Only 16 sleeps until Michael performs at the Hampton Court Festival on 17th June 2010.


Soo looking forward to it and I know quite a few others are too.


Fingers crossed for a lovely warm summers evening :)


But I'm sure we will all be feeling quite warm no matter what the weather!


Love Deb xx


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Great shot!!

Thanks Debra!!! :)
Hi Deb,
Glad to hear you girls had a fun expeirence together! Great Photos! Thanks for shareing them here for us to enjoy!

Hi Deb, so glad you guys had so much fun, thanks for the review! Very cool he took your present and you got to hear “Go the distance”: it’s one of my favorites live! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
ooooo more pics!!!
Any chance the pics could be made smaller, they take up my entire screen. LOL, I don't know how to resize them myself, just wondered.... Looks like you got some good ones tho! Thanks!
Robin :)
Great pics, gee, could you have been just a little closer!! Just kidding, glad ya had a great time and he was as wonderful as ever!!!
Hi Juliet,
Thanks for sharing these pic with us. Also I wanted to thank all of the ladies who were able to go and cheer our sweet Jenn from her loss, enough to be able to enjoy the time with Michael and of course all of you.
Juliet, what? were you on the stage with him? The pics are so close and very large on my screen. Thanks sweetie, Can hardly wait to see all of the rest of the fun times you all shared!!!

Hi Juliet and Debra thanks so much for sharing with us your night
Thanks also for the photo's ladies
Glad it was so wonderful for you both and look forward to hear some more details.
Love Dianna xxx
Thanks Carol, Debra and Juliet!!!!!!!
Great photos, looks like you had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing show ,beautiful venue and fabulous company ,Thank you ladies for making this a fab concert for me,you are all as fab as i knew you would be .Will post photos later ,im sooo tired ,even though im only an hour away i had a lot of travelling and it was very late when i got home last night.Show was fab and Michael was in such good humour ,he made jokes about the planes going over head and about how he was glad to remember he could speak english (because he had been in so many different countries lately)xxxx


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