Hi everybody!

Look what I found! The firsts photos of Michael dancing!!!

Go to http://www.gettyimages.com, search for him and you'll have more...  Can't wait till the 20th...

Kisses ;)


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love it!!!! go Michael. Thanks for the pic.
Thanks, Manoli!! It looks like he's having a great time!

Looking Good. Go Michael. No matter what happens he will always be my winner. x

Great pic!! He looks like he's having fun. He's paired with a great partner.
Looking good Michael!! Keep smiling!! Looks like you are catching on quickly!! Left, right, back, forward!! LOL!!! We are all cheering for ya!!
Aren't they great! Love seeing these!!!
Thanks for posting here.
Robin :)
Great picture Michael!!!! You look great!! Thanks for the picture!!! And no matter what your a winner in my book! We're all cheering for you!!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Looks like they are having fun! Lady in red going to be a number they dance to you think? Can't wait for "our fun" watching to begin! All the people who haven't thought much about me becoming a fan come lately are going to have to eat their words right? I think we are having the last laugh! Dazzle them Michael and Chelsie! Can't wait to see a tophat and tails gloves too with big chandelier, lots of roses Viennese waltz to get all the ladies votes(-:
And since DWTS limits the number of votes per phone line/cell phone...we'll have to vote online, too!

I thought of that too Anna, using all the phone lines here and voting online as well! YUP! We will be busy people!!LOL It will be fun, hopefully we can get through and it's not like AI where people never got their votes counted in the past. I've never done this for DWTS so I don't know how it goes but will find out in 2 weeks!!!
Robin :)
I saw Michael in a cafe at the Beau after the concert. Chelsea was eating with him. They were practicing his arm movements at the table. He is in it to win it and we are going to have to vote. I am like you all , I have never voted on DWTS but I have watched before. My friends tell me the number of dancers left is the amount of votes you have each week. Is this true?
Yes Alison, that is true! We will start off with 12 votes because there are 12 couples. Then the next week will be 11 votes, then 10, and so on. You can vote by calling in, texting, and voting on abc.com so if you only use one phone and one account online you can get in 36 votes the first week! I use my phone and borrow a few friends' phones to get in more votes if they aren't already voting.

Funny that they were practicing arm movements at the table!


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