I've taken my wife to see MB at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi for the past six years and due to their policy of reserving all the floor seats for their VIPs and High-Rollers, we've never gotten good seats even on the day they went on sale. However, this year Michael has changed venues to the Hard Rock Casino and the minute the tickets went on sale, I got front row, seats 5 & 6! My wife is literally going to die when she finds out! My only problem now is that the December concert date is so far away. The suspense is going to kill me! :-)

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The second picture was one Michael took off of his dressing room door and signed for you.  I don't think anyone else has that...so it is one of a kind and a sign that Michael was feeling bad about what had happened!!!  So glad you and your wife enjoyed the show!!   I'm so sorry getting to meet Michael face to face didn't happen but adding up what you and your wife did do and got is much more than most!!! 

How cool is that Gail! Thanks for sharing that part of the story. MB does so much for his fans. I wondered if it was his door sign! That will be something special to surely treasure Chip...Gotta love MB, he's so sweet!!!!  Thanks again for sharing that part of the story Gail!!

Robin in MD:)

Thanks for finding that out Gail and thought it did look kind of, "one of a kind", and it certainly is.......terrific of Michael signing it but terrific too of thinking of using for that purpose.....good one to say the least !! :)


Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Chip,

We were there also.  Were you on the opposite side of the stage from the little girl.  If so, you were in front of us.  We went to the stage also.  I hate that someone took your wife's picture.  I cannot give you any info. did yall stay for the auction?


Hi Alison and glad to hear from you and hope you had a great concert but can I ask what auction you are talking about:   was it one the Hard Rock ran, or was it something specifically to do with Michael ???


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Good Morning Sylvia,

The Hard Rock auctioned a guitar that Michael had signed.  It started at $300.00 but the final bid was over $3000.00.  I think the final bid was $3200.00.  They decided to do this right after the concert (before an encore).  It really messed us up but the proceeds went to charity.  I am not familiar with the charity but it has something to do with rebuilding the gulf coast. I wished they had done it before or online.  Other fans would have the chance to bid.  It was really between two people. I was so tired yesterday when we got back that I did not give a review.  Chip did a great job of that.  One thing I did notice was how great the crowd was.  Much better than at the Beau Rivage.  Wish the concert had been longer but then again the auction interfered with that.  As always a wonderful time with Michael and with my friends.


Thanks for coming in and telling us that Alison and it sounds a very interesting feature of the evening and glad to hear you did have a good time at the concert and as you say they are never long enough !!! lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Chip,

     You did it...you surprised your wife...you went to great links for her...and to get that 1st pix from Michael is a memory nobody call steal! And then to get another is even better, because our Michael has a Heart of Gold...and he made sure the 2 of you knew it! Plus: you 2 got 2 see him afterwards, where none of Us have ever gone before...I don't think? JMO! So there you go your mission was accomplished:)! The person who stole your wifes pix was wrong, that's for sure..but don't let that spoil your night out on your anniversary with your wife! BTW what is her name? And do you think she would come in and tell Us her story as well? That would be nice! Happy Anniversary to you both! And enjoy your stay up on Cloud MB:)! There's always gonna be another time, another place! Smile & be happy! Got anymore details on the show you want to share? Thanks for coming back & sharing your story:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Thanks for the sweet comments, Mary! Yes, we had a wonderful time and we can kinda laugh about it now. In retrospect, it all seems so surreal-- The front row tickets, the VIP area, being a few feet from Michael in the High Limits room. It was definitely the most exciting concert we have ever been to! LOL! 

What a FUN thread to read here Chip!!! I have been awol for a while and I just discovered your thread! You sound like my husband who has accompanied me for 23 years to MB concerts :) I was glued to this thread reading it with a huge smile on my face! That is a shame about the photo....BUT....you got an ORIGINAL with the date of your concert on it!!!! THAT is unique and much more fan valuable compared to a basic autographed photo. GOOD FOR YOU and SUPER that Michael pulled out all the stops to help as best he could. Fun times!! Now you can plan your next Bolton Adventure...lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob


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