gutted get ready for concert at symphony hall birmingham only to be told at 7.20pm concert cancelled due to michael bolton becoming ill what happens now regarding our tickets etc totally gutted

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I'm checking but someone told me they had given a makeup date. I'll post here if I get any further info .
thankyou so much i didnt hear about this yes plz let me know.
Having travelled all the way from Cambridge for last nights show, to say I'm dissapointed that it was cancelled less than half an hour before it was due to start is an understatement. Nobody can help being ill and I totally understand that and wouldn't want Michael to push himself to perform if he wasn't able to give 100% but a little more notice would have been the right thing to do.

I also have tickets for Brighton so I'm wondering do I bother? Until we have some sort of notification why the show was cancelled it's difficult to say. I truly hope Michael is okay and wish him well but can someone from Michaels team give us a update?

Hi Carol, I know how you feel sweetie: the same thing happened to me in Feb 2014 and Michael hadn’t been here in 5 years. It took until May to reschedule and we had our concert a year later. I suppose that depends on the venue. He was able to perform 2 days later though, which was fine for other fans, but little comfort to us. All I’m saying is I understand your frustration, but don’t despair sweetie. We had a last minute cancelation too, but most likely, Michael wants to assess whether he can go on as late as possible not to disappoint. I hope for you guys that it’s rescheduled quickly. Take good care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

correct what youve just said
really hope they decide on rearranging quickly
i had email this morning from ticketmaster regarding last night concert being cancelled at symphony hall birmingham were i was attending
all it said were due to illness show been cancelled hope to give update soon

Sorry Carol  and Teresa that this happened. We've been thru it here in the USA too.  MB does not want to cancel concerts and they wait till the last minute because if there is a chance the show can go on then it will. He does not like disappointing the fans.  I had a show here canceled and not ever rescheduled sadly but we went to another one the next year in VA that was rescheduled from the same cancelled times instead.  I would go ahead and go if you can if you don't hear by the time you have to leave and keep checking your phones or call the venue to see if things are still OK.

I've had to do that before.. I hope MB is better and the tour can continue here on out but only if MB is feeling well and able to do so.

His health is most important.  

Crossing fingers from across the pond he's better and things will move forward for all of you. MB is disappointed most of all. I am sure of it!

Robin in MD USA :)

thankyou for your comment yes hope he gets well really soon as hes anothet concert sunday night just keep fingers crossed it goes ahead for other fans where hes on tour im stil waitin to see if they are going to rearrange another date and time
We all wish Michael well and want him fully fit, It's just such a disappointment. This happened in Brighton a few years ago too and that was never rescheduled unfortunately. I'm still planning to go tomorrow and will hope for the best.
good luck for tomorrows show hope it goes ahead keep me updated plz

Hi girls and just to say Michael has put out info on tweet that they are trying to reschedule Birmingham show for 1st May.  Obviously, when that is confirmed, Gail, Michael's administrator on this website (and everywhere else .... Gail keeps us all on the right track) will let us all know.

If they do manage 1st May, which I hope does happen, I think that is absolutely and utterly wonderful that such a rescheduling has taken place so quickly and I, without question or doubt, applaud Michael and the WHOLE of his team for working so diligently on our behalf.  One hell of a lot of work goes into a reschedule of a concert for not only availability of venue there is availability of Michael himself to consider apart from all his band and crew.  All travel arrangements have to be rescheduled for everyone involved in a concert including tour bus and equipment truck having to be available suddenly for extra duties as well as SJM staff having to be available for another day's work.  Hotel accommodation has to be available for everyone to spend further nights in UK and that is all out with all the behind the scenes stuff that has to be done for a concert, like all the legal paper work and insurance policies etc...... one hell of a lot of work so I definitely applaud and say a huge THANKS !!! :)

On getting notification of when someone has, or is, going to take ill great if you work with a girl like I used to who could put out all the hints on a Friday night that she probably wasn't going to be well on the next Monday morning but thank goodness majority of people unlike that and illness strikes them without word or warning so all the talk as though Michael should have informed everyone hours before concert that he wasn't going to be well, sorry folks, but I fail totally to see logic where these statements are being made.  I once attended a concert where we were all seated in venue and opening act had finished and then we were informed star performer had just been rushed to hospital with suspected heart attack which in actual fact it turned out to totally selfish of him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


If part your comment was directed at my earlier post Sylvia please remember we are all entitled to our own opinions. Yes I would have been happier had we had a little more notice but my main gripe was we didn't have any official statement for 24 hours. There was talk of Michael being unwell at Nottingham two days prior to Friday's show so I think there was a hint that he wasn't feeling at his best. Nobody can help being ill but most of us know more than half an hour before we are due to start work. The same thing happened in Brighton in 2010 (my dates may be wrong) no warning, no official announcement and no rescheduled show. Something on here, FB or Twitter would have been enough.

We are all aware of the work which goes into planning these events and to reschedule so quickly is brilliant and I'm very grateful for that.
apparently its now sunday may 1st this is what @mbsings just said at 8am


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