Only 16 sleeps until Michael performs at the Hampton Court Festival on 17th June 2010.


Soo looking forward to it and I know quite a few others are too.


Fingers crossed for a lovely warm summers evening :)


But I'm sure we will all be feeling quite warm no matter what the weather!


Love Deb xx


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Thanks sharon glad you all had a great time!
Love Dianna xxx

Wonder what hes thinking about here .xx
I don't know but you can see he still loves what he is doing in all of the photos that's for sure
Thanks Sharon!
Love Dianna xxx
Hi! Finally at home...arrived 10 minutes ago! Had to spent hole day at the Gatwick plane was late :( I'm totally exhausted, going to sleep hole day tomorrow! But it was all worth it, as those girls who were there allready know :) I'm sooooo HAPPY, must be happiest girl in the world..... HE, Michael, said.....'Hello!' meeeeee, lol, lol! Can't believe it...:!!! I'm sorry, but you are going to hear that hundred times now (what HE said!), :-D
I'll write more later and make a photo album too!
Greetings to all my friends, was soooo nice to see you :)
HIJaana! Sorry to hear you took so long getting home. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Take care.
Robin :)
I'm going to have to post my pictures tomorrow as I'm very tired and worn out.

I had a great time despite the fact that I was not sure about going after my Dad passed away.

I will also write a review tomorrow.

There are some amazing photographs here.
Love Jennifer XXX
Hey Jaana, for a girl who's exhausted, you have a lot of enthusiasm! lol Can't wait to hear yours and the others' reviews! Get some rest and we'll wait for your report tomorrow! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi! Still can't go to sleep...thinking about him...looking my new picks...everything..! near he was...20 cm, lol!!!

Hi Janna,
How sweet it is!!! That natural high you are still on right!!! Looking forward to your review of the entire time...
Take Care and Rest UP!

I've just added a few photographs under a separate thread but just t okeep you going here are a couple more!!


I'm going to upload the reast to Facebook and to the gallery here.

Love JenniferXXXX
Hi Jennifer thanks so much I always look forward to your pictures
Love Dianna vvv


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