Hey, I was wondering what everyones first experience was of enjoying Michael's music? the first time you realised you were a fan?


I must admit, my first interaction was when I watched the movie Snow Dogs a couple of years ago and heard Time, Love and Tenderness at the end, I thought it was fantastic and my love has just grown from there!

Sorry if this has already been discussed before, but I'm interested to hear your stories!



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Hi Jenna

Sitting on the dock of the bay was I think the very first time I heard of Michael on the radio

I was never and still am not into sitting and watch TV so I constantly had a radio or tape recorder with earphones listening to music even as a child

I can still remember getting my very first record player and then later a tape recorder oh what a joy LOL

But I really took notice of him when he sung "When a man loves a women" I loved the original and I loved Michael's version

And then when "How am I surposed to live without you came out" oh wow that was when I became a fan of Michael Bolton a solid fan, that song has so much meaning My brother and his wife were separating and Sharon (my brothers wife) had that song playing all day everyday I felt so sorry for her even now when it is played I think Of Sharon!

But Really Jenna I am a lover of music in general I always say Michael Bolton is my fav male vocal and Celine Dion my fav female vocal

My fav song ever of Michael's is "Said I loved you but I lied" My BIL (Brother-in-Law)and I got into a argument over this one he did not understand the meaning of the song at all idiot he was LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I say I have been a fan of Michael's for over 21 years now and I have been on Michael's forum for over 10 years now :)

Love Dianna xxx



Hi Jenna, yes sweetie, this has been posted before in a thread right here:


OMG, that movie is so cute! I was watching  that just last week on TV and it had been so long since we’d watched it, my kids were surprised to see Michael! Lol Well, my discovery story is posted on the above thread and I’ve been  a fan for about as long as Dianna and had been buying all the tapes and CD’s I could find at the time. But I have to say that even though I knew Michael’s voice and talent were very special, the moment I decided this musical love was forever, was when I heard him sing “Yesterday”, when I bought “Timeless”. I remember my husband read me the track listings and I thought:”Yesterday”, by the Beatles? Before Michael, no one could touch  my Beatles, but since then, I knew he could sing anything he wanted and make the song his. Well that’s it Jenna, hope you enjoy the thread, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Jenna,


I walked past a record shop and spotted "The Hunger" - saw the picture of the guy on the front and just thought WOW!  Then, Michael Bolton. who is he - turned sleeve over and spotted little picture in corner - immediately bought record - have still got - still play it!  Little picture on back (probably totally illegal) but I got it enlarged and it sits in my bedroom and has done since 1987.  Hey, by the way, thought the songs on the record were great too!  -  Still do !!!!!!!!!!!!


Sylvia.  A wee Scottish friend.

Way back in 1987, David and I had been married for 2 years, I gave birth to a little boy who was Anencephalic (please feel free to privately look this condition up as the details are upsetting and distressing) and he died. He was the fifth baby we had lost and we didnt yet have any living children. We named him Ben David.

David and I went through a rough patch because we were both grieving and we didnt know how to talk to eachother. However, somehow we managed to stay together and work our way through the pain we were both feeling. Ofcourse we went on to have 3 lovely young lads.

I heard a song on the radio called 'Thats what love is all about' and I fell in love with the song and with David all over again because the lyrics just seemed to sum up everything we were going through.

'Riding the good times is easy.
the hard times will tear you apart.
There'll be times in your heart
when the feelin' is gone
But ya keep on believing
and ya keep on holding on.

Baby thats what love is all about.
Two hearts that find away, somehow..
To keep the dream from dying.'

I had no idea who this singer was or where he came from and no internet then and so a walk into a local music store and singing the lyrics to a guy behind the counter and doing my best Michael Bolton impression, who, miraculously thought he might know who I meant!! God only knows how, what I was singing and I was introduced to Michael Bolton for the first time in that store. So 'Thank you to 'Star Sounds' of Harlow Essex UK. God Love you!!

My love of Michael Bolton had begun and the rest as 'they' say is history!! Goodness, that 23 years!! Not as many as some fans I know, but, still almost half of my life and a long long time!!


I have copied and psted this over fomr the thread that Sylvie posted.

