I thought it might be pertinant to add a thread of hints and tips on using this new site.


A few of us who have already had the time to 'play' and 'explore' on here have worked out how to do different things and if you discover something else thats new, perhaps you could post it here in this thread to keep it all in one place.


Here a are a few that I have found so far.




When you post a reply in a thread you only hasve 15 minutes to go back and edit that post.





We have discovered is that photobucket is no longer required to add a photo to your post.


When replying to a post- just click on the small black camera at the top of the post and a link will open with a 'browse' button.

Click on browse and you can find the photo in your computer, click on the image and the nclick on open. This places the link to your image in the browse section.

click on 'save' and the image will be placed in your post.



When typing a new post- the procedure is the same except the camera button is replaced by a small photograph.

Click on this and then follow the same instructions as above.




If you click on your screen name at the top right hand side of the screen by the 'sign out' button this will take you to your private profile setting page.


To the left side of the page it says 'Manage my page' and manage my 'photo'.


Click on 'photo' and here you can add a profile photograph/avatar in the same method as above for adding photos to your post.


Click on 'manage page' and here you can personalise your page. This page is your own personal 'wall' where you can check your in box, alerts, set messages etc...

You will also see a button called 'My apps'. Here you see a list of applications so you can add different applications to personalise your private page.



This hint was courtesy of Dianna.

Click on E-mail and you can arrange your settings so that you dont recieve an e-mail everytime somebody replies to a thread that you have been posting on. You can also change the settings for recieving alerts etc..




Also on your profile page you can change the colour and the font size and style.

Who can view your profile page.

You can also upload music and videos.

And there is also an email address for you to send photographs etc from your mobile phone. (as long as you have this feature enabled on your mobile phone)

You can add a link to your facebook page, Youtube, Myspace and Twitter.




To send a PM to someone, click on their name in one of their posts (where it says 'Reply by.NAME.')

This then takes you to a list of their discussions. Under the bold text title saying ' '..NAME.discussions' its  says send message. Click here and you can type your message. If you are not already 'friends' with this person, you will need to add them first before you can PM them. This can be done from the send message box aswell.




There are two ways to reply to a post in a thread.

1st way- under the original post there is a blank box. Type your reply in here and it adds your reply to the bottom of the thread.

Or- click on 'reply to this' in the last post that appears on the page and a box will appear for you to type your reply.

This also adds your reply underneath the last post on the page.





I hope these hints help you.


If anybody else has any other hints or tips or discovers something new that we can do on here, please add it to this thread to keep them all in the one place.


Love Jennifer XXXX








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I dont think theres a setting for this?

Mind you, this site is only in its 'Beta' format right now so it might be available when it goes 'live' officially.

There are a few things that arent working so if you e-mail the admin staff from the home page and ask them, this might be something they hadnt thought of adding.

love Jennifer XXX
I've put this in another thread but want to add it here as well. If you are looking for something and can't find it on the site...such as tour dates, photos, videos, etc. be sure to hit the All button on the top because as things are added it will only show you certain things from the Admin people and to see everything (such as I've added some of the concert dates, golf tournament, charity event, etc.) and you aren't going to see this unless you hit see all.

I have also featured certain links that we had at the top on the other forum to make them easier to find. Don't forget to click See All because there are a couple more than it shows when you first go in.

Thanks Gail, I like this forum so much now.
Thanks, Gail. I noticed that today when I logged in. Great idea!

If only you all could see me over here twiddling my thumbs with this, OOOOHH MAN, just when I think I have got the hang of this darn computer, you all have to go and change it up. Dang it anyways! I will just have to take time to learn it again, so please be patient with me...

I will print this page and study it when I get time. Hopefully it won't take long for me to catch up, but my life is really busy right now. I will see you all soon.
Take Care and enjoy Our Man on the road!

If you post a question and want to check to see if anyone has answered you.....

At the top of each page on the left hand side, there are two headings 'All discussions' and 'My Discussions'.

Click on 'My Discussions' and this will open up all of the topics that you have started and all the reply posts you have made in other threads.

Love Jennifer XXX
To make your own photograph album go to the main page and click on 'Gallery'.
Once there click on 'My photographs.
Then click on 'Add photos' on the right side of the page.
A new page opens and you can upload your photographs straight from your pc or memory card.
As you add photogpraphs you will see them being added to the list.
When you have added all the ones you want slick on 'upload'
This may take a few minutes depending on how big the pictures are and how many you are uploading together. (it says you can upload 100 at a time, but I think thats a few too many in one go. I'd recommend 10- 20 at one time.)
When they have been uploaded you will see your photograph and alongside them a box for you to type a description and a title.
Also under the photograph you are given the option to make an album for these photographs. Give your album a name and a description. i.e Sue's Michael photographs and the description ie Sue's night with Michael and add tags if you like.
Then click on save.
A new page will open and you will see the contents of your album and a place underneath to add comments.
Now click on All albums at the top of the page and your album will appear alongside all the others.

Hope this helps.

Love Jennifer XXX



Sorry, I have had to be offline and disconnected for a while... I am enjoying the new site... Thanks for all the help in this Topic, very useful... =)


Hi all!.
How can I add a signature to my posts?.

Thank you!
Hya Rocio,

Sadly we dont seem to be able to add signatures to our posts.

The only way to do it is to actually type your signature in at the end of each posting or if it is an image, save it to your pc and add it at the end of your post using the camera icon above the text box.

Shame isnt it? We all enjoyed the banners that Dianna made for us all and I keep forgetting to add mine when I post. I'm always in such a hurry to get my message posted!! Ha Ha!

We've also lost the smilies and the rich text editer to make out text bigger etc... Still we do have other features that we didnt have before like uploading links to files etc using the 'upload files' link below.

Love Jennifer XX


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