Only 16 sleeps until Michael performs at the Hampton Court Festival on 17th June 2010.


Soo looking forward to it and I know quite a few others are too.


Fingers crossed for a lovely warm summers evening :)


But I'm sure we will all be feeling quite warm no matter what the weather!


Love Deb xx


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Wow only 16 more sleeps
i will be thinking of you all and wishing I was there

Love Dianna xxx
aww Thank you Dianna. xx
Hmmmm ,Only if we are sharing his ,then he will have to because it will be in his name.I wonder where he is staying .x
That would be something wouldn't it, wonder if he is staying in the same hotel lol!! x
are you and Deb going to the same concert together? I have never had the chance to fly anywhere to see a Michael concert, but I did fly to see Van Halen in concert when they performed in Las Vegas a few times, many years ago though, way before the time that David Lee Roth tried making it on his own. If you two have a girly day out, have a drink on me! We all will be thinking of you, and be sure to give a shout out for the forum gang! Hey now, don't forget no saddle bag skirts allowed!!!! LOL Hope you have a fantastic time, and I know you will tell us allllllllll about it, can't wait to hear, and see!!

Have a Great Time Ladys!!!
Kellie there are loads of us going ,not sure how many .Juliet or Jenn prob no more ,Im flying over too .Cant wait .xx
Thank you Kellie. I'm really looking forward to meeting up with the other ladies that are also going. I'm not sure how many either Sharon, I can think of about 10 but there's probably more. Are you all sorted for coming over Sharon? I'm trying to decide what to wear but think I'll wait until nearer to see what the weather is going to be like.

Deb xx
Well One of these Days,
or at least, I hope to be able to meet up with you all, anything is possible if we only believe. What I do know is that I will be thinking of you all, haveing the best of times together, with "Our Man"!!! Good thing is, you don't have to really behave right? LOL I think he is quite a looker anyway, so you better all, give him a good showing!!! Right Dianna, he loved the Aussie fans, and said he will be back and nothing will keep him from returning... Way to go Ladies. and Gents!

Have a Blast!
I will be hiding mine ,Have a very untoned tummy .xx
add Catherine to the list too.

Deb xx
Hi Juliet!
I'm coming too! If I can ever find the place, haven't book the hotel yet, where are the others going to stay??
Hugs Jaana
All worth though eh Juliet??
I've got to go about lunchtime on friday as we are going on holiday to Devon early saturday morning and will have last minute stuff to do. I changed the holiday so I could go to the concert lol!! We were meant to be going on the 12th for a week but when I knew about the concert I changed it to 19th instead!

Deb xx


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