how can I attached a file where you can see michael and his italian girlfriend spotting rome on december?

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No no its my time to be with Michael ,now until whenever!  Also making plans for him cause I have lots!!  Lots to keep him happy and and relaxed!!!!


So all!  Love Eileenxoxxo


Very funny, Helena.


HYSTERICAL!!! Love it Helena!!! I will even wait for "them" to finish for my turn!! LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thought you girls would love a good laugh!!   :)



Hi Eileen, Helena and Sylvie,


Sorry Eileen....he told me you're "Not Making Love Anymore" that's why he wants me as his "New Love" to give him some good "Sexual Healing" because he just "Can't Stand the Rain" and he needs a "Safe Place from the Storm" and he has told me that I'm "The Best" - so, sorry Eileen!!


Hi darlin' - thanks for calling - you could pick me up around 6.30, I'll be "Ready For You" and that'll give us plenty of time to get there even if we do "Get Lost in the City"....don't want to be late meeting Sylvie and Orrin because you know  "How Everything Matters"  to them - they do know, for sure, we're meeting at 7.15. babe, because we don't want a "Difficult Situation" arising "Simply" because "You're No Good" at remembering times ....think of "Yesterday" you didn't know the difference between "Night and Day" - but, och so what, "That's Life"...but darlin' I'm really "Missing You Now"  and I just "Never get Enough of Your Love" because "You've Got The Love I Need"  so "Bring It On Home To Me" then "For Once In My Life" I'll be "In The Arms of Love" ....see you 6.30 honey!  Bye for now sweetheart.


And before we get bombed off of this site I ain't coming back in here again nor am I answering any calls from Michael...I'm away to "Take a Vacation" up the "Rocky Mountain Way" in Canada...maybe settle in Jasper!!!!!!


"Sign Your Name"  - "The Girl From Ipanema" - "Sylvia".



Well, actually I am not interessted in seeing her. Who does?


Hi Ivana,


That is such a sad picture - you could have picked a better one than that .....with your sense of humour the world is your oyster....I'm not trying to encourage you, honestly, I'm not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   LOL LOL LOL.


Sylvia.     Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Ivana,


Where did you get that picture - is it really Michael....with that little curl that is turned down on his neck - pretty sure it is like a trademark - The Michael Bolton Curl !!!   :)   Certainly your pictures keep us amused - don't know if everybody's would - not mentioning anyone !!!!!!!!    :)  Good luck Ivana and a nice note from your English teacher - keep up the good work!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Oh Ivana I think you can figure it out if you want to!!!! lol LOVE the curl on his neck as well Sylvia.....although some fans might want to cut it off because they like "shorter" hair ;)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I wish Michael every happiness if he is dating and good on him if he is, but to me, its none of my business aand I have no desire to intrude on his private life or relationships.


I think you are correct Ivana.


Love Jennifer XX

LOL.....funny Ivana!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I think all us crazy ladies scared him away!

He started reading the posts here and figured this is not the place to put a pic of MB's girlfriend.



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