Hi all sorry I was not here after my accident 4 weeks ago....

Dear friends.


Some off you have sent me a message were I am on the forum?

I had a accident with my scooter and my dad's.

It was a very hot day to we thought lets have a drive on the scooters and go in to the woods..So we did.

After something to drink and a nice few we went (I thought) but we all know men and cars....

So the saw a lot off old great looking cars on the parking place..they didn't stoped my didn't gave gas...same lol.


Before I know I was hearing the 2 scooters bumping into eachother and after that I don't know. I went out off my body and

saw everything from outside my body....Yes very strange. Till a woman asked me my name: Jacqueline....I thought why does

she ask me this?

Till I open my eyes and saw myself on the road...Next to my arm a some wood that had also come in my head ore body..The lady who saw me falling said;"you have soooo many angels around you"...Yes I know that I said and so did she ;)


I went to the hospital but they didn't take a picture off my food than. I was in a lot off pain and the next days after I could feel how I had to been fallen on the road...Now 4 weeks later I am still not able to stay on my right food but it is not broken because after 4 days I went again to the dokters and hospital to make a picture...

But they always say that something broken heals quiker...that is true because with my fibromyalgie with it takes more time and nobody can see something from the outside.


Lucky I have lots off help from my parents because I am not able to drive, do the house ore cook...So my parents come and help me with everything. The fibromyalgie is getting wors...That I had to ask for a speciale parkingcard for infalid...Not that I liked it but because I need it. The men who gave it to me also wanted me to ask for a weelchair...Awww .


I am young and dont want that but there is nothing to say about this...

Any way sorry that I have not posted here and forgot some birthdays...


But I am recovering from my accident that is taken tooooooo long.


I hope you all understand now.

lots of love and big hugs Jacqueline xxxxxx/xoxoxoxoxo

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Damn Chicky,
Knowing you have the fibromyalgia, what were you thinking, going out into the woods anyway on the scooter? Yes you are being repremanded here, by me.
Does sound at bit like something I would do though. Thank God you are alright! LOL I have done some crazy things on Motorcycles and at a very young age, and even now.,I do know not to try it again...LOL Learn from this OK. Hope you don't find me too incenitive, I am just tough skinned, when it come to off road
vehicles, I rode motorcylces for many years. Loved it, and raced cars too. Get Better Soon, or Better at it! LOL

Thank you all very much for all your nice words. It's now 6 weeks ago and still can not walk on my right food..I think it takes so long because the fibromyalgia. If all the pounds lol go to the left leg lol lol well I don't have to tell you all how that feels lol...
Yes I started again lol on a diet because all the extra pounds I have to lift it up all the time. So finally I am doing not to bad lol..Lost some kilo's/7 pounds in 3 weeks. No not that fast but that is better.I can not do any sport so that is not to bad at all if I am saying this myself.
Have to because in 6 weeks we are going on the Summer Vacation to Turkey. And we all know how we feel in the swimming clothes lol lol..
Hope that my food will be fine than.
Any way I hope you all have a great summer and that you can relax a little.
lots of love ,hugs and kisses to my dear friends Jacqueline xxxxxxxxxxx/xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Janniche, So sorry to hear about the accident! H hope your mom get better soon! Hope you are both ok! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Feel better !

Love Eileen xoxo
Oh my Janniche, So sorry to hear you were in an accident. I hope you and your family are better very soon. It's scary being in an accident, I know that too from one years ago, but not nearly as bad as yours must have been.

Take care!!!
Robin :)
Hi Jacqueline, it sounds like you’re managing very well sweetie! Losing weight slowly is better for your heart anyway. Do you still have to use a wheelchair or can you walk with crutches now? I wish your foot gets better soon so you can enjoy your vacation in Turkey! Take care and keep us posted on your progress okay? Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Oh My goodness Janniche, that sounds like it was quite an accident! I’m sorry to hear that but glad that at least you all survived … I’m glad your injuries were minor and hope your mom and brother will have a speedy recovery! I was personally hit by a car when I was 9 but was one of the lucky ones: I was back as new within a few weeks. Well sweetie, take good care of your mom and yourself too and find something more relaxing to do for the rest of the summer! Lol Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Oh Janniche glad to see your mom is doing better without a surgery. But dear it is soooo normale that you forget things with an accident your not the first and not the last so that is normale.But please for yourself and your mom go to her and tell her you love her and she will tell you the same dear. She also needs you to be there and you need her. Put everything together and love your mom like you never did before.
You know now more than ever that you can lose them in a second and that is not what you want.
I know it takes to get over the memories. Yes they were overwelming but be lucky that you all came out alive.

I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you ;"you know you can do it"...After all this you get stronger out off it than before.
It sounds strange but you have learnt from it. I was lucky I didn't felt anything because my spirit was already out of my body so I dont remember a thing..only the pain that I was in.
Lets hope that it will stay with us and no more incidents from this forum.
Oh and never say:"you never get with her in a car...If she is able to and your mom is also willing to drive again than that is a big step for her and if you say:'I dont ever come with you"...I know it is hard but your not helping your mom believing in her self again and for you ...you have to get to believe in your mom again...Please try is in a while.

lots of love hugs and kisses Jacqueline for you and mom and brother xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Ah Janniche, I’m really glad your mom is doing better! I understand how shaken up you are sweetie, have you given some thought about talking to a therapist about your experience? Well, I hope you can at least talk to your mom soon and if she’s walking around already, it shouldn’t be too long before she’s back home. Good luck to all of you sweetie, take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
HI Jacqueline and Janniche

I send you both all my positive thoughts, get well soon all of you.
with lots of love

Silvy XX
Janniche and Jacqualine!
I hope You are better now, getting back to normal after accident's like yours might take a long time.
Hugs Jaana xxx
Thanks all, but no my food is still not back to normal....;( it has taken more time because off my fibromyalgie..But I will get there in a few weeks.
But Jannicheeeeeeee what have you done????
OH my god...They say it's beter broken than brussed so lets that be the case with your mom. What happend?? Did somebody hit you ore did you ore your mom hit somebody else..?
And dear please don't be glad that you can tell you know what a accident is I know your not so NEVER drive in may ok?? The weeks from drinking ;p
But will you send my love to your mom and take good care off your self and your brother.

A very big hug and kisses from my part lots of love Jacqueline xxxxxxxxx

ps . yes I am glad that I am still going on a holiday to they sun after all this. But have still 5 weeks so lets hope I will walk normale again lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Janniche oh my gosh I have just read this how horrible
I am so very glad to hear you and your brother are OK
But I am sending prayers and well wishes to your Mum so very sorry she is in so my pain
I hope all goes well with the operation I am thinking of you and your family.
Hugs Janniche
Love Dianna xxx


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