I noticed that Michael is now heading overseas for his European tour, and just wanted to wish him a safe trip.  See that he will be in Europe for almost a month and a half...Wow!!


So Michael, be safe and enjoy your time in Europe.  Don't forget to send me a postcard.  LOL....I wish!!


And to everyone over there who is going to see Michael's concerts...try to be gentle with him.  We would like to have him back in one piece!   :)






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Be safe Michael in your travel's and enjoy yourself.

We will wait over here and pray to hear you will be here again soon?
Robin I hope to take a turn as well :) that would be nice.

Thanks Jennifer for the interview subjects, would be nice to see it perhaps it will be on youtube for us to see :)

hmmm the possibility of Michael appearing in the West End in London if this were to happen and my doctor said I could fly by then which I think would be some time away anyway, Bill and I would have to consider going to London to see this!

Love Dianna xxx
Michael at the West End? Sounds nice....but I prefer Broadway!!! Then we can finally get him to perform here in New York!!! Years ago, Barry Manilow was at the Gershwin Theatre for a few months and it was a big success for him (I saw him twice)....how about Michael?

I like the sound of that Helena Broadway sounds good to me I would love to see NEW YORK!
Love Dianna xxx
Broadway works for me, road trip!!! VBG
Robin :)
That would be great wouldn't it!! Only one and a half hours away from me!!!

Love Eileen

Jennifer thanks for telling us about the interview!xoxxo


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