Barbra Streisand celebrates her 70th Birthday today. Not only her voice and singing, acting and directing had a profound impact on my life, but also her humanity, humor and beauty. I wish I could tell her how she has enriched my life.
As most of you know, this is the song MB wrote for her.

Barbra Streisand: Were Not making love anymore

A few more examples ...

Barbra Streisand - The Way We Were (1975)

Barbra Streisand - Evergreen (live)

Barbra Streisand - You'll Never Walk Alone .divx

Best wishes


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PS. "Today" means 24th of April - sorry for time differences


Sylvie and Robin, I added a picture of Barbra Streisand, Andre Agassi and MB. It was taken ... well, over ten years ago LOL

Hallo Astrid, I’ve just found this thread, wow, 70? Well hope she’s had a great birthday! I’ve only started fully exploring her music in the past 10 years or so, though I am enjoying the ride! :D I do have to say that even though I couldn’t appreciate her voice and music, I loved her version of “Memory” from “Cats” when I first heard it... a little over 10 years ago:

I also did enjoy her duets with Barry Gibb on the “Guilty” album. But my all-time favourites of hers are “The way he makes me feel” from “Yentl”:

I even liked it before I “saw” the movie. The lyrics of that song and the way she sings it is so emotionally gripping.... My other favourite from her is another Andrew Lloyd Webber song called “As if we never said goodbye” from “Sunset BLVD”:

That song is just magical! Oh and here she is in one of my favourite feel-good movies “Hello Dolly”. The song is “So long dearie”:

She’s so hilarious in this movie: I love it when she says: “It’s a little lumpy... but it rings!” lol Oh wow Astrid, this was fun, I enjoyed searching for those... :D I remember Michael mentioning in an interview when he met her and he quite enjoyed it, a little over 10 years ago... :D Thanks again Astrid, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks for sharing your links Sylvie! Due to copyright issues most BS videos are banned from our German youtube channels so that we don't even know if they exist on youtube at all.

I just love her sense of humor. And she was only in her twenties when she made Hello Dolly ...

I'm listening to her "Duets"-Album again and again and at this moment I like the duet with Vince Gill (If you ever leave me) most of all, although every single one is a treasue. Couldn't find it on youtube - sorry.

I'm so glad you had a good time with BS - you may blame me once again for getting lost on youtube LOL

Big hug, Astrid

Hey Astrid, good to read you here sweetie! Please let me know if you'd like to hear anything I've given you the link to and you haven't heard. Getting lost on YouTube is my favorite passtime don't you know! lol Don't worry, I have her duets CD. I was wondering: how do you feel about her duet with Michael Crawford? She sings it so beautifully but I'm really torn because "Music of the night" is just so perfect the way it is. JMO She does have a great sense of humor: I bought  one of her concert DVD's a couple of years ago and just loved it. I have yet to watch quite a few of her classic movies, including "A star is born" Mary suggested. Do let me know here or via E-mail what you haven't heard, okay? Take care sweetie and thanks for sharing. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Hey Sylvie, I just wanted to say that in this pix. our Michael is sporting a whole lots of chest hair:)! LOL! I wanted to describe that to you!

Barbara Streisand is one of my favs. She has an amazing voice as well! Thanks for sharing this pix..."Memories"!  

Mary (meg's mom)!

Heehee Mary, thanks! lol Oh that's so cool Barbra is one of your faves too: do you have your favorite songs? I personally started exploring her music after I'd bought a CD that had "We're not making love any more" and after I watched "Hello Dolly", I was hooked. I'd bought it for Michael Crawford (Phantom of the opera) who plays Cornelius Hackle in it and he was so sweet and adorable in it: I never expected it. Anyway, I'd love to hear your faves. Take care sweetie and have a great weekend. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

My favs. are many! But I will say that I love the movie she & Kris Kristofferson played in was pretty Awesome..."A Star Is Born"!!! The songs in this movie are all Great:)! I like "Evergreen" and so many more! Oh and one more thing, in this pix. Michael was grinning Big, and he had a beautiful tan with that long hair he once had:)! LOL:)!

Mary (M&M's)!

Thanks Mary! xxx

Hi Mary,

I love "A Star is born" too. Did you know ?: BS'  first choice for the male part was Elvis!! He turned down the role because he had moral concerns about the love scenes ... (because of Lisa Marie) Can you imagine that ?!?!?! I wonder which impact on his life this movie would have had if he would have done it. But I think Kris Kristofferson was great. (Although critics have been harsh with the movie, esp. with BS). Evergreen is such a beautiful song - one of my all-time- favorites.

MB's chest hair is definitely worth talking about LOL

Greetings from Germany

Astrid kind of keep forgetting that you are getting older yourself and if she was older than you when you were 20 then she is still older than you today....BUT 70....never realized anywhere near that and thanks so much for sharing all the links with us to both Sylvie and Astrid and I only wish I could have acknowledged this thread on Sylvie knows I have been having quite a little bit of trouble with notifications of comments and posts and notification of this one, yours Astrid, has only popped up in my e-mail list today, Saturday, 28th.....still not sure if it is my e-mail system or the website that has has all gone quite crazy for me !!! LOL

Thanks again Astrid and thanks for beautiful picture and it is quite funny that you put that one up for I have been "playing around" over on FB with a fun programme where you can make up videos from your own pictures and I have done a couple of MB and have one still to do to complete the series (I will post them on the photo thread, once complete) but I used that self same photo in my last one.....must have known it was Barbra's birthday !!! LOL


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, as you must know by now, it's not just you and me who are having trouble. This thread is the proof that there's something freaky going on. I found Astrid's thread on the 26th and got the notification today the 28th. I'm sure Gail has already relayed the info to the web people so hopefully, they'll figure it out and fix it. Take care sweetie and have a great weekend none the less. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Concerning the picture: We are interconnected ! LOL



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