A very special one, with the beautiful granddaughter added!  So happy for you, that you are able to be home this weekend.  Best of luck with the golf & the shows, which  I am sorry to be missing! If I were still in NE, I would be there! Have a great few days of family, golf, and singing--sounds like a "perfect mix"!!


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As a father mentors his childs steps along the journey of life, the most valuable virtue is the compassionate love used to guide. For it is this compassionate love that will nurture his childs soul and turn dreams into big, big, big realities. Michael, your "GEMS" is an inspiring masterpiece. It is sure to earn you the title: "Father of Music to the Soul". Happy Father's Day!


Your Devoted Fan,


Lorie (with an ie)

Hello Maureen and the others ! Here, in France, the Father's Day is near from the end but in the USA, it's always the time to say to yours fathers : HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!! A lot of kiss and all the tenderless arround you... Specially for You, Michael Hugs, love and kiss from BD


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