How Michael has impacted my life........(Contest for Signed CD)

Hello Everyone,

        If your reading this its because we all share the same love for this man. I've asked myself several times what it is about Michael that seperates himself from all other artist. Well my experience is this. His voice and messages are mesmorizing. He seen me through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs throughout my life. Music takes me to another place and allows me to heal like no other. He has seen me through my divorce, lost jobs, and my new found peace. I would like to share an intresting story that recently happened to me. I've always wanted to see Michael live but never had the opportunity to due to finances being a single mother timing was always an issue. Well I recently got divorced and lost my job and like normal I would always look at his tour dates and as always thought as I would never be able to attend especially with the ecomony. I had just lost my job and had to take a much lower postion and new I really could not afford to go. Its funny how god works though about 3 weeks ago I had recieved a unexpected check in the mail around the same time I was looking at his tour dates. A light bulb went off. Not only was I able to purchase my first ticket but I also got the front row. I thought I would cry it was meant for me to go "FINALLY". I wouldn't be the girl watching his live performances on youtube or dvds but I would actually be there and in the best seats. I see him Jan 23rd in Daytona Floriday. Like Mike saids its time, love and tenderness. There is no words that can really explaine the profound impact this man has made in my life, so I would love to hear how he has impacted yours ? I always heard god works in mysterious ways and he does.


Thank you Michael for all you do...for me and many others.







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Thank you for sharining this Tina. Michael is really very different performer. He heals my pain too and really makes my love stronger. I'm disapponted only about 1 thing: mainly women listen Michael Bolton's music. Why men have stone hearts? Why their ears or "closed" for that miracle named Michael Bolton? If men were more sensitive the world could be better. Now the more people don't know the really meaning of love...
You are absolutley right, But lucky for us there are men like you and Michael that keep me believing. Spread the word. Changes start with people like you. If they dont listen and open their eyes they're mising out. Thank you for your response.
Hi Tina and welcome to the forum! We’ve heard that Michael reads some of these messages and I think this is a thread he just might stop by… :D I’ve explained it in the “Want to discuss hat he makes you feel?” thread, but I really don’t mind repeating… J As a child, I was very shy and the only thing that brought me confidence was singing, anything and everything on the radio. Singing, especially with my favorite artists just gave me a high I couldn’t get anywhere else. I’ve had musical crushes in my life but literally fell in love with Michael’s voice and soul! Then I discovered he loved music and studying it as much as I do and I felt he became a friend to me… Through his musical explorations, He’s shown me so much I could learn and discover,giving me what I craved for, I can’t help but to feel eternally grateful to him for it. Thanks to him, I’ve also become in contact with loads of wonderful people who understand these strong feelings and validate them. My son asked me recently: “Why him?”. The simplest answer I can give is: he's the only one who fills my musical void with a perfect fit, period. :D Does that answer your question? Hope you like it here Tina. I suggest you check out the thread I’ve mentioned and the “16 years ago…” thread, you’ll find great stories of first time concerts and hope it’s as magical for you when you do go! Take care and God bless you! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Dear Slyviehs,
You are so right.Its nice to know you feel the way I do, Micheal can erase all the pain. I have never felt this way before. I am blessed to meet people like you.....
Thanks so much for your imput! Tina
Im going through everything like you said and found this one from the first time we chatted. I sent a friend request I hope it went through lol
Hi Tina,
Just finished reading your story from June 23, I'm new to this site only joined a few weeks before Michael's concert on Aug 30th, and boy I'm glad I did. what a touching story you shared here. i'm really happy you're going to get that opportunity to see Michael, and first row, that's great!! Bring him some flowers if you can (but if others bring too you be the first one to give him flowers) Seeing him in concert is a great experience you will have. I hope you get the chance to meet him as well. It must be hard waitng till Jan. but at least you'll see him on DWTS.
Take Care
Greetings from Texas- Sylvia
Thank you it was simply amazing to me. And your right Jan seems so far away so like you said I cant wait till dwts come through. I was just in Tx last year where about are you from. I was in houston. Im requesting you as a friend if thats okay. Im trying to build my friends list. Everyone here has been so sweet. Thanks for sharing this with me. I will try and be the first to give it but may have to beat down some folks. lol (just kidding) I hope not. :-)
HI Tina,
Sure I'll accept you as a friend, totally new here myself, I didn't know I had my own page till weeks later lol, Sylvie from Canada helped me. Everyone here is so nice. I just learned today how to post a picture. The one of Michael here is from a 2002 concert when he came to McAllen, Tx. I live 15 minutes away in Mission. It's about 8 hrs south from Houston. I lived in Spring for a couple of summers while working for the YMCA there, but haven't been back since the 90's, unless you include the airports. I'm about 20 minutes from the Mexican border. Have you heard of South Padre Island, about hour away from there. Well, we all here at this site share your excitment for the concert and just like you are waiting for DWTS to start ...only 9 more days!!!!! P.S. you go girl...what ever it takes to touch him , JK LOL
well i lived in spring just last Marietta is just an hour and half from me. Where are you from orginally? I agree Im counting down the days. I have heard of south padre island. I wasnt too crazy about houston seem very over crowded. but I met some really good people. I was a Regional Manager for the company I worked for there. Maybe you have heard of them "Acceptance Insurance". I have a friend who lives in Mcallen. too funny. And I agree I love the short hair...but really who cares at this point what in the hell where those crazy ex girlfriend thinking have a great weekend.
i know what were those women thinking LOL hey if i wasn't married???? but i think i would have to fight every women on this site for him!!! LOL
Oh my goodness, what a great topic!!