Hi Jennifer,


Thanks for sharing your story - I am so, so happy for you that things worked out - grief either binds or, it can, tear apart - for me, unfortunately, it was the latter : thank goodness not at the time of Michael - we were with Ten CC "I`m not in love!" 1974  -  just hope and pray there really is something "after" and we will all be able to hold our children again!.


Hope and pray too that our dear, dear Michael recovers quickly from whatever ails him.


Sylvia.   A wee Scottish friend.


Hi Jennifer,


I missed your story on the other thread and so I am very glad you shared it again.  I am so touched by what you had to survive and appreciate even more the love and the light I feel shining through you whenever I look at this very special photo, that comes along with all of your posting. You were the one who welcomed me on this forum and shared my feelings (disappointment due to cancelled concert). So now I would like to thank you (again) for being so kind and wish you all the happiness in the world.


Warmest regards



Hi Jennifer, 

Thank you so much for posting your story!  It brought tears to my eyes.  While my husband and I have not had kids yet, we have gone through 2 miscarriages and understand the pain of trying to grieve together while building your relationship all to well.  I have to say, my hubby is amazing and really helped me through those hard times.  That song REALLY speaks to that struggle, doesn't it?  I, as the others who have posted here, am SO happy for you, your husband, and your children that all worked out the way that it has!!  Thanks again for sharing!

Hello Jenna,


The first time i listen Michael, it was with my mother in a bus, few years ago ! I wanted to see who have this fabulous voice !!


But, in France, it's difficult having some informations of him !!! So my mother and me try and try, and in 1996, i read an article in a newspaper about the concert in Paris !!


I did all i can to go to Paris alone, my mother didn't accept to be with me !!! And it was the first time, i saw Michael (in chair and squelette, lol)...


It's was wonderful and the second time i see Him, it was in Monaco, the same year !!! With Princess and Prince of Monaco on the Ball of Roses... Amazing !!!


The third time, it's this year, in Paris also, the 15th of June... Fabulous... I waited Him at an exit, after the concert, but it was not the right exit !!! So i give my gift for him to the doorman and i went to my hotel to sleep and go back home the tomorrow morning !!!


I don't know if he received my gift but i have the same on my bag !! When i touch it, i think to Michael all day long... You know all of me for Michael !


Thank's for this question, Jenna !!

HI, I discovered this "VOICE" on the radio back in the fall of 1991 communiting to work. Long story and many years later I'm as big a fan as ever!!

Robin in MD USA :)

Hi Jenna,


I've heard Michael on the radio over the years, liked a few of his songs but did not turn into a die hard fan (I'm a die hard fan of Barry Manilow, plus a few other artists).  I joined this site due to Bruno's nasty comments to Michael when he was on Dancing with the Stars.  Since I joined here, I've made some wonderful friends and am listening more to Michael's music.  I've purchaed some of his CD's, one book and soon will get the DVD of his RAH concert from years ago.  At this point my favorite song is Time Love and Tenderness.  I seem to appreciate Michael as an aritst, more now than before and hope to see him live sometime in the future.  When I first joined and said I'm not a die hard fan, Jennifer said she was going to change that...LOL....well she is doing a good job at her promise and as well as Sylvie.  :)


Jennifer....I'm sorry what you went thru years ago.  It's so great how you and your hunsband managed to work things out and stayed together, especially in this day and age when so many people easily get divorced.  And to have 3 lovely kids....just super!  Do you have pictures of your kids on your facebook page?  Would love to see them.....




Hi juliet,


When I'm home (I'm at work now), I'll go on facebook and take a peek.  Thanks!  :)



Hi Helena,


Glad to hear your story about becoming a Michael fan and, thereby, joining this site - I haven`t long joined either, not because of not being a fan, but because I didn`t have access to internet - but should like to say that we know Michael always talks about having "FUN" but, I didn`t know the boy was capable of impregnating a web site with "FUN" - hope you find it as much "FUN" as I am !!


Just one question though Helena - "who is this Barry Manilow ???????" - all I can say is, thank goodness you have gone for the same initials, and the way they should be, MB, certainly not BM.


Sylvia.    Wee Scottish friend. 


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