Michael, please make a Tour next Year in Germany.... :-)

Dresden Semperoper, Berlin Friedrichstadtpalast or Leipzig Gewandhaus is a very good Lokation.

Thank YOU...!

With best wishes

Siegfried Werner (GERMANY)

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Hi Lady Berlin, Michael was in Germany twice last year, to my knowledge, but I don’t really know how easy it is  for an artist who doesn’t speak the language to do interviews and I don’t really know how promotion works: whether TV and radio are supposed to invite him or the other way around. Michael tours the world and he can only spend a limited amount of time in each country: he’s only one man! Lol How much does his music play in general in Germany anyway? Well as far as being a role model, we all think he is here. :D I wouldn’t say people who don’t know or like Michael are stupid, they’re just easier to please. ;D Thanks again for sharing, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Lady Berlin, listen to this:


Michael explains in this vignette why he wanted to work with Helene, aside from the fact that she’s a big well-known star in Germany. Lol I like the expression “cuddle” radio stations! Sweetie, do you ever hear interviews on those radio stations? Let me tell you something: you are very fortunate if they do play Michael there, very fortunate. I can sympathize with you wanting to see Michael on certain shows. Last year, here in North America, a group of fans worked really hard to try for Michael to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s final season and he didn’t. We had a full discussion thread encouraging people to write in and many of us have, but it didn’t help. It did work for another show called “Live with Regis and Kelly” though. So I would suggest you write letters or E-mails to the programs you want him on, so that the programmers know that Michael is wanted there. All I can say is good luck! Also, if you think that Michael would “fit” on these programs, I suggest you write a message to the Michael Bolton admin and let them know, again, good luck! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Hi Lady Berlin,

since the 90ties I had to face anger due to missed MB-concerts which had not been announced or advertised in media I had access to. Once, a concert in Düsseldorf has been cancelled without any given reasons and I immediately suspected due to poor ticket sales. I called the venue and asked why there has not been any serious and professional advertising - I discovered the ticket sale just by chance - and I was told that they have spread thousands of flyers in the households around the hall. I was speechless to hear about such an inappropriate promotion. So I absolutely understand your frustration or concern.

Therefore in 2010 I decided to - finally - register in this (new) forum to have access to tour dates like you did recently.

Last year Christine and I tried to interest our local radio stations which play adult contemporary music to feature "Gems", but we were not successful at all. I just (hm, at least) received E-mails saying, they will pass my suggestion on other departments which provide music for elderly and (almost or just) German listening audience.

Last summer, after I learned that Gems has been cancelled to be published in Germany, I wrote twice to MB's German promotion team (Wizzard Promotion) to learn if Gems really would never be published in Germany or if it was just postponed. I did not even receive a note that my request has been noticed at all.

Yet, Christine is quite successful asking for songs to air on demand. So good luck to find your own way ... LOL.

Concerning MB's presence in Helene Fischer shows I would like to share a family story: Last christmas I visited my aunt who will be 65 years next month and we talked a lot about music - her favorite and mine. She usually does not listen to English music because she wants to understand the lyrics and she never learned English at all. She is a fan of Helene's and last year my aunt saw her concert in Cologne - guess, who appeared on screen ... LOL.

My aunt was absolutely impressed by MB and loved his performance, even it was in English (resp. Italian). Since I learned about MB's collaboration with HF I have overcome my prejudices against her and listened to her a few times. I really like her voice and I like a lot of her lyrics, but that "Schlager-sound" keeps me away from her German music. Yet, I like her English songs. So the concept of "mixing up the fanbase" might work for a part of the audience - at least with my family LOL. 

Recently I decided to relax on MB's TV performances. He surprised me - and so many others here too - to hop in on several unexpected occasions. Although I am still angry with Wizzard Promotion for ignoring me, there might be some great acts - TV and concerts - "just around the corner" for us. As Robin never stops to claim: Where is life there is hope! LOL. So let's hope we will meet on a MB concert soon!

Greetings from



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