how can I attached a file where you can see michael and his italian girlfriend spotting rome on december?

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So sorry to shatter your dreams! 

I think this really does remind me of how I used to feel as a teenager with my girlfriends, talking about our favorite Beatle or other movie star that we were totally in love with.  We had posters in our rooms, daydream, and girl talk about them to each other.  It was fun and I think we are re-living some of that now, as we get older it feels great! 


But to bad, that Tofu basket reception would have been great! (Yuck!)



Hi Joy,


I quite agree with you it is great to be able to talk to each other about the "old times" - wonder if Michael appreciates we're not talking about him all the know, on HIS web site!!!!...I bet, if he joined in, there would be plenty of reminiscences flying about.  You saying about posters and pictures in rooms ....I grew up with two elder sisters - the eldest, Avril, she was into Frankie Laine, Frankie Avalon, Bill Halley; then there was Kathleen, who was into Cliff Richard, Eddie Cochrane, Buddy Hollie, Billy Fury; then came along me - The Stones (sorry, forget The Beatles - only joking - George was always my favourite), The Walker Brothers, The Hollies, Del Shannon, Roy Orbison - the list goes on....but it was great as Avril was married by the time I "got there" so I had TWO walls for all my you can see by the list I have given the majority of them are no longer with us so it is good to re-live those happy, happy times and to remember them - what if we all forgot Elvis - where would we be !!!!!!!!   In also remembering the songs, you remember the times....Flower Power, peace marches, CND ban the was good being young in those times but it is good being (almost going to say "old" there) older and remembering - the only unfortunate thing is now you realize exactly what your parents were going on about !!!!!!!!!   lol.  But, it is good too, that every single generation goes through that - yeh, LIFE is GOOD !!!!!!    No wonder Michael always says, because he knows too - he is just a wee, wee bit younger than me - that in life you should "HAVE FUN" !!!!!!!    lol.


Sylvia,     Your wee Scottish friend.

go girl-you're doing all right.Sending love-Angelica

Well long as your walls are now covered with Michael pics and old tape...I think it must look just spiffy!!!! LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob


You are a totally normal teenager, so don't be upset.  I think we all went through this, I know I did.  I was very shy and had crushes on boys in school older and unapproachable.  So they never knew I even liked them.  And I was obsessed with George Harrison and a few others from bands or movie stars.  My room was covered with posters and pics.  My parents didn't mind, talk to your parents....maybe you can come to an agreement, just use one or two walls (not all of them) and they will let you put up pics. Yes, the teen years are hard...but just know you are just doing what we all did back then.

Hugs-Joy from the Jersey Shore

Hi Everyone,


Am glad I do make some of you laugh .....that is the point of it.....make myself laugh sometimes too in the doing we all benefit - I believe there is too much pain in the world that we cannot control and that is why I will keep reiterating, as I call it, Michael's motto - HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!!!  It is the only way to go!!!!


Sylvia.    Wee Scottish friend. 

Hi Mike


here you're again, you're really funny with your story! you really want to make us crazy!




You all make me laugh so much :)

This is what we all wanted to hear !!!  Bravo Silvy, very funny !!!!


That is Great Silvy.....Brava!!



Hi Silvy,


Love it !!! GREAT !!! .....a good picture too - like the "boy" in that one !!!!!!!   :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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