My Hampton Court tickets have arrived!!!!!! Yaaaay!!!!  


I have them in my sweaty little palm as I type along with the champagne vouchers!!


Is anyone doing a countdown cos I'm far too excited to work out how long it is till we see 'our man'


I didnt get my disabled parking bay voucher though, so I need to check up on that.


Has anyone elses tickets arrived this morning?


Love Jennifer XXXX

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So happy for you Jennifer.
Love Dianna xxx

Jealous ,Cant wait until Nov ,I will be 3 times in 1 month,Expecting loads of photos and details Jenn.xx
aww Jennifer that's great news!!

Didn't get mine this morning but hopefully they won't be too far away.

Can't wait!!

57 sleeps to go Jennifer I just had to go and count :)

Love Deb xxx
Any news yet? Have your tickets arrived yet?

I dont know if Carols or Jody's have either?

I'm certain they'll be with you all really soon.

Love Jennifer XXXX
No news yet but hoping they will arrive soon :)

Love Deb xxx
I've been remided that the reason that I've got my first is because I ordered mine direct from the venue and all of yours are coming from ticketmaster or seetickets so yours will be arriving in a little while.

Hope I havent made anybody panic...sorry if I have.

Love Jennifer XXX
No it's ok Jennifer. So happy that you have your tickets.
Thank you so much for letting us know it will be a while longer.
I ordered mine from seetickets.
Hopefully they won't keep us waiting too long.
Getting excited!!
Love Deb xx
Hi Debra..hope you don't have to wait much longer..and hopeyou have a wonderful time!!!

Seetickets usually get the tickets to you approximately 10 days before the concert so around the beginning of june I imagine they'll plop through your letter box.

Do let us all know when they arrive wont you?

Love Jennifer XXXX
aww got a bit of a wait yet then!
It's crazy isn't it as I have my RAH tickets already but it's not until november
and this concert is in june and not got them yet.
Never mind I guess it all adds to the excitement!! lol.
Do you know if anyone else is waiting for seetickets?
Will let you know when they arrive.
Love Deb xxx
See tickets do it like this to try and prevent people from selling them on ebay etc...

Daft really, because I could easily sell my ones.

I hope they arrive soon.

Love Jennifer XXX
So excited for you Jennifer..I hope it's a magical night for you!!


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