Hey, I was wondering what everyones first experience was of enjoying Michael's music? the first time you realised you were a fan?


I must admit, my first interaction was when I watched the movie Snow Dogs a couple of years ago and heard Time, Love and Tenderness at the end, I thought it was fantastic and my love has just grown from there!

Sorry if this has already been discussed before, but I'm interested to hear your stories!



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What a lovely, lovely story Erika and thank you so, so much for sharing it and as I said before what a beautiful memory to treasure forever !! :)    I adore seeing the part in the concert where Pavarotti gives Michael the "thumbs up" ....that for me is EVERYTHING !! :)

Thanks again Erika !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello and Good morning darling,
I agree with you.
Hooray! Hurrah to all the fans of the great inimitable Michael Bolton!
Love Loads

Hi Erika, yes I know the benefit for the “Children of Bosnia” was in 1995 because Michael was promoting his “Greatest hits 1985-1995” CD at that time. He was on several TV shows in America and he sang “Vesti la giubba”. Erika,it’s so wonderful to hear you speak of that historical event, it brings tears to my eyes, so I can hardly imagine what it felt like to be there... I do have the concert on CD and VHS and I have heard “The bridge is broken” too. Erika, do you like opera? Just wondering because I’m a big opera fan myself. So you thought Michael smelled like vanilla?I’ve read that it’s his favourite smell. :D Sweetie, don’t give up and i’m sure your dream will come true! :D Take care Erika and thank you again so much for sharing. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada  

Thanks darling, you're really special.

I really like the work. When Luciano Pavarotti died I felt empty. Pavarotti was a pillar of international opera. But I think you know and it is thanks to artists like Michael that we now make us better appreciate the art of the great music that today there are more.
It is when Michael passed me I heard the scent. The scent of him was like you know the smell of clean laundry and then I heard distinctly the smell of vanilla. I did not know that her favorite scent is vanilla. Where did you read?
I almost managed to shake his hand. Next to me was a girl, must have been my age. In fact she was sitting two rows behind me. When he saw that Michael was approached, believe me, this girl has jumped two chairs and me found myself behind me. She has moved and has put in front. When Michael passed near us, she was literally thrown to his neck.

I did not like his attitude.
Patience. Of him I could only feel the smell.
I am shy but I like Michael as ever so I would not behave. Is it okay to be fans, but I do not think that artists appreciate being attacked.
However, I give up. At least once I can talk and get my picture taken with him. Maybe as good as yours with Orrin.
I'd go to the concert on June 19 in Hartford. We hope!

If I go to tell you everything.
See you soon dear and pass a good day.
With much affection.

Hi Erika, thank you for your kind words sweetie... :D Oh I know how you feel, Pavarotti, or as I like to call him “my buddy Luciano” was and still is my favourite opera singer and it was a huge loss when he passed away. I have many recordings of his and always searching to buy more. People always keep saying that this new tenor or that new tenor will be the next Pavarotti, but I feel he can’t be replaced: he’s just the best and incomparable. Well, I read that Michael loved the taste of “La dulce de leche” ice cream and it was his favourite scent in old on-line documents called the “Bolton on-line updates”. If you’d like to search through them, check this thread:


 I understand being shy because I’m shy in person too and I do think it’s inappropriate to throw yourself at someone you don’t really know, even if they’re celebrities. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the NBC special “This is Michael Bolton” from 1992, but one of his bacup singers mentioned in it that in the early 90’s, when Michael would walk through the audience during “Georgia on my mind”, they didn’t know if he would make it back to the stage in one piece because fans would grab at his clothes and hair, can you imagine? Oh I love my picture with Orrin... I wanted a picture but he’s much taller than I am so he decided to sit instead and snuggled up to me... :D I’ve been supporting him for about 11 years now, met him twice and have his 2 CD’s and a couple of singles too. I wish I could go attend a concert of his someday too. Oh Erika, you’ll have to let us know if you’re able to go to the Buschnell Theater concert! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! :D Take care Erika and again, thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hello my dear friend, thanks for everything.
Do not worry if I can go to a concert you'll know right away.
My aunt was at the concert when Michael sang Georgia On My Mind, I think it was in 1992 or 1993, and literally told me that the fans wanted a piece of his shirt.  They pulled him to hug and squeeze and prevented him from singing.
I am crazy about Michael and Orrin but never would I do such things.
I'm glad you think like me.
I send you a big hug.

Well on May 30th in Carmel Indiana, I took my 3 yr old granddaughter to see Michael Bolton. It was fantastic. She lasted the whole concert and had a blast. She yelled out I Love You Michael Bolton and he told her I Love You Too, he said she has to be his youngest fan ever, then told the audience to hold on and came over to her. She always has her chap stick, she thinks is lip stick...., and he ask her what her name was, and of course she said lipstick! He said lipstick? Ok.... I think we both was caught off guard and of course I didn't have my camera ready. One of his singers stopped to ask if this was the little girl Michael was talking to and I said yes, she knelt down and was talking to Breanna and was saying how cute she was and all of a sudden Breanna just reached over and gave her a big kiss on her cheek. Then we got a picture with her. It was very nice of her to let us get a picture. Breanna still talks about that night and wants to go see him. I figure the next time he comes I will take my Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter, That will be 4 generations of Michael Bolton fans. Never miss an chance to see him.....I figure 18- 24 months..........


WELCOME to the forum Alisa and thank you so much for telling us your wonderful story about Breanna, absolutely wonderful !!! :)    The girl in the picture with Breanna is Kelly Levesque and she is touring with Michael and doing a lot of the duets with him just now and I hope you don't mind if I take that picture over to Kelly's page on FB for I know she would be delighted to see it as will a lot of her fans for it is a gorgeous picture of her as well as of Breanna.....she is a cute little thing and can well see MB taking to her .....probably reminded him quite a bit of his own little Amelia !! :)

Why don't you consider coming onto the Tour thread in Tours, Gigs & Announcements and placing your wonderful review of the concert on there  for the majority of people do follow that thread whereas some may not be following this one.  

Thanks again Alisa for a wonderful story and for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.....thanks !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Alisa and welcome to the forum. Oh what a darling story, thank you so much for sharing it sweetie! May I ask how you decided to bring your granddaughter to the concert? I’m guessing she’s being raised on Michael music? :D If this was her first concert, I’m sure she’ll remember it for a very long time! Good luck on getting your multi-generational concert soon. How fortunate that all your family loves him! Now alisa, if you have the time and feel like sharing some more with other fans, we invite you to check out this thread:


That’s where fans post their reviews, pictures and YouTube links to videos. I’m sure other fans would just love to hear your sweet story. Take care sweetie and thanks again for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Jenna! When I first heard the song THAT'S WHAT LOVE IS ALL ABOUT on the radio, I didn't know who it was until the DJ said it was Michael Bolton, and I fell in love with Michael's voice and the song....

that's when I became his biggest fan!

Lisa Dee


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