make it so so expensive and almost too out of reach for most people .I can jnderstand Michael gets tired after all the one on ones and all the touring but it still seems to me that some of the fans are suffering because they can't afford this as much as they might like to

I agree, those prices are outrageous. Presales shoud be for fans to be able to get  good seats without paying £250 for the privilege. Its just greed, and the artist and promoters agree to set those prices together. So each are to blame. I for one will not pay those sorts of prices. Shame as I think this will put many people off. What if a husband and wife wish to go together, but only one of them wants a meet and greet, does the other have to pay that scandalous amount just to be able to sit together for the show. costing £500 Something is very wrong with this way of charging.

Why not let fans buy any seats, and add an extra for the meet and greet. Its like he only wants rich fans at the front. Very unfair

That's exactly my point Mandy .Ive been going to shows for a long time and these past 2 tours have been like this .Im lucky I can go with my friend but if people need to get someone who's not a fan and they have to pay for a m& g that they don't want then somethings wrong .As you said why not do it separate to the show tickets then it gives fans a chance to do what suits them
(Reason is they wouldn't make as much money sadly )

Can I come in and say it is not really true the way it is advertised about the number of rows that are taken over by the packages and know it says 1 - 5 for Magical Package and 1 - 10 for VIP Package but it is not all the seats within those rows for I have got two tickets, two separate venues, for rows C and D and they are ordinary seats at £67.40.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


It should be an option to buy meet and greet separate .Its unfair to expect people to pay so much .We should at least be given the choice .

There were tickets available in the first 10 rows, but over on the side stalls, none in the middle stalls were available at all.


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