Are all of you looking for the CD in stores finding it?  If not let me know where you are looking and what City/State you are in.  Thanks. Gail

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That is great news Mariu, news you feel Michael should know about.......I wonder if it is because Michael's tour in South America was so much appreciated although he didn't make Venezuela this time possibly there is a hope that when he next returns you will be first on the list for a little show and also if it is getting so much air play that when it does go on sale it will enter your album charts !   Terrific news Mariu and thanks for letting us all know ! :)   


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi, Sylvia

Great idea !!! LOL    I hope so.........

Take care


Hi again Mariu, well, if your radio stations do play Michael’s new songs, you are luckier than all of us sweetie! It’s really a shame that you don’t have it in your country though. Do you have problems ordering from the internet? Or are you nervous about ordering from the internet? Poor kid… That’s really nice to know that the DJ commented nicely on the CD, hopefully, that will get more people to be interested in it and request it.  Good for you writing to Sony music and I’m glad you got a positive response from them! Yes it would be nice if Sony did as much promotion for Michael as they did in the early and mid 90’s. Oh I do have my CD Mariu, but it took longer to get here because we had a postal strike and we weren’t getting any mail! Most people got their CD within  a week and even overseas fans received it before me but now I have it and play it enough that my kids will be happy to go back to school not to hear it any more! Lol I still haven’t put it away in my cabinet either! :D Take care Mariu and good luck! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi, Silvie

I should to have $400 year,  like years ago, but now so like the passport,

it haven't  been approved.

One love, one world  and DVD Live from the Royal Albert Hall

I was lucky to get them the past December, because  my  brother and friend of

mine come from  New York and  brought me, but this year until now anybody are coming.

I'm glad you can hear and hear......, well your kids !!! they'll someday undertand.

By the way, my humble advice to all of you, is  call to your favorite radio station

( no complain, they don't like ) many times.....

maybe get luck......

Thanks a lo !!! Take care


I may not have had a request played on Scottish radio stations YET but I did get one played on Bremen Radio in Germany yesterday  and the request was for a Group in MB's and also for ALL Michael Bolton Buddies throughout the world and I requested and they played Michael and Helene Fischer singing "Make You Feel My Love" so the request was for you too Mariu !!

I am still going to keep trying Scottish stations and I won't complain - I promise Mariu !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

hi there what about also mayb adding a michael bolton chat room as well as the forums being up a chat room would be a great idea to get most ppl into chat about michael and his music to get alot of ppl chatting also getting to kno each other thru the love of michaels music it would be good i wil join the chatroom too if others came too i go to a website called they have got a chatroom and message board forums as well as i had lost my two dogs so i go there to get help with my loss but id reali like to see a michael bolton chatroom on here from mags x

We've had chat rooms in the past on previous MB forums and they were quite successful. We had so many people on there at times that we couldnt keep up with the chat!!


I think to be honest with most of us being on Facebook now and chatting privately on there and of course skype, a chat room facility on here wouldn't be viable. I'm not even sure if the web program accommodates a chat facility. I believe we can organise out own chat forums through our profile pages but this is not something I have seriously investigated and I dont know how many chatters it would stretch to. 


It's a lovely idea, but I dont think it would work now for the reasons I've said above. Shame isnt it?  Are you on Face Book? I am under my own name. Perhaps you could come and find a lot of us on there as I think most of us are on there.



hi everyone does anybody kno were i can mayb find free reatones of michael bolton for my new mobile phone? cos most of the sites online you pay for ringtones and realtones etc i am looking to get alot of michaels songs for realtones to put as ringtones so if anyone knos please email me or let me kno as soon as possible i still like michaels music i do have his cds too from mags rachel mcquillan x

Hi Mags .Try audiko ,heres the link


Just type in MB and you will have loads ,then just save and copy to your phone or itunes

Sure.....I'll check the Best Buy near my office one day this week at lunch time.




Demi Lovato tickets

Hi Gail

2 weeks ago I saw on ITUNES (here in the swiss ITUNES)  DUETTE (the german CD edition in mp3), the next day I bought a card to buy it and then I discovered that it wasn't anymore there, I went to website and I saw that Duette  will have been ready on 4th November.  

Today 6th Nov. Duette is on but it isn't on ITUNES!

could you see when I can buy it? or what's happen? is it the same in US ITUNES?


Silvy from Switzerland XX

Silvy, I'm afraid the ones I can ask wouldn't know about swiss itunes.  I don't see the German version of the album on the US itunes either.  Maybe you would need to purchase it from the German itunes.  I'm afraid I don't really know a lot about itunes.  I use amazon most of the time.  I did check and they have the mp3 download of the album as well...if you can use that.


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