how can I attached a file where you can see michael and his italian girlfriend spotting rome on december?

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Love this Joy!


Love Eileen  xoxo

no, no Eileen he is mine, hands off!!!   ;)


Thanks. Kathy I will keep you and your husband in my prayers also! Firefighters are all heros! I lost a few friends and a exstudent in 9/11! They risk there lives every day!
Love Eileen from Upstate NY

How odd?? The latest reply was supposed to be from a lady called Ruth Homolkova, but I cant find it here anywhere???


Would it show up as her post being the latest activity if she had posted and then deleted?


Just curious.


Love Jennifer XX



HI Jenn

Who is Ruth Homolkova! ?  Really curious!

Love you Eileen  hugs


She must have posted something then deleted it.....anyone can do that to their own post.



Yes I knew anyone can delete a post, odd that it shows up that she was the latest poster, if she has deleted it though?


How odd? Oh well, never mind, I was just curious.


Love Jennifer XXXX

Hi all-

Found this info, she is a member here but hasn't posted anything yet.

Hi Ruth-If you read this, we invite you to post-we don't bite!  We are a bit crazy sometimes,

but we are all very friendly harmless gals (and some guys!)


from the Jersey Shore USA

Ruth Homolkova's Page
  • Female
  • Czech Republic

Hi Ruth-Joy is so right we are really a sweet group of ladies! Shes right we can get crazy sometimes but we hope we hear from you again!



from Upstate NY xx

Yes, we are defiantely cray (some a lot more than others!! Ha Ha!!) but cant vouch about the biting bit?? (see the photo on the previous page) Hmmm? Ha Ha!!


I can certify the friendly bit though, that we really really are!!


Do come back Ruth, all oppinions are welcome so no need to delete a post unless you realy really want to.


Love Jennifer XX


LOL, I totally forgot about that biting picture (that I had put in no less)

To funny..............


We never said we were not a little crazy!  lol! But most of us don't bite! lol

Love you guys! 



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