How Michael has impacted my life........(Contest for Signed CD)

Hello Everyone,

        If your reading this its because we all share the same love for this man. I've asked myself several times what it is about Michael that seperates himself from all other artist. Well my experience is this. His voice and messages are mesmorizing. He seen me through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs throughout my life. Music takes me to another place and allows me to heal like no other. He has seen me through my divorce, lost jobs, and my new found peace. I would like to share an intresting story that recently happened to me. I've always wanted to see Michael live but never had the opportunity to due to finances being a single mother timing was always an issue. Well I recently got divorced and lost my job and like normal I would always look at his tour dates and as always thought as I would never be able to attend especially with the ecomony. I had just lost my job and had to take a much lower postion and new I really could not afford to go. Its funny how god works though about 3 weeks ago I had recieved a unexpected check in the mail around the same time I was looking at his tour dates. A light bulb went off. Not only was I able to purchase my first ticket but I also got the front row. I thought I would cry it was meant for me to go "FINALLY". I wouldn't be the girl watching his live performances on youtube or dvds but I would actually be there and in the best seats. I see him Jan 23rd in Daytona Floriday. Like Mike saids its time, love and tenderness. There is no words that can really explaine the profound impact this man has made in my life, so I would love to hear how he has impacted yours ? I always heard god works in mysterious ways and he does.


Thank you Michael for all you do...for me and many others.







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OMG Erika, thank you for following my suggestion! I think WIBOMFA is the best and most inspirational song ever and love to hear stories about how it helped people. Diane Warren apparently wrote it after her father passed away. Michael said that Diane showed him the song and he wanted to record the demo of it. He did it in one take and that's the vocal track they used on the "Soul provider" album. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend, but I'm amazed at how far the pain and the inspiration has taken you... God bless you Erika and thank you so much for sharing your story: I know Michael would love to read it! Take care sweetie. Big warm hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks you are a true treasure of friend Sylvie.
I will never forget the joy I felt in knowing all of you.
I dream to meet you all because our Michael brings people together. It is said that this does not happen soon.
In a couple of weeks I leave for Connecticut. I am a little upset when I take the plane. We hope all is well.
I embrace you with affection!

Ps: I would be very happy if Michael reads it.

Hi Erika, well lucky you going to see Michael and enjoy your time with your aunt! You are going to the charity event, right? Oh my dear, I know exactly how you feel about taking the plane by yourself, but you have to remind yourself of what's waiting for you at the other end! lol Take care my sweet friend and enjoy your time thoroughly, God bless. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada <3

Hello dear Sylvie,
I think I can go to Hartford. However I go to Connecticut for work, my aunt goes there at the concert for sure! I'll do anything.
You know darling I'm considering the opportunity to relocate to Connecticut.
I probably have a job as research assistant in psychology at Stanford University for recent graduates.
It would be a good opportunity. I have yet many things to consider.
But it would be a way to follow more Michael!
Who knows! For the moment I pray that the trip goes well.
Do I think that there is Michael at the airport waiting for me! So pass me the fear!
Thanks again darling!
Take care of yourself.


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