I cant believe that you posted this thread on June 26th and its only just shown up on here?

Ok, to put it bluntly and without fear of exaggeration, Michael and his music, the power and passion literally have been what has kept me alive and continues to keep me alive today!!

When I first discovered Michael in 1987, I had just given birth to a little boy who sadly died. I heard 'Thats what love is all about' on the radio. This song, this one song, sung by a man who I had never heard of before, taught me that life goes on and that it was ok to feel the grief that I was feeling although at the time it didnt feel like grief, it felt like a living hell and I really thought I wanted to die. I had to find out who this man was and how did he do this to me? How could he turn my life around in 3:59 minutes?

In 1988, I gave birth to my first living son after losing 6 babies and the song 'Your'e all that I need' had a new meaning to me. My new baby boy was all that I needed.

In 1990 my second son was born and 'Soul Provider' suddenly felt very appropriate.

Then in 1992 son No 3 was born and 'Forever isnt long enough' summed up exactly how I felt about my wonderful miracle baby boys and the family I never thought I would have, was now complete. A true miracle in itself!

Then later in 2000, I was left disabled and confined to a wheelchair after a hospital mistake and again, my life was thrown into turmoil.
Listening to Michaels Arias album kept me sane through my darkest hours and I felt as if he was 'keeping a light on for me'.

Five months in hospital and then years of torturous painful physiotherapy listening to Michaels music and I learnt to walk again. Albeit, in severe pain and not very far, but I was walking against the odds.

In 2002 I was diagnosed with an aggressive stage and grade of cancer and was told that I had an 85% chance of it killing me within 5 years. 3 operations to try and remove all of the tumours, 6 months of chemotherapy and I am still alive 8 years on!! Woohooo!! I'm still having treatment and investigations, but I'm STILL ALIVE!!

In 2003, my body finally told itself that it had suffered enough stress and I suffered a breakdown. My sight, hearing, a swallowing ability on my right side was affected and I couldnt speak. I had lost the ability to walk or care for myself, but yet again Michael yanked me out of the deep and very frightening hole that my life had suddenly become.

Those who know me, know only too well how booking tickets to see Michael each year and the build up to the concert, is what keeps me going. I live from concert date to concert date. This is what keeps a smile on my face and is what keeps me positive and ready to fight another day!!

Since my cancer and my disability problems, I have gone on to develop more and more health issues and sadly, this restricts my life to a certain degree and I am unable to participate in a lot of what goes on around me, but as long as I have Michael....I have everything I need!!!

Loving Michael as I do, has meant that I've been to places I would never have dreamt of and have met and become friends with, some of the warmest, most wonderful people I could ever wish to meet. I've gained friends in Countries I barely knew exsisted and have had my life enriched beyond my expectations, and for all of this.....I THANK YOU ALL!!!

It aint over til the fat lady sings and I havent even warmed up my tonsils!!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
PS sorry this has turned out so long!
Wow Jennifer what a TOUCHING story, how can one person endure so much pain and yet never seem to let it get you down. What a strong person you are!!! I'm glad Michael was a big part of your life. I have enjoyed reading how Michael and his music has touched so many lives in different ways. Many blessings ahead. Love from Texas -Sylvia.


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