My Hampton Court tickets have arrived!!!!!! Yaaaay!!!!  


I have them in my sweaty little palm as I type along with the champagne vouchers!!


Is anyone doing a countdown cos I'm far too excited to work out how long it is till we see 'our man'


I didnt get my disabled parking bay voucher though, so I need to check up on that.


Has anyone elses tickets arrived this morning?


Love Jennifer XXXX

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Checking cost ,Hotel is a little bit expensive for me on my own .I can get flight for 11 euro so im looking into the rest of my options .xx
I have a spare row 3 Sharon so you'd be sitting next to Juliet, Carol Jody etc.. etc...

Only want what I paid for it babe.
Let me know and its yours.

Love Jennifer XXX
oooohhhh Jenn ,looking into hotel costs and will let you know .You are so thoughtful and kind ,love you loads xxx
Yaaaay!! You're coming!!!!!

Yeeeehah I'm so excited now!!! (not implying that I wasnt before but, now I'm inconsolable!!)

Love Jennifer XXXXX
I CANNOT wait ,Im so excited .Have to start planning what to wear now ,ha .Cant wait to finally get to meet everyonr ,It will be brill.Thanks again Jenn and Juliet for all your help in organising this with me .WHOO HOO ,im so EXCITED .XX
Ha its going to be so much fun ,Poor Michael wont know whats hit him.xx
God help him ,hes going to need it ,ha
That's great news Sharon, so pleased you are coming to HC, can't wait to meet you.
Soooo exciting.
Deb xx
Me too Deb be great to meet you and your daughter .xx
Tickets just arrived!!! So excited!!! :)

Only 28 sleeps!

Deb xx
My tickets arrived yesterday. Can't wait.

Phew!! Thank goodness!!!

28 more sleeps, I dont believe it!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XXXXX


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