For Some Reason I Have Not Been Recieving E-Mails From Michaels Site.

For some reason I have not recieving e-mails from the Michael Bolton site here.  I had my husband check the settings and they were on to recieve to my e-mail address.  Can someone tell me if they are having a problem or is it just me.

Thanks Cynthia Reynolds


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Hya Cynthia,

when you say your not recieving any emails from here do you mean notifications that someone has replied to a thread that you have posted on or notifications that you have correspondance in your inbox on your personal page?

I dont think any of us get e-mails from the site itself i.e from Gail or admin, but if I the wording on the bottom of a thread says

' Stop Following- E-mail me when people reply' then you will recieve notification that someone has replied to that thread. if it says-

'Follow- E mail when someone replies' then you wont recive notification.

I think I have these the right way round. Ha Ha!!
As a rule, we dont recieve any kind of notification from the forum itself or from the admin staff.

I hope this helps you and that you can sort out what your problem is.

Love Jennifer XX
Hi Jennifer,you know I send you a second"internal e-mail",not from my yahoo-a ccount but MB-internal,but there is no trace. As much as I search I have again not a clue how I did write it  about 2 weeks ago(when I discovered your reply from the 11th of February") on your fanpage. Where is this on my own page. sorry,if i am a bit thick. Love me anyway.Angelica

Hya Angelica,

I sent a reply to to you about a few days ago.


If you go to the very top of any page on the right hand side by the sign in logo, cick on your name.

Then your private page will open and you will see down the right hand side it tells you if you have any new messages. (it also tells you if you have any new friend invites)

You should find my reply to you in there when you click on .

Hope this helps.

Love Jennifer XXX

it tells me nothing.I have not got that.really,I can't be so blind and thick ,I looked many days now

Jennifer, I remember when I first  joined this site I couldn't see the menu on the right till i changed my background to white and then it appeared! I think with the default MB background the menu is lost?


I don't know what happened but the notification that someone had replied to a thread started coming to my e-mail yesterday..Thanks Jennifier
Happy to be of help to you Cynthia.

Whatever it was you did that worked, hoorah!! Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XX

I think it is probably a problem with your internet explorer settings rather than a problem with this site.


Do you have them set so that they will remember your passwords?


Go to your internet options setting and apply 'remember passwords'.


I have this setting ticked and have never had any problems with this site at al


Hope this helps.




Thats great Con.



I signed up for the mailing list, but have not been receiving anything either.



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