gutted get ready for concert at symphony hall birmingham only to be told at 7.20pm concert cancelled due to michael bolton becoming ill what happens now regarding our tickets etc totally gutted

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Here is tweet Michael put out and it was now 8 hours ago

Hey everyone! We are looking at potential of rescheduling Birmingham to May 1st! Hope this can work for you all!!! Thank u for ur support!

Please note it says "potential" .... still has to be confirmed !!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Yes as of right now May 1st is the date and all tickets are good to transfer to this date.  The word potential means until all i's are dotted it can change but at least they are giving fans this info early for planning purposes.  Anything else I'll put it in the Tour Dates section because right now there are too many of these thread's popping up on this subject to keep up with them all.  Thanks!  Gail

thanks sylvia for that
thankyou so so much really greatful indeed please keep me posted i really missed seeing him friday needed cheering up as not been well with suffering from cronic obstructive pulmonary diease (copd ) lungs damaged so he wil definatly cheer me up with hes songs lol


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