I noticed that Michael is now heading overseas for his European tour, and just wanted to wish him a safe trip.  See that he will be in Europe for almost a month and a half...Wow!!


So Michael, be safe and enjoy your time in Europe.  Don't forget to send me a postcard.  LOL....I wish!!


And to everyone over there who is going to see Michael's concerts...try to be gentle with him.  We would like to have him back in one piece!   :)






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Dont worry, he's already here and hes safe.

The UK fans will look after him while he's here, so dont worry, he's in good hands. (Just wish he was in mine!!Ha Ha!!

Not sure if I can guarantee that you will get him back though? Or if we do, whether he'll be in one piece? Especially after I've had my meet and greet!! Ha Ha!! Theres no knowing what I'll do to him or with him?? Now theres an idea?

Love Jennifer XXX
Hey Sweetie,
He had better be in one piece and no hickys!!! LOL
Do you understand? Good!! Just joking love, I know all the UK fans
will truely enjoy his perfomances and good luck on getting the items singned
for the UK Fan Reception. Your hard work and diligence is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the replay of the interview, hopefully it will be posted on U Tube for those
that can view it.

His Girlfriend For Life!.
We will treat him right, don't worry Helena ;)
Hi Helena, I’ll second that emotion! Hope he has a safe trip and a healthy stay. I’d like a postcard too, but I’d gladly take a blog! :D Oh I’m fairly sure Michael will let us know how his trip goes: he blogged to us and even tweeted that he couldn’t wait to perform “The prayer” around the holidays. So girls, better write us detailed reports and post videos, okay? Lol Thanks for starting this thread Helena, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Ok, so Michael has been on ITV This Morning and although the interview was brief (very brief) we did learn something new.

First topic................surprse surpirse *yawn ywan*, his hair!! Just a brief mention of his hair after the introduction because they looked at some old video clips. Michael commented on how the songs sounded so familiar to him and on how he now has more hair growing out of his nose and ears than on his head, but laughed and said that was life. (we know a song about that dont we?)

Then onto Taryn and his new Grandaughter. He said he flew home quickly after Taryn had a planned 'C' section because Amelia was in breach position (upside down in the womb). They showed the photo that we've all seen which was of the first time he held her. He spoke on how the term Grandfather sounded strange in the music world and how precious Amelia Rose is.

He spoke about his tour and his first date in Gateshead tomorrow and how they've added some fun things? (you must let us know what they are please?)

Brief mention on his love of Greek food after they mentioned Stavros Flatley who had also been on the show that morning. (there is a clip of them dancing after Michaels slot)

Then onto something new......the possibility of Michael appearing in the West End in London!! He would have to kill us all if he told us now because he is still in talks. I wonder if he might be doing the Andrew Llloyd Webber songs live??? Just my idea. He then switched rather swiftly back onto the subject of touring.

Then onto DWTS and Brunos comments. He told Phil and Holly his views on the comments and how hard it was to fit it all into the schedule. They showed a clip of MB dancing with Chelsie and MB seemed a little embarrassed at that giving a shy little laugh. (Bless him)

They showed the clip of Bruno and the other judge Len putting Michael down (Huh!!) and Michael holding the bone in his mouth!! Aww!!!
MB said the show is meant to be a family show and learning the dancing in such a short space of time was impossible. Phil and Holly said they thought he was good.

That was it!! Short and very brief, not overly imformative but boy, was it lovely to see him on TV again.

Stavros Flatley closed the show.

As per usual my dvd player isnt playing ball and wont transfer the clip onto the disc so I'm trying something else so that I can share it with you all.

Love Jennifer XXX
Would you believe my recorder was set and for some reason it recorded 64 minutes of it instead of 90 mins .Im kicking myself now .Hopefully someoneone will post the interview.x
Thanks for the info Jennifer. I was hoping for info on the Christmas CD. shoot......

And he will be back here in the USA in January, we will be glad to see him back here again on USA soil after the first of the year.. We all take turns don't we!!!VBG

I too wish him safe travels...always!!!
Enjoy the shows over in the UK ladies!!
Robin :)
Hi Jennifer and thanks a lot for the play-by-play. Ahhh honestly, I understand that in countries where Michael doesn’t go very often, in order to establish who he is, they go for the obvious thing he’s most known for, from non fans, but in England where he goes every year, I just don’t get why they still mention his blinking hair, sorry. God bless Michael for playing along every time… I didn’t know Taryn had a C section, but glad everything worked out for the best. Oh I’m sure Robin will post an invite for people to comment on the Gateshead concert, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Jennifer, I know this is just speculation on your part about Michael being in the ALW song live. Do you know if it’s something similar to the tour he did in 2000 with other artists, except stationary? If this comes through, maybe this would just be Michael trying it on for size, since he’d mentioned in September being invited to be in “Phantom” and “Chicago”? Oh I love his shy little laugh… Well Jen, short and sweet but as long as he keeps dropping crumbs of hints of things to look forward to, I think it’s worth it! Well, good luck with that DVR of yours sweetie: you never did figure out that “Loose women” interview, did you? Well, in any case, good luck Jennifer and thanks for trying. Keep us posted. Take care and thanks again for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
The hair again??????? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, LOL.

Thanks so much Jennifer for the review!!!!!

Hope to find the video soon. Take care,

Bless you Jennifer for the play by play!! You and "Robin the Reporter" are in competition here for the next official BBC or CNN roving reporter position!! LOL I love it :)

Jennifer....if you even dare to toss Michael on your chair and speed away in high gear in hopes of keeping him in the UK....you will force us Americans to hunt you down...LOL

Have a blast at your concerts and of course your meet and greet!!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob
Well I though you would all get a little laugh...LOL!

Oh Jennifer, I can bet you will take care of him while he's in England...LOL! Now try to be a good girl when you meet Michael..LOL! :)

And thanks Jennifer for the report on his TV apperance!

Ah yes, as usual the same old clips from years ago (although I don't mind seeing them again), thought they could have used a couple of clips from the RAH DVD, that would have been something new. Michael looked relaxed and seemed excited about the UK shows. His face lit up when he spoke about his grandaughter, he seem very proud. I'm very excited about the prospect of him possibly performing in the West End, lets hope that happens. To have him our our soil for a little bit longer would be very nice indeed!!! For now we have the UK dates to look forward to, 5 sleeps until Blackpool, can't wait.



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