Happy Happy Birthday Michael !!! from Mery ( Milan / Italy )

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Hello Michael,

I guess, I am too late to congratulate you even though it is still the 26th February and you are probably sleeping right now, when I am writing my message to you from Europe (there are - 6 hours in the USA).

I don't have anything fancy like the other fans to post, but I wish you dearly all the best to your birthday. May all your wishes come true and may many fans still attend your concerts. You make my life nicer and happier.

your fan from Germany

Sorry to say Ivana this is not Michael's official birthday card for that was closed so that Gail could send to him in time for his birthday today and Michael has in fact just tweeted about all the birthday messages he has so far received.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello Sylvia,

I know I was a little bit later (but still on February 26th :-), I did not know about the deadline yesterday.
But it is still better late than never..... :-)))


Well Ivana lol we are a little to late...so lets hope he will see this any way ;)

Dear Michael I wish you a great Birthday with all the people you love and have a blessed. And I wish you many more happy and healthy more years to come. Sorry I was to busy with my self for the last 1.5 week that I was not thinking to come over here...(skin cancer but we are still very positief)

But this is NOT about me just love you live and enjoy every second of it when your working, being with your family and friend ore just like you said drinking coffee (Latte Machiatto lol ) were ever you are around the world.

lots of love Jacqueline xoxox

Hello Jacqueline,

O.K., O.K., we congratulated him yesterday (exactly on his birthday) and not 2 weeks before, but I am sure, he knows how much we love him.....


Happy birthday Michael,hope you've had a fantastic day. Lots of love,hugs&kisses to you. XxXx


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