Hey, I was wondering what everyones first experience was of enjoying Michael's music? the first time you realised you were a fan?


I must admit, my first interaction was when I watched the movie Snow Dogs a couple of years ago and heard Time, Love and Tenderness at the end, I thought it was fantastic and my love has just grown from there!

Sorry if this has already been discussed before, but I'm interested to hear your stories!



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Hi Sylvie,  Hi Mary Lynn,


Thanks for letting me know that about Mary Lynn, Sylvie.


Hope too, Mary Lynn, that you didn`t mind my wee introduction, even though I got it all wrong - that Sylvie will be giving me more homework again.  lol.  


k stay kl.  g2g.  cyal8rs.   lmao - oh, hey, Sylvie help, am I allowed to put that one in ??????


Sylvia.    Wee Scottish friend.



Hey Sylvia, my wee Scottish friend, this is a forum sweetie, made for exchanges and introductions and fun stuff like that! Mary Lynn, Sylvia is new on the internet so we’re all chipping in to educate her in skills and lingo! Lol Okay Sylvia, I’m a little fuzzy on the “K stay KL” but I must say that some people frown upon the “Laughing My Arteries Off”, pardon my language! :D Take care Sylvia. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Syllivie

You'll have to enlighten me, here I'm  not sure about what you hope I don't mind or not?  Was it my story of how I came to discover Michael, and his music?  Oh, I know it's a little silly, but it's the  Gods honest truth, and the point is I discoverd him.  so I don't much care how it came to be, just that it did.  Besides, I was only 17 years old at the time.  I only just tured 41 in early November. That story was a L O N G time ago now.  Anyway, I probably don't mind, but please tell me, what your reffering to, so I won't feel stupid cause I don't know ok.  Bye.

Mary Lynn


Hi Mary Lynn,


I thought your story of how you came to be a Michael fan was great and that was not what I was referring to - I was apologising for my own naivety in assuming that you were possibly new to the forum because I had not seen your name before - hope that explains it a little better.  As Sylvie said, I`m new to the group and I`m still getting to know everyone.  Hope I haven`t offended you Mary Lynn and hope too you continue to enjoy his music - he`s great, isn`t he ?


Happy holidays.


Sylvia.   Wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia

Don't be silly, there is no apology necessary, and no, you have not offended me, one bit.  I'm glad you liked my story.  I don't think I've ever told it to anyone before now.I will always enjoy Michael's music, and YES, he is great!!  Glad your here with all of us.  Take care, and happy holidays to you.

Mary Lynn

Hi Mary Lynn,


Thanks for your answer and I`m glad I didn`t offend you.  If you have never told your story before about how you found Michael I `m really glad you decided to share it with us.  Hey, listen, Mary Lynn, I had never heard Michael sing when I bought The Hunger - I bought it for the picture of the "hunk" on the front - thank goodness I thought the VOICE was great too - a lot of money for a picture!    LOL.


You take care and I hope to read a lot of your input in 2011 - have a great one Mary Lynn.


Sylvia.     Wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia

That is a lot of money for a picture.  Ha, Ha, but what a man and what a voice!!  I'd say that's money well spent in my book!!  You have a great one too, Sylvia.  Bye the way, the first cat I ever ownd myself, I named Georgia, because I liked Michael's version.  Well, it turnd out Georgia, was a he. I found out later after a trip to the vet.  How bout that one.

Bye for now, your friend.


Hi Sylvie,


Just getting round to coming back in here - been on Facebook half the night sending pics. to one of my nieces and one of her sons thinks it is so funny that, someone my age, should just be learning about computing that all I get from him are all stupid tweet things that I have got to try and decipher - oh, God, I`ve got a headache.  LOL LOL  I don`t want to offend him but, truly, I feel like saying - shut-up and give me a break.  LOL LOL.


The "k" is okay : "kl" is cool  :  okay stay cool !    :D    -   Glad I put the other one where you could see it first - I kind of thought some may not appreciate that a whole lot - I`d rather put it than lol far more descriptive.  :D   I loved your definition. LOL  LOL.  I have know started a dictionary for myself with all these whatever you call them things - I`ll learn them yet!


Sylvie can I just say I have put a festive message in off topics because I didn`t realize there was a message system that we could use - it was only after I had read yours and then got Florin`s and saw there was, obviously, a link when I went in to read his  - now comes the surprise - I went back into my page to see if I could find out how to do it - I gave up. LOL    I was grey haired before I started this but the way I feel I think I`ll be going bald soon - I`ll be tearing it out !    LOL.


Obviously no hurry for response as long as I know what to do before Christmas 2011  - if I`m still here.  LOL.


Sylvia.    Wee Scottish friend.


Hiya Sylvia, sweetie pie, I for one think you’re doing fantastic, going from site to site, page to page and learning things every day, especially since you’re new at this. Sincerely, you’re doing wonderfully and I’m amazed you remember everything! I think that little weezle should appreciate that you still want to learn… :D  Oh but I know how it is: my eldest son calls the forum “my little Facebook” and he thinks it’s so cute… :P That’s a face where you stick your tongue out! Lol A dictionary? Lol That’s funny, but cute… Most of these things started basically to shorten phrases while texting on cell phones, because you’re charged per character, I believe. And things like  the faces I’ve shown you are called emoticons. :D I’ll put a message on your profile about sending mass messages okay? You’ll see, it’s easy. Take care my wee Scottish friend. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie,

Believe it or not, we actually started using emoticons back in the mid to late 80s before Windows GUI (graphics user interface) even existed. Back in "those" days, the only thing you had on your screen was text. So, some pretty clever people came up with the idea of using symbols/letters to express emotions. I still have a printout of the ones we used laying around somewhere. We even used LOL, etc. back in the nineties when we were in chat rooms on AOL. Little did we know at the time that we were part of the creation of an entire language! It became mainstream once cell phones were affordable for everyone!

Happy Holidays!



Hi Anna, well, you learn new things every day! Lol Well, I knew the emoticons dated some, but I guess I assumed about the “short hand” writing… My kids even include “BRB” and “ROTFL” in conversation, for Pete’s sake! Lol Thanks for the internet history lesson, hope our wee Scottish friend is taking notes! :D It would be interesting to see your list Anna… Have you read my holliday message yet? Just checking. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie, Hi Anna,


Yeh Sylvie, I`m taken notes and, Anna, I too would  love to see your list - if you can find or, just ever come across!   You mentioned in one message, Sylvie, about phones and texting and Anna mentions about mobile phones - I`ll give you both a laugh - my mobile phone is practically an antique and I have to carry a handbag, when I got out, to put it in  :D   That is the next thing on the agenda - a new mobile phone !


 Anna, can I take a leaf out of Sylvie`s book and say I have posted a festive message to everyone in the "out of topic" section - wasn`t too sure where else to put!


Sylvie, I`ll post a note to you on our wee conversation later on sweetheart - okay ?


Sylvia.   Wee Scottish friend.


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