I have seen michael since the early 80's and no matter how many times i see him i get like a star struck little girl. Damn i am so mad at myself. I wanted to give him my teddy bear myself but just couldnt do it. i did not want to interupt him when he was singing. By the way AWESOME show. Loved it. Thanks for talking to me to. My sister in law never saw your concert and now is hooked, Like the rest of us. Thanks for all the years of great music michael. Maybe i will get another shot when he comes this way again. Sooner or later i will get the nerve. Thanks for a great show as always!

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Hi Laura and delighted to hear you had such a wonderful show and was wondering if you would consider joining us in the 2014 Tour Review thread and sharing your concert review with us all on there ????    Here is the link into the thread I am talking about and hope you will consider !! :)


Thanks again for sharing your story !!! :)

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks sylvia i will defintly will go to that review website.


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