Well now, I haven't been able to post as much lately.

But there have been some major things happening in my life lately!

I just might like to share and have some input from you all.


Now where to begin?

First off, I have been working at night, at a job that I never thought I'd end up doing!  I'm working at a Mobile- 7-11 store. I like it though, lol  The place is brand new and in a community that is mostly retirees, but that is Florida for ya.

But this next thing I am going to share, is what I need some help with, from you all...

As some of you know I have been single and raising two boys for 14 years now, and they are ages 18 and 20.

My oldest son was going to colledge here and we both decided that my ex-brother-in law would be able to help him more in his endeavours with work, because of the poor economy here. So he left here in FL and went to CA. He was doing just great, for almost a year and then, my ex-husband reappeared after no contact for 14 years. Wanting to work for his brother. and I don't know how to percieve this. My husband was abusive to my children and myself. He was a compulsive gambler... Now instead of a High Roller so it seems he is a Holy Roller. I know sometimes it does take a great loss to make change in someones life. But why is he now wanting to be a part of my childrens life? They all want me to send my yongest son out to Ca for couple of months to work too. At first he was full of resentment and I could understand why. His older brother is trying to convince him it's ok.

I am totally lost, in that; I only have ever wanted what was best for my children.

I have not had another Man in my life, because they never would allow it to happen, no matter how hard others tried.

Now as I see it, I will be alone. I do have an interest in someone, that I could have a blast with, while my son is gone, and who knows if my son will decide to stay there like his older brother did.

I think this is all about Men making money the best way they can right now, so I guess I will just have to wait and see and learn to let go a little too.

In any event do you thinK, that I should open my heart again? Mind you not to the ex-husband, that won't ever happen.


Thanks for your help...



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Go on Kellie enjoy life you only live once
Just be safe and take care doing it.
Love Dianna xxx
Yes, but in Florida we get hot sticky humid rain and Sunshine all in the same day... Winter can be very cold or extremly cold for us as we are not used to the below 65 degrees temps for too long. I'ts Hurricane Season for us right now. I am out there, just no one else is right now! HAHA
Well if this just don't beat all heck!
My Son Matt is back home already, and met his Father on the day he flew back home. Thay shared dinner together, just my Sons and their Father.
Matt told me that his Father still wears his wedding ring, but on the other hand. What's that supposed to mean????
I think Matt was missing his girlfriend and did not want to stay as long as planned. So my time alone was a short one! HaHa But I listened to Michael's music everday and went out twice by myself and to the beach one day. It's all good, but I am still going to try to be more available, wether my Son likes the idea of Mom going out or not. LOL

Tired of Being Alone!



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