hey everyone i am still likeing and enjoying michaels cd only a woman like you there are two songs on the cd i kno so far i kno all the words to the songs onli when i play them they are dance with me and i want to hear you say it those songs are amazing to listen to i still sing to them makes me so happy and excited they help me to think of my bf as well tho he knos i like michael boltons music and have most of his music cds michael you are so amazing keep singing for me i like all your songs your brill too love mags hope to hear from someone soon x

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I am so glad you are enjoying OAWLY. It is an amazing album isnt it?


I particularly love 'I wanna hear you say' it too and 'Dance with me' is a real dancy tune isnt it.


It's lovely that Michaels music reminds you of your bouyfriend. Thats really cute.


What will be the next Michael album on your shopping list?

Love Jennifer XX



hi im not so sure cos ive got a few albums cds my main one is the one thing and one world one love now its only a woman like you i like the best ones to listen to im from northern ireland near belfast when i go to put my cds on my bf is like he says to me awww not him again lol i say well i like michaels music

Hey Mags, cool you’re still enjoying OAWLY, it is a fabulous album with gorgeous texts and just beautiful melodies to listen to. I have 2 versions of it and 5 singles, I think… :D I love all the songs but I do crave listening to it when I think of the lyrics to “I wanna hear you say it”, very cool song. The ballads are all gorgeous but I’m partial to “Love with my eyes closed”. This album holds great memories of meeting Bolton buddies and attending concerts with them, my first MBC fan reception and one of the greatest promotional tours ever: Michael was everywhere, do you remember that? Mags, may I  ask which version of the album you have? Just curious. Well anyway, thanks so much for sharing, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

hi i think its just the normal version of only a woman like you album i have got cos i had bought it from the local record shop here as i am from northern ireland near belfast and plus when i put my cd on my bf is like awww not him again lol im like well i like michaels music
Hi again Mags, thanks for your response. You see, that's the thing: I don't know if the version sold in Ireland was the same as the UK or the US version because different songs were on it. For instance, did you have "As" or "Eternally" on yours? The one I have is the French version, has "As" but not "Eternally", although it has a French version of OAWLY. I wanted all songs, that's why I had to buy various singles. I was just curious. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hello Christine, I remember when OAWLY was about to be released, I was going crazy trying to compile all the songs while buying as few CD’s as possible. Unfortunately, I guess the decision of releasing different versions rests with the music company. Maybe they figure that each country would buy the CD with the OAWLY version in their mother tongue. They probably hadn’t figured out  about the nutballs who want everything! Lol They often used to add an extra song on British releases in the 90’s. I agree it’s a shame, but I’m sure there’s plenty more out there Michael recorded and we have no clue about. Christine, to answer your question, the song “Baila conmigo” was on a “Dance with me” CD single that included:

1- Dance with me, album version

2- Baila conmigo, Spanish version

3- Dance with me, Graham Stacks Radio Edit

4- Eternally

It says it was made in EU, I hope that helps. Wow Christine, did you have to buy all these albums to hear the songs, or did someone show them to you? Well anyway, I don’t know if it was on an actual album, other than that. BTW, have you heard the song “All for love” off both the Italian and Japanese versions of OAWLY?


There were 2 versions of that song too: one from the OAWLY album and the other from the soundtrack of “O Clone international”. You can hear both of them here:


Take care sweetie and good luck finding the single! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

hi there the only version of michaels only a woman like you cd i have is called   MICHAEL BOLTON ONLY A WOMAN LIKE YOU the song list on my cd i have is 1. DANCE WITH ME 2. I WANNA HEAR YOU SAY IT 3. ONLY A WOMAN LIKE YOU 4. ALL THAT YOU DESERVE 5. LOVE WITH MY EYES CLOSED 6. TO FEEL AGAIN 7. THE CENTER OF MY HEART 8. THIS IS THE WAY 9. SIMPLY 10. SLOWLY 11. I SURRENDER 12. ETERNALLY 13. AS  there is a nice pic of michael on the front cover of my cd of him on a beach wearing like a blueish jumper and black trousers thats the cd i got with all those songs on it oh and i also saw a link there above i clicked on to get some of michaels songs and videos i use windows media player but when i went to the link above for the videos it wouldnt work for me to download them hope to hear from someone soon love mags x

Hi Mags, I'm sorry about the video not working for you sweetie, but I'm sure that if you go to Youtube and type in: Michael Bolton All For Love, you'll be able to find a version of the "O Clone" soundtrack that works: there were several. Good luck! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
hi i thought you werent going to reply back to me there but i got it just now thank you all michaels videos and songs are great theres just so many to watch and listen to you just dont kno what one to choose but i more like the dance with me video now its reali very good and very dancey as well tho as i sayd i use windows media player thanks for the reply love mags x

Hi Sylvie,


I had you smiling this morning, you've got me crying tonight - OMG what a beautiful love song, what a beautiful, beautiful love song - oh wow.....have a guess who has already downloaded it along with "Warm and Tender Love" !! :)  Wonder if, a song like that and some others he has done, mean far too much to him and he has to let them go because their association is too painful - or am I just an old romantic - of course if Michael lives up to his star sign he is an old romantic too !!! lol.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia, I agree that « All for love” is such a gorgeous song! I love the “O Clone” version: it has a very special feel with the strings, but the version on the Italian OAWLY makes me cry, but I repeat it endless times  when I listen to it, I don’t know what it is about it… Well, I don’t know if the song meant a lot to him, but as far as I know, it was written for the “O Clone” Brazilian soap opera. I do believe he’s an old romantic though and I do think he had mentioned it in interviews, God bless him. :D I’m really glad you enjoyed the songs sweetie! BTW, to my knowledge, “Warm and tender love” is a cover of a Percy Sledge song I have. Thanks for sharing sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


Hi Christine,


The copy I have of "The One Thing" has the bonus track "The Voice Of My Heart" on it and I think that too is an absolutely beautiful song, of course, I love the whole CD !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